Thanks @U2

1 Dec 202026

Thanks @U2

From one site which celebrates U2 to another, THANK YOU to the talented team of passionate volunteers who made @U2 a go-to destination for news and stories on the band for so long.

You'll be missed...

Special mention to Matt McGee for steering the ship for a quarter century and to the great crowd of contributors listed by Sherry Lawrence in her final column. 

As Sherry put it, 'Each of these fabulous individuals contributed to a legacy that informed, educated and shaped the U2 fan experience for a generation.'

Beth Austin / Xavi Balart / Kellam Barta / Brian Betteridge / Gary Boas / Fernanda Bottini / Lisa K. Brown / Kevin Byrne / Scott Calhoun / Mike Camp / Teresa Cook / Laura Coutinho / John Cropp / Michael Cummins / PJ DeGenaro / Kevin Dolph / Keir DuBois / Kelly Eddington / Scott Ellinwood / Christopher Endrinal / Chris Enns / Kelly Eskridge / Suzannah Evans / Braden Farmer / Nicole Ferguson / Carol Foster / Maddy Fry / Eric Gifford / Aaron Govern / Jessica Guadiana / Jessica Hartzfeld / Joe Hebert / Arlan Hess / Thomas Humphreys / Jessica Hurwitz / Kevin Hutchinson / Kenny Irwin / Matt Jaeky / Chris Jenkins / Kerry Jones / Tassoula E. Kokkoris / Steve Lawrence / Karen Lindell / Peter Longworth / Marylinn Maione / Jill Marino / Ben McCarty / Allie McClaskey / Alan McConnach / Matt McGee / Liseth Meijer / Mason Merritt / Jeff Muir / Donal Murphy / Becky Myers / Tim Neufeld / Arienh O'Connor / John Osborn / Laura Page / Robert Palacios / Angela Pancella / Stephane Pancrazi / Iidaliisa Partanen / Scott Perretta / Ross Perry / Jason Peterson / Amy Pflughaupt / Anna Roberts / Jamie Rodriguez / Drew Rogers / Phil Romans / Brad Rose / Ian Ryan / Aaron J. Sams / Mariana Santana / Jacki Saunders / Todd Shimizu / Collin Souter / Sabina Sulat / Jennifer Tomooka / Khoa Tran / John Tuohy / Marty Venturo / Wendy Vissers / Michelle Watson / Rashas Weber / Jo Whitby / David Whitt / Geoff Wilson / Lisa Zeitlinger / (Forgive me if I missed someone – my sincere apologies.)

Dip into some of the songs that captured Matt's love for the band in this U2 Playlist he pulled together for us a few years ago.

And here's Sherry’s U2 Playlist.

