Ten Million Streams, 188 Countries

28 Oct 200954
On Sunday night 97,000 fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena were joined by millions more all over the world with the live webcast on YouTube.

The live webcast was a record breaker. 'This was a big win for the YouTube community. Nearly 10 million streams came in from U2 fans across 188 countries, making this the largest streaming event in YouTube's history.'

And we're now streaming the entire show. Sit back and enjoy...

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aashish d
south america
I saw U2 in Buenos Aires in 2005!!! we are waiting for you! LOVE!
please!!! confirm Buenos Aires / Argentina 2010!!! we are waiting for U2!!! the best band with the best songs, best show, musicians, heart, poetry,, music ever existed!!! and they are from Ireland!!!! hugh
Thank you for sharing this wonderful concert, It was awesome
I feel SO stupid. Ive been looking for this everywhere. YAY im so glad U2.com posted the whole thing. Ive been watching only like 6 songs that they have left on youtube. Thanks U2.com!!
And I wanna see it again!!
amazing...im growing up with u!!!!
Im a recovering heroin addict and a lifelong U2 fan, i live in Finland so had to get up very early to catch the show and wow for those Two and Half hours my sickness went as my body was overflowing with adrenaline and each song just made me feel better and better and by the time of Streets even my stomach had stopped hurting. These guys save lives and for some make life just that little bit more bearable, thanks lads, only wish you knew just how much your music impacts on people, cant wait for Helsinki 2010 and Songs Of Ascent which i feel will be a better album than NLOTH, especially if songs like Mercy + Winter are included.
come to Brazil
just perfect for getting better miss a show in Brazil
big guitars
amazing vocals, solid bass, ecstatic drumming, and an echo. I hope that the dvd (or blu-ray) comes out soon
it was totally worth gettin up at 3am to watch this masterpiece,even though i had work at 7am and was shattered for the day,i'll never forget that morning and can't wait for the dvd to come out so i can watch it over and over again until i go to paris next year to see them for the third time on this tour.U2 are legends and will never be beaten by any band in terms of genius lyrics and mind blowing music.makes me proud to be irish with these lads.words cant describe how much their songs have influenced my life!!! roll on le stade de france 2010!!!!
it was incredible, i vill never forget.
Seen them twice this year, absolutley brilliant, though a little fatigue in Bono's voice at the rose bowl. Give up the smokes man!
Rose bowl concert
I had to wait 5 years to go to a U2 concert and I finally got tickets for the Pasadina show, it was the best concert of my life i guess there is a reason why I waited so long, my life was incomplete but now I feel like I can die in peace. :)
i love this song live
please bring back the show stream! :)
Oh no! the show is not online now- just 11 of the songs. Please please bring it back so I can enjoy the last half of it. it was amazing to relive the chicago show that i attended (waiting in the sun the entire day!) would love to see a DVD or Blue Ray release of 360 tour! keep up the amazing live shows, guys!
even better than the real thing
woke up on a cold wet morning in dublin, turned on utube put on the kettle, and watched the lads, it turned out to be a beautifull day ,they still have it all these years later, nobody can touch them ,have my ticket and flight booked for new york next year,
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Great show in Pasadena but the YouTube video didn't capture the impact of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Just after unkown caller a close up of an eye was projected on the 360 screen. And although I can't remember word for word what Bono said, it went something like this, "Are you listening Radio Tehran? This is the United Staes calling with a message. You are not alone." This was extremely pwerful and moving and wish it was covered in the streaming YouTube video. Perhaps, maybe in the DVD is they decide to put it out. I hope so because it was probably my most memorable moment from the show. As mentioned above, my seats sucked because they were in section 27 behind the stage. But for any U2 show, I'll take what I can get. My seats for the upcoming Oakland show next Summer are considerably much-much better and I can wait!!!
We saw that in group with people who have lived with this band very close to their daily work, I had the opportunity to see the 360 Tour live with this show but my view has finally been lifted. This band is huge, because they are pioneers in all, great for a huge show and a huge stage.
I have been lucky enough to see the band 3 times on this tour.Wembely,Phoenix and the Rose bowl. All 3 gigs were great but the Rose bowl was a bit special. Everybody was up for it and that seemed to filter back to the band.I must say a big shout out to the Black eyed peas.On each night I seen them they really rocked the place and with Slash from G&R on stage with them doing Sweet child of mine at the Rose bowl made the night even more special. 25yrs since I first seen the band live and there still better than anybody else out there!! DAS.RFC. Glasgow.
It was great
I watched concert tree times and i loved... I cant wait when thei comes to finland
Every show, stage and songlist gets better and better. Legends.
And Then There Was U2
I keep watching this video over and over. U2 is just the best. Sincere, talented, real..no finer people you will ever find. Thanks guys see you in 2010.
An unforgettable evening!
This U2 concert was a blast!!! This was by far one of the best concert's I've ever been to, and I only had one beer that night (due to the huge crowd everywhere) ... imagine that. We had an awesome time! We even watched the concert again on YouTube the next evening. It was even better seeing it a second time to catch everything we could not see from our seats. A truly spiritual experience with lots of crowd energy! I was not a huge U2 fan before, but now I'm hooked!! Favorite moment: To hear 96,000 people singing Amazing Grace with Bono just after "One" & right before "Streets Have No Name" was extremely moving! I can hardly wait for the DVD. We have our tickets for the Anaheim show on June 6, 2010. We feel very fortunate to be able to see them again. U2 fans are the best! We hope to see you there.
U2 Sheffield - 20.8.09!!!!!!!
U2 Sheffield - 20.8.09!!!!!!!
The BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a spectacular event and glad being there to be part of this historical concert because U2 is a surviving alternative rock band from the new wave era 80's to champion against annoying heavy metal bands! U2, you're the best and I'll see you guys at Anaheim next year on June 6th!! You guys RULE!!!
it was simply amazing
Blew my mind
I attended this amazing show with my whole family, my two sisters, brother, mother and father. We all love U2 and to be able to go all together it was very special for us. We all loved the band's performance...they totally kicked it out of this world. Just to be able to say "yeah, I was at the Rose Bowl when U2 played there" will be something I'll be telling my grandkids one day. Can't wait to catch them in Anaheim!!
Blew my mind
I attended this amazing show with my whole family, my two sisters, brother, mother and father. We all love U2 and to be able to go all together it was very special for us. We all loved the band's performance...they totally kicked it out of this world. Just to be able to say "yeah, I was at the Rose Bowl when U2 played there" will be something I'll be telling my grandkids one day. Can't wait to catch them in Anaheim!!
Randy in Vancouver
Could not watch before the show in Vancouver. I did not want to take away from the experience I knew was coming. What an experience and now I got to see it again.... Thanks for the electrical storm and baby, you lit my way.
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