Spanish Eyes in Madrid

21 Sep 2018

Spanish Eyes in Madrid

Another loud, loud night in Spain including a surprise outing for Spanish Eyes.

When & Where
Second and final night in Spain at the Wizink Center, Madrid, Friday, September 21st, 2018.

Set List
"Show us your lights, Madrid! Muéstranos tus luces, Madrid!". The Madrileño obliged for a second night and in return, after a quick run through backstage, and for the first time on this tour, the band delivered an unscripted and un-setlisted version of Spanish Eyes, much to the delight of those present in the arena and following along live online.  All Because Of You is back in the set too - here’s the full setlist from night two in Madrid

On The Socials 
@HerzensSonne22 'Some people go to a club at friday nights. Or to a bar. Meeting friends. Cinema. Restaurants. Walks. Sports. U2ers go to their laptops to stream U2 in Madrid. Showtime!'

@u2songs (via Twitter) 'There we go. Spanish Eyes. Played for the first time since Mexico in 2017… This also marks the first time a song from "The Joshua Tree" albums or singles has been played on this tour'

Local fan club @U2Valencia (who do a fantastic job helping look after the GA line whenever the band is playing in Espana) 'Gracias #Madrid por este fantástico final de verano! Y a todos los fans de #U2 que vinieron de todas partes del mundo para disfrutar de la mejor banda de la historia'
(translated) 'Thank you #Madrid for this fantastic end of summer! And to all # U2 fans who came from all over the world to enjoy the best band in history.'

On The Fansites 
via fan bloggers @U2Fanlife
'We also had a tour of the second U2 concert in Madrid (Experience + Innocence tour 2018), but this time we were in the stands ... a totally different experience from being on the (GA) track and that in the U2 concerts is also worthwhile due to the great technological deployment that the band offers us…We were in the background that is closer to the stage B. The deployment offered by the band in that area is tremendous and the effects of the floor of it ... spectacular! It really is worth stopping to look at them.
Any faults? The sound reverberated a bit in that area of the stadium. The power is tremendous and that shows. It is not that it was heard at all, but it was noticeable that there was "more than enough" power. Otherwise everything perfect. Setlist? The clear surprise was the presence of Spanish Eyes, a subject that is always demanded by the Spanish public…'

What Did Bono Say?
'Thank you for your crazy, beautiful skies and the people who live underneath them. Extra-ordinary.'

(as Macphisto) 'Democracy… Oh Spain… I thought you’d be over that by now… Its been 39 Years, 10 months and 15 days… you do know you’re on the wrong side of history my little Madrileños? You need to get with the programme… people power… power to MY people…'

Bono also thanked Amaia Romero for adding her voice to the #womenoftheworldtakeover segment of the two Madrid shows. On screen these words scrolled: 'Women of the world, raise your voice, join us, we can make history, history in women, make you respect, or resist, sisters and brothers: unite and defend each other.' / Zootopia reviews
web_elevation 'The first night was lovely, but the second one after 13 years waiting for them was more lovely, with those spanish eyes! THX! Don't forget to come to Madrid on the next tour, please!'

DeboraU2. 'Great 2nd night at Madrid! It was such a great night!!!! You are the best band ever!!! I keep on loving you since I was a kid 32 years ago and nothing will change that!! Amazing!!! Thanks thanks thanks for all!!'

Were you in Madrid for the second show tonight ? Post your reviews and add your photos here.



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