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AtU2 was by far the best source of U2 fan information for 25 years. The rich content and frequently updated news about all things U2 was my "go to" source. I left behind many adrenaline filled concert reviews over the years. Thank you for a truly great fan experience!
Thank you@U2
I feel sad that @U2 had to stop, although I understand that this happened. Lives are changing and it's a big task to run such a huge fan club website. For me @U2 was the main source to learn about the band, it's music, lyrics and concert experiences. You all from @U2 and also from formed me in this. A big thank you. One person I really will miss is @U2 Sherry. Her insights, thoughts, U2 and faith were really inspiring to me. It was great to meet Sherry and some other @U2 staff during the U2 conference in Belfast some years ago. @U2 will be really missed by me and a lot who also responded. Again, a big thank you @U2 for all your work. It really had impact! Jan Vierhout, the Netherlands.
Thank you @U2!
This site and its contributors will be missed. @U2 was always my first U2 site for all things U2. Thanks for your efforts, they will be missed!
Fitting Tribute to a Sad Ending
Thanks for the tribute to these writers and contributors. I have long loved that site - even delving into the history and for excellent information on all things U2. It is very sad to me that it has come to an end. Wish it could have kept going with someone else. Wonderful work over the years for which I am quite thankful. It's platform was easy to navigate and always had great news links. Wouldn't be honest if I didn't say I was a bit gutted to hear this.
Well deserved recognition
Atu2 has been by far the U2 related website that I have visited most over the past decade. Always well informed, always great insight, and all the time so much love and dedication from the contributors. What a sad, and at the same time courageous, decision to stop after 25 years. Great respect and a big thanks to everyone who contributed, and of course to Matt for starting this all so many moons ago. Class act from U2 to give recognition here. You all will be missed.
Thanks @U2 team
As someone who only contributed briefly I thank the other @U2ers for enduring me and (especially) for editing me. Cheers one and all.
Thanks AtU2 will miss you.
I've got to meet Matt, Sherry and other colllaborators and U2 fans in NYC in 2015 great people. I also got to join their 20 year party, simply amazing to see Edge and Adam to show up. Thanks for that great moment team. Jose - Costa Rica.
Adding to the list of atu2 contributors.
Hi. Please add Miranda Greer to the list of those who volunteered for atu2 in the article. Thanks! (Sherry)
Walk On
Sending lots of thanks and gratitude to the team at @u2. Walk on and be proud of your years of service. I visited the site daily for the past decade. 'When you think you're done You've just begun.' Blessings! Dr. Gabizzle
@U2 Rocks
Thanks @U2 team. Fantastic information gathering over many years and you were my go to site for info on U2 globally especially when the band was touring. Classy U2.COM recognising them.
I hope that is not goodbye
So sorry you have left us to take your place with all the other satellites - you will be missed for all your insight and news on the greatest band in all the land. I hope that this is not goodbye - maybe a just for - little while ..........
Classy move and thank you @U2
So happy to see provide recognition to @U2 as it says Goodbye. To Matt, thank you for the years of U2 dedication, you truly help mold me in the fan of the band I am today. Same goes to Sherry and the rest of the contributors. Will miss you all especially when the band hits the road again. Best of luck to you all and hope this isn’t a final goodbye as I hope to see you all again through other fan-sites and perhaps even the official one here!
Thank you - You'll be missed
Thank you @u2!! It was such a great website, so sad that it's no longer...just typed in your address as usual... hope to read you guys somewhere else... sad to see you go
It's very nice from you to bring the whole team into the light.
You start at the end
You start with emptiness You start with nothing You start with the void. Love and light my way. .. ... 14:40. Miss You Sugar. Detlev Lassche for The Vertigo Hunter.
Thank You @U2
The site that I went to first and the place I was able to connect with other fans. I will always remember the amazing 40th birthday the staff spearheaded at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Amazing group of fans. Thank you all Michael
Thank you, @u2!!
Thank you @u2!! Your site truly helped me hone my U2 adoration into a fine obsession back in the aughts. I will miss you so!! Much love, Kerry
Thanks @U2 & Matt McGee
That website was an awesome body of work! I’ll miss it Very much. Thank you Matt I loved reading your shared thoughts & observations of U2, what you did so seemingly effortlessly, others like me just can’t begin to express!
Go raibh maith agat, @U2ers
Deep bows of gratitude and more than a little wistfulness from this corner of the circus tent. Thank you for many years of helping to keep the fans connected, to the band and to each other. Wishing all of you nothing but grace. #thereisnoendtolove
Very classy, U2. I am not on Twitter. It would be weird to say thank you. Instead, I wish you all many more shows and the front rail, if you like.
atu2 Staffers
I'm very pleased to see this put up on With the closing of, it's great to see these wonderful folks continue to be recognized for their contributions to the fandom. I can't believe how heartbroken I am over the end of a website!
I’ve worked for AtU2 since 2002, and this is a sad day for all of us, but your acknowledgement was a bright spot for the staff this afternoon. Thank you so much. AtU2 was a labor of love for sure. ❤️
fade away
A great site run by great people. You all did an amazing job for years! Thanks for the frequent reminders to take the boy out of this man, as only music (and music fandom) can do. Best fan site!
Very nice
Very nice of you, staff :) @U2, you'll be missed.
Proud of being part of @U2 Team
I'm very proud to have been part of @U2 team. For many years I could express my love, my feelings and my U2 stories. It was also amazing to follow the tours, tweeting the shows and talking with fans. Being a Brazilian, it was a great opportunity to connect with the fans from all over the world. And I also had the chance to create my U2 Playlist for, which was incredible for me. Thank you!
Salute to atu2 humans
Thanks again for all... you will be missed by fans everywhere. Much love, BW x
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