Stingray to Surrender

7 Nov 201184
Caroline van Oosten de Boer knows a thing or two about seeing U2 on the road. Founding editor of (2000-2011) and author of 'U2 Live - A Concert Documentary' (Omnibus Press, 2003), Caroline guesses she's seen the band play sixty-plus times.

Who better to kick off a new series in which we ask guest columnists to select their  own 22 tracks for the upcoming, live  double-CD 'U22' ?

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Read Caroline's 'U22' tracklisting then get in the comments below and tell us what you think of it.

'U2360°.  A tour named after a stage concept? The centrepiece a creepy 4-legged hulk dubbed ‘The Claw’ with orange pimples and pastel green trousers? You are having me on, right? But when the lights went down and the sound swelled, it worked. You see live concerts are as much about pyrotechnics as sex is about hydraulics. That is to say, not much. What really matters is the connection we make between our individual experience, and a lyric and a melody. That’s where the intimacy occurs. In short: it’s about songs. The songs are bigger than the performer – and U2 had a beautiful, relevant, new album full of gorgeous tunes to work with.

A live tape enthusiast since the early days, I have always preferred listening to full concerts - raw, unedited audience recordings - rather than the polished official product. Forced to select 22 tracks from different shows, trying to create a coherent document of the tour, I find sequencing a bitch. Do I roughly follow the flow of U2’s own setlist or do I create my very own ‘perfect’ show? It’s a bit of both. My U22 collection suffers from the fact that I have a yin for rarities and the fact that there are songs on the longlist, mainstays in U2’s shows, that I’ve either never cared for or never want to hear again in my life. (I’m looking at you, Pride.) This leaves me with an abundance of mellow tunes and little leeway to shape light and dark in the set. I had to drop in one or two tracks that weren’t my first choice. Compromise, that’s nothing new to you…
So here’s my personal U2360° live brought back to 22 songs, hand picked to create, hopefully, a credible souvenir of the tour. Claw not included.'

