'The Break'

29 Feb 201237
'There are over 1.5 million homeless youth living on the streets, in shelters and couch surfing, in America. Despite the stereotypes, many of them are not addicts, hardened criminals or mentally ill. They come from families who didn’t understand them, some are runaways who could no longer tolerate the abuse in their own homes and some have aged out of the foster care system with no place to go....'

In an MTV documentary, 'The Break', the personal vision of Edge, viewers meet Ava, Nancy and Rob, all without a home to call their own and in desperate need of a change. Like many homeless young people they face a struggle for food and shelter, the dangers of crime and illegal drug use.

Every day, strangers turn a blind eye, telling themselves the problems are too big to fix. But homeless advocate Anne Mahlum knows different and the documentary reveals what's possible when people find the tools to build a new life.

'I wanted to find the right answer to the question, 'How do we respond to homelessness?' Edge told U2.com, in Dublin to talk about his vision for The Break. 'I wanted to get an intelligent audience to think differently about homeless people, to realise that so many of the cliches are untrue...'

More from Edge, and a clip of the show, in the video below. The Break airs in the US this Friday. Details.

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Thank You
Thank you, Edge for your candor. This is a horrific problem, and what is most horrifying is how easily we stigmatize, pigeon-hole, and demonize people who have lost, or never truly had a home. Where I live, it's illegal to fly signs, to sleep in your car, to be 'vagrant'; in essense it's illegal to be homeless. So, we compound the problem by creating a criminal history where there was none? Just fantastic to see this, and really proud of what you're doing.
The first step to understanding . . .
Great to see raw honesty in how the homeless are perceived . . .This doco is a positive step toward a greater understanding and no doubt, it will have a humbling effect upon its audience.
Low sound
Low sound video... it is hard to listen...
Homeless WiFi