Thanking Paul McGuinness

6 Dec 201370
'This week U2 finalised and signed a new management contract with Live Nation and Guy Oseary.  

The band now want to publicly thank Paul McGuinness for his extraordinary leadership, guidance and friendship over the last 35 years. 

Paul has saved us from ourselves many times over and we would not be U2 without him.

Sometime soon, U2 will begin a new adventure around the world and we totally understand and respect Paul's desire to not run away with the circus – AGAIN.

Perhaps more than any music management operation in history, Paul, alongside Trevor, Keryn and the team at Principle Management has always fought for our rights, for our music, for our fans and for the principles that we and he believe in. His central lesson was that if you cared for your "art", you must also "take care of business" as historically with rock and roll bands, the latter has undone the former.  

We are relieved he will remain on as the mentor-in-chief.

We've known Guy for a long, long time, and we're excited that with Paul's blessing he's agreed to take us on. He is a brilliant man with a lot of energy, and knows he has got some big shoes to fill.'

Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry
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u2 pierde un miembro y ya no será lo mismo. se cierran los capítulos. u2 lose a member and never will be the same again. chapters are closed
thanks a lot
That was sure hard work keeping 4 musicians and personnalities togheter for such a long time. Good retire and THE SHOW MUST GO ON...
Scott Cleaver
We salute you PM
Thank you personally Paul for being U2's manager and making life for all fans an 'enjoyable musical journey' & a better place to be with the sights and sounds of these 4 Irish boys rocking around in our heads....while the world kept revolving over the last 33 years I would like to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of doing the memorial message with Bono for Greg Carroll too back in 1987. It will always have a very special place in my heart and so will you...Thank you Paul for everything...and the worlds U2 fans can rest easier knowing that you're still a big part of that. Our mentor-in-chief. God bless you. "I'll see you again when the stars fall from the sky, And the moon has turned red over One Tree Hill" Scott (Auckland, NZ)
Thanks to Paul McGuinness. Nice to read from the band he will remain mentor-in-chief.
Thank you, Paul
All the best for you!
Thank you Paul
Your vision, your patience, your belief in the boys has paid of in spades, something "modern music companies" and its style of making a "quick buck" could use once again. You bow out at the pinnacle but will still always be part of the team you helped forge which is awesome. Thank you so much!
Scream!!! They will be coming again!
Thank you!
Thank you, wonderful man, for all these years!
Such a respectful and grateful message yet one showing the journey is not over, just changing some shoes while the hat is still on the head.
Thank you so much Mr Paul McGuinness for
Mr Paul McGuinness, you supported them, you protected them, you teached them, you are the old brother of them. Now is your time to get a rest. God Bless you. You will be for ever in our heart and mind.
Best of luck to Paul!
The best of luck to Paul McGuinness and welcome Guy Oseary!
Paul, Thank you for guiding the boys throughout their career! You were instrumental in their success, what a job you've done. I still have a hard time accepting what has happened, especially how close you guys are to each other. I surely hope they'll be in good-hands? Take care Paul, and I hope you'll be happy in your decision. All the best for the future! Been there since Boy and the Malibu concert, Tom
Thank you Mr Paul Mac guinness
Thank you for the Great Job ; )) and for all these fighting years along those 4 young irish blokes .... and US their fans.
Thanks Paul.
Thank you for all these beautiful years with the band. Best wishes for the future. I'm also happy to read now officially that the circus will begin a new adventure soon.
For Guinness sake, McPaul....
I tip a pint to your Faithfulness all these years and keeping our lads on the narrow path. (it appears I might of already had) purrrrr purrrrr purrr. :)
The 5th band member
Thanks for everything Paul. Job well done!
Thank's Paul
Thank's Paul for believing in our fave band in the whole world all those year's ago. What would I have done without their music in my life xxx
Gracias Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry and, of course, Paul!!!! The best band in the history must go on.
Thank you Sir McGuinness
Thank you for all, You were the best ,someboby of the band will "miss" us . You will stay forever in our mind I wish you the best for you and your familie. TAKE CARE
Thank you Paul
One million of "thank you" for what you have done in these years and for being part of the GREATEST band of the world. This is the end of and era, you will always be the fifth member of U2. Enjoy your well deserved retirement and thank you from the deep of my heart, Paul.
The 'circus' is coming to town soon!
Paul McG is certainly a towering figure in the U2 story. Hope he continues to be there in the background for years to come. Really positive to hear that the U2 'circus' is planning an assault 'sometime soon'. Here's to 2014!
5th U2 member
Paul. The 5th U2 member! Thank you for all you've done for them/us.
Much gratitude
Paul McGuinness was an exceptional manager who supported the band and believed in their talents from the earliest days. Over all those years he accompanied U2 and developed such a great and longtime friendship with them. I am grateful for all the love and time Paul McGuinness dedicated to the development of my favourite band. This was a wonderful musical journey and I look forward to some new songs. Best wishes for the future!
Love you
Love you and I am going to miss you, Paul. All the best!! Thank you for being there for the boys!!!
U 2's 5th Member
Thank you Paul for having the interest & vision when finding our 4 guys & taking them under your wing, leading them on a journey that has benefitted so many of us. It's is terribly frightening to think of our world without their music & you certainly helped them find the outlets to be the musicians they dreamt of being. Thank you again Paul, your work & commitment will never be forgotten. We as fans are indebted to you. -Kevin C, Chicago
Congrats Paul
Job Well Done Brother!!!
Great Man
Mister Paul McGuinness was the best manager ever for the 4 great guys…an great friend. He IS the 5th member of U2…he was and still is a important part of the band! We will miss him =O(
Fred Hermes
The fifth member retired
All the health for your family. Thx for all your support.
Deep respect and gratitude to Paul McGui
from a longtime fan of the band and of its immense achievements. Can't wait to experience the new spectacle of the U2 circus!
Aaron Govern
And thanks also from U2 fans
Sincere thanks from U2 fans around the world - you have changed the face of artist management. I met you once and was impressed with your humility and dedication. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.
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