We've been through our 2009 archives and come up with ten of the best from over the past year. From Edge and Eno in the studio to the YouTube broadcast of the LA show to 10million viewers... it's been quite a year.

Live clips from club shows, remixed singles, rare tracks making their debut on the road... and... some space chat. Take a look below, tell us what you think... and tell us what we missed. Here's what we came up with:

Brian Eno and The Edge with a song that was not on the album.

Bono's Manhattan Diary on the day the album was released.

Boots Gets Justice and what a great remix this turned out to be.

Magnificent in Boston ...what else is there to say ?

Guessing the Opening Night Set List in Barcelona ahead of the first night of U2 360° .

Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol on a special night in Poland

With or Without You in Glasgow . (Everybody joined in...)

The Return of Your Blue Room, at Soldier Field, Chicago.

Bono and Edge Calling Space from Ground Control

Unknown Caller from the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles (Maybe you were part of the global chorus...)


09 June, 2010
The Stage
The stage was clearly the best of it all!
03 February, 2010
Thank you U2
What a wonderful year!!! Thank you for coming back to Toronto! I can't wait. Carolyn
19 January, 2010
Maginficent atmosphere, the whole audience sung that song. We all shared this special song, glad to see it made u2's top 10!
08 January, 2010
Still Haven't fjound what im lookin for-
Very mesmorizing!! I was in awe!! with the snippet of "Stand by me" that followed gave me the chills!!..Wow!! Then a nice big birthday song to Mr. Billy Gates!!..haha!!..Wonderful!..I loved every minute of it!!.Very Very unforgettable experience for me!!..The whole show was jus the highlight of my life!!..Travelling all the way from Regina,SK. Canada to Vanvouver,BC was very worth it!!..U2 is the best band in the world!!..
06 January, 2010
The mix of Crazy is the best action in 2009...
05 January, 2010
Opening night in Paris
We joined, together with our daughters (11 and 14 years old) a MAGNIFICENT concert in Paris! 4 Dutchies in a crowd of almost 85.000 french people!!! It was one of the most greatest concerts of U2 we ever saw, it was one of our highlights in 2009! And our favourite song is still MAGNIFICENT! Thanks for that!!! Annemarieke
05 January, 2010
Wembley August 15h
Definitely this was the best show! 90k voices singing I still haven't found what I'm looking for... amazing!
Mark A Sinnott
05 January, 2010
U2 at Fordham
Wow - U2 on the Rose Hill campus. Absolutely awesome. Wish I was there at my Alma mater but had to make do with YouTube from Seattle.
04 January, 2010
The Concert of my life
I was at Giants Stadium the they the band broke an attendance was a dream come true for me, being able to attend the concert with my wife and one of our best friends. We traveled from South America to be part of this special day and fulfill a life long dream. Thanks U2 for a beatiful day in the city of blinding lights. I´ll never forget that experience.
04 January, 2010
The concert at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Was so special, amazing.
03 January, 2010
I went to 5 concerts in 09 but the night at sheffield I will never forget, it was MAGNIFICENT
03 January, 2010
moment of surrender
god bless you bono ..................... for this, my new favorite song keep going thanks edge , adam and larry. and dont worry here in mexico we keep waiting for U2 the best rockk ´n roll in history. bye [keep the bed warm] .                           
Pedro Ribeiro
03 January, 2010
Opening Night
Barcelona!!! I was there....
03 January, 2010
First night in Barcelona
24 hours waiting with my friends, unforgettable night!!! Thank you U2 Best show I have seen Honolulu 12/2006 and 2nd night at Wembley 8/15/2009!!! Waiting for this year, hope there will be some new songs: a man and a woman, for the first time, acrobat...
02 January, 2010
Stuck in a Moment
brought tears to my eyes...
02 January, 2010
Happy New Year
I´d like to wish to all U2 fans a great and happy new year 2010. This year i go to see Coimbra Concert. The best U2 song ever is "Bad". Bye Jonas U2
02 January, 2010
10 of the best from 2009
The boys singing The Auld Triangle -night 2 in Dublin, along with all of Croke Park ! I'm a New Yorker who was lucky enough to attend nights 1 & 2 in Dublin in July. A wonderful experience.
02 January, 2010
Global Chorus . . .
Happy New Year U2 U2Fans From all over the world ! Global . . European Live Treads, Unforgettable and great Moments. See You at Leg 3 and 4, and 5 down under..
01 January, 2010
Best 2009: New Jersey Giants Stadium "She's The One/Desire" Heppy New Year
01 January, 2010
Brits 2009
::: 'Get On Your Boots' performance on the Brit Awards is missing in the list. Have a great 2010
01 January, 2010
Unknown Caller from the Rose Bowl - you got that right - the whole show was a spectacular, worldwide event. Hats off to everyone involved - you pulled it off so seamlessly. I know I listened to/watched the show again on YouTube multiple times. (It was such a treat - as I'd just seen them in Vegas.) Looking forward to the DVD and seeing the show again in Denver in 2010 - rain, snow or shine!
01 January, 2010
Yay , global chorus :)
Showing my singing ''skills'' paid of, I was part of the global chorus :)
31 December, 2009
The world in white and red - Aug. 6, 200
Being Polish I just cannot help remembering what a great experience it was to be a part of the white and red flag covering all of the stadium on August 6, 2009. It would be just as wonderful to see U2 come to Poland once more in 2010.
31 December, 2009
31 December, 2009
Giant numbers
Breaking the public record at Giants Stadium - and i was there!
31 December, 2009
'Stay' in Berlin
Stay performed in Berlin, at Olympia Stadion. When Bono introduced it in these way: 'Edge, you wrote a lot of good songs, but there was one, that we created in Berlin... for a famous film...'
31 December, 2009
Everything U2 shares is beyond very cool...soooo I'm blending two parts U2 Houston with one part Twitter Fun add a splash of the Claw fast Frame Video garnish with a twist of Father Christmas...Straight Up... Thanks U2 Happy New Year : ).
31 December, 2009
10 best of /09
These are definetly some of the best highlights of the year...and yes, what a year!!!!! Being a Torontonian and slightly biased, though, I'd say don't forget the clip of the first T.O. concert from the CN Tower Skypod-- that was pretty spectacular!!!! Thank you U2 for brightening up my year into an incredible 2009!!!!!!
31 December, 2009
A good 2010
For everyone a good 2010, U2, the crew, the fans and in particular: Aung San Suu Kyi .... we think of her
31 December, 2009
well ,i thing that all is great for this year even the simple things hapy new year u2
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