1.    Return of the Stingray Guitar

2.    Breathe

3.    No Line on the Horizon

4.    The Fly

5.    I Will Follow

6.    I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)

7.    New Year's Day

8.    Electrical Storm

9.    Your Blue Room

10. Stay

11. Spanish Eyes

12. Miss Sarajevo

13. Unknown Caller

14. Zooropa

15. The Unforgettable Fire

16. City of Blinding Lights

17. Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

18. Scarlet

19. Mothers of the Disappeared

20. Bad

21. 40

     22.Moment of Surrender
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one off
any chance to hear songs not usually released like love is blindness, your blue room or spanish eyes. Have several different versions of streets and the rest of the regulars why not step outside the box and release rare traks also zooropa would be class one of my favourites heard a snipit of it in wembley 1993
I'd vote for this list!
I must be an Acrobat... to choose from t
Hi everyone! Firstly, I'd like to say well done to everyone who has submitted their favourite setlists. It's by no means an easy task. Even with 22 songs, it leaves so many on the cutting room floor. As a huge fan, like so many others, I would love to have a live version of every song that made it onto an album and many B-sides. Lady with the Spinning Head anyone? I have to agree with those who would prefer an album of rarities. The core of the U2 live show has been present on every live album/DVD from ZooTV, Popmart, Elevation, Vertigo and 360 Tours - Sorry, but BORING! Yes Streets, Pride, Still Haven't found etc are U2 anthems. But for this release, lets drop them? When U2 played Glastonbury and opened with 6 Achtung Baby songs in a row, I thought that showed some balls. Even Better Than the Real Thing was a thrill. I would have replaced End of the World with Acrobat though. I've always prefered U2 when they are ballsy and angry. They've got slightly too happy for my liking :D Breathe was a great opening to this tour because of the way it built up the tension, much like Zoo Station did. For that reason I would open with Zoo Station on disk 1 and Breathe on disk 2. I will Follow always gets played, but maybe bring back Gloria? 11 O'clock Tick Tock? Out of Control sounded amazing, even with the change of lyrics. Ultra Violet was a massive favourite for everyone. But having listened to Achtung Baby again recently, I think Acrobat and Love is Blindness are better songs. You're so Cruel - ever played live? I have to remind myself that the choice is from songs played on the 360 tour, so the rarities list can't be that long. It seemed that more of them came out of the archives towards the end of the tour. Before that, the setlist only changed by one or two songs each time. One night it would be Stuck in a Moment, then In a Little While the next night. Staring at the Sun or Stay being other accoustic choices. Anyway, here is my reality/fantasy list: 1. Intro/Zoo Station 2. The Fly 3. Acrobat 4. One 5. Unknown Caller 6. The Unforgettable Fire 7. Trip Through Your Wires 8. Bad 9. Mysterious Ways 10. Fast Cars 11. Your Blue Room 12. Intro/Breathe 13. 11 O'clock Tick Tock 14. A Day Without Me 15. Exit/Gloria 16. In God's Country 17. Bullet the Blue Sky 18. White as Snow 19. Out of Control 20. Velvet Dress 21. Ultra Violet 22. Love is Blindness Then everyone leaves the stadium singing 40, as always! :D So that's my offering, I hope some of you like it! Love and peace to all U2 fans around our planet. Dan, UK
nice mix this should be the final cut
From the start
Caroline, you've been there from the start. Those 80s days in Dublin! Great list!
Love it!
Perhaps the best list I've seen so far!
for U2 from Poland
I would add 3 more songs from the album War: two hearts beat as one, red light, surrender should not be forget about these beautiful songs
Drowning Man?
There are a ton of great tunes to choose from. Some classics and some sure to be classics. Some of my favorites are missing from the selection list: Love is Blindness, Sort of a Homecoming... but once, just once, I would love to see the Guys do a live version of Drowning Man. A lost classic and in my Top 3 fav songs, probably #1. Guess I'll put that one on my Christmas Wish List again this year (for the 25th + year in a row). Regardless, they will always be the Best Band of All Times IMHO.
you should take Electrical storm, your blue room, miss sarajevo,i'll go crazy, spanish eyes and zooropa of the set list and replace them with vertigo, streets, in a little while, stuck in a moment, van diemens land and get on your boots.
Love is Blindness
Caroline, I'm with you! I only would love to see Love is Blindness in it, but that is very personal. Everytime they play it, especially when unexpected, Tears are running down my cheeks! I love the song and I have so many memories with that.. But you are right. In the mean time I have seen them over 50 times and though One (fi) is a great song, eversince AB came out, they play it, so I have heard it for so many times, But I never heard Spanish Eyes, wich I love, live! Same with Your Blue room. But hey, pick only 22 songs out of so many great ones!
take a chance
take a chance of having a CD that has songs that no other have. quit the same old (they're great but we all have a million versions) remember achtung baby on it's 20th get out of the box and take a chance to do something different - to dream all over again (reboot and restart). love to you all...
old stuff
what about what made them who they are now ! How about tomorrow ,party girl, surrender , 40 , electric co.
If this list would be the official, I wouldn't be happy about it. It would be a concert to find into sleep, but not to speed up heartbeat - and that's the main reason to hear U2 live.
I LOVE Crazy but I am sure that this is the same version that we already have on Artificial Horizon . Even better than the real thing is a must for me.... The rest I can live with!!
Where's Magnificent???
missing songs as Magnificent, Streets, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Walk On, Beautiful Day, Elevation, Vertigo, Until the End of the World, Even Better than the Real Thing
hello hello!!
And where is Vertigo?? I'm agree with the inclusion of The Fly and Ultraviolet is irreplaceable. :)
Pretty good!
Drop 40 and add EBTTRT. That song ROCKED!!!!
It's obviously a very personal set list where Caroline coan sit back I close her eyes & be there to. There's a lot of atmospheric mellow in there. It kinda sounds blueish red finished with a creamy lime to me. :-\
No more WOWY, Pride or SBS on setlists. It's soooo boring to keep hearing at these, instead of hearing such marvelous rare pieces like Zooropa or Electrical Storm. Great and brave selection Caroline!
don`t like it (no me gusta)
stupid mix
Poor setlist
What a pathetic setlist that is!!! No Streets, no WOWY, no Beautiful Day, no One, no Bad - she MUST BE MAD!!!
yeah thi is it....almost the same, i change Go Crazy for Even Better. And City of blinding light for One tree Hill.
without Mercy? Don't agree..
Breaking Wave
If your going to put a new song I dont think Blue room is what people want to hear. Every Breaking Wave is more powerful and more of what we want to here on this kind of cd. Also beautiful day and sunday bloody sunday has got to be on this
Don't like it
I'm sorry to disagree, but being a U2 fan from the start I have also witnessed a lot of the live performances. And I believe that one of their major strengths is their perfect mix of their new album together with all time favorites. I love them all, but since you clearly prefer too much rarities, the global feeling of a concert won't be there. It will just be a list of rarities. Sorry.
what a rubbish setlist
Rememberance by Brocky
We would all want a live version of our best U2 Concert, for me well Slane's first concert had meaning- the concert that almost didn't happen, the concert that shared the respect, the concert that gave so much more than it took and the concert to be know as rememberance. ps I also enjoyed 360 in Perth last year :) but anyway I love this selection great list could squeeze in Lemon, this selection is too sweet :) Thanks
Final set-list
I fully agree with Caroline; she made the best and, i think, the final choice for our CDs (they wereat 95% my persomnal choice). Please keep in mind this set list for the final release!!!!! ps. any chance to have the extra-tracks like Mercy, Glasto, North Star, Boy falls from the Sky and Soon?
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