Surrender: One Year On

16 Nov 20232

Surrender: One Year On

'It starts with the basics; the story, the voice, the narrator, the performer. And Surrender would honestly be great if I stripped everything away and it was just Bono telling the story. He has such a beautiful voice, he's such a great narrator. And great is a great place to start….'

Last year, in a special for our subscribers, we carried an in-depth, two-part interview with Scott Sherratt, director and producer of the acclaimed audio version of Bono's memoir Surrender.

One year on, we're making this excellent interview free to read for everyone - including a clip or two of Bono reading from his book.

Dive in!

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What a book, what a beautiful present for us Bono. What a beautiful story We learnt to love your music and lyrics We learnt to like your talent of dessinateur and since one year learnt to love reading you and appreciate your talent about telling things.. Waiting for new projects from you in Europe, Saw you in Le Grand Rex in Paris. ❤️ Loved to hear you You are a great man Delphe
Audio available for download in the UK?
It would be nice if the audiobook was available to purchase for download from some officially-licenced source. I'm in the UK and I couldn't find it available. I don't want to use a streaming/subscription service - just a straightforward one-off purchase and download DRM-free files that are easy to play on any device, at any time in the future, without additional software.
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25 Nov, 2023

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16 Nov, 2023

 Subscribers Special.
With or Without You... as you've never seen it before.

16 Nov, 2023

Scott Sherratt, producer of the audio book, on a summer in the studio with Bono. 


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