U2 360° arrives in the UK this weekend. Oxford Circus, in central London, was where the band shot the video for 'The Fly' way back when. Take care on the roads.

watch it here


15 September, 2009
Great, absolutly fabolous!
When I first have heard it, back in November of '91, I didn't like it. The song was so odd. It took me about 2 weeks to realize how good it was. It's one of my all time favorite U2 songs and one of the best from the masterpiece Achtung baby!
15 September, 2009
Achtung baby!!!
When I first have heard it, back in November of '91, I didn't like it. The song was so odd. It took me about 2 weeks to realize how good it was. It's one of my all time favorite U2 songs and one of the best from the masterpiece Achtung baby!
16 August, 2009
fave lyrics...
Every artist is a cannibal Every poet is a thief All kill their inspiration And sing about their grief
16 August, 2009
AHHH, Bono looks so young. I just love "Achtung Baby" esp. this video. I was deep in my smitten kitten with U2 phase byt his point. It makes me ache for my teen years again!
richie joshuaramone
14 August, 2009
the fly(context:achtung baby)
this was one of the most important themes of the band and (to me) the 2nd masterpiece (the 1st was joshua tree);a very important theme còs the band didn`t recorded for 5 years and made a very "big "change ...for thoose times ...they became to proove that they were the biggest band in the world...and the fly one of their greatest themes
14 August, 2009
Stand Up to The Fly
Definitely one of U2's Best and mostly under-looked song of all time. There's alot of things If I could I'd rearrange. Why isn't U2 playing "Stand Up" on the tour?
14 August, 2009
awesome 10/10 :)
Back in 1991 Bryan Adams 'Everything I Do' was No 1 for weeks and weeks and then long buzzed 'The Fly' and swotted him off the top of the charts. Great song, sounded the best 'live' on the Elevation Tour awesome 10/10 :)
14 August, 2009
My favorite U2 song
Agree with Ralph W, this song started me loving U2 as well. In my opinion, their best song to date, but the competition is tough! Great video too. Since they play "No line" on the 360 tour, which has some similarities to "The Fly" (Edge´s guitar in particular), it is okay for me, that it's not played on this leg of the tour. The good people in the UK have something to look forward to, wish I could go again :-)
14 August, 2009
Watch More TV indeed
Remember seeing this performed at the NEC back in '92 off the back of Zoo Station. My head was reeling after watching those 2 songs performed live and pretty much blew me away. Like Ralph, this song and Achtung Baby were where I jumped on board the unstoppable juggernaut that is U2 :-)
dave the cardboard box
13 August, 2009
It is a Beautiful Day
Today is the day I am just leaving for Wembley. Lets recreate Wembley 1985 "We're an Irish band we come from Dublin city Ireland like all cities it has its good and it has its Bad this is a song called Bad" See you there :-)
13 August, 2009
The Fly stands out as an unrivaled achievement in music history! The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Vocals? - check! Drums? - check! Bass? - Check! Guitar? - Simply amazing! If there were one song to go into a time-capsule to be sealed off for 1000 years, this would be my nomination!
13 August, 2009
The Fly-geez
I love this song more now than when it first came out and the tour that followed its' theme..My girlfriend just bought complete cds of 80 and 90 and I think till current (on a like Best of c.d.). She is lucky because all these tunes are brand new for her and she is listening to the progression of U2 over the years all at once; whereas I have been listening all along..but always with a fresh perceptive and always dancing with the melody!!She's lucky and us followers all these years are just a bit more experienced with our listening you boys!till usa tour I await somewhat patiently..
13 August, 2009
and tomorrow no need a cab...
... but the jubilee/metropolitain lines to go to wembley! it will be wicked!
13 August, 2009
Hell Yes!
That song changed my life forever.
13 August, 2009
oh to be in the band!!!!!!!!!!!
13 August, 2009
Memories of old stadium in 1987 all flags along the road side a sight to see ive never seen it anywhere else not even in there hometown in Dublin on last tour. I cannot wait i am so excited for tomorrow it has been worth the long weeks work. Hav a good night guys Please get Beautiful day right you had problems with the sound in Dublin still amazing though.
Ralph Woolford
13 August, 2009
Everything you Know is Wrong
This was the song that kick started my appreciation of all their music. Its one of my favourites, but I am not even upset it has not been in this tour. It will be like Ultraviolet on a future tour - the song we all missed and are glad to hear again... ....Look I gotta go...I'm running outta change...and my visit tomorrow to Wembley to arrange...
13 August, 2009
Yes, I remember...I love this song and this crashed cars please!!!! :) hahha Do U remember?
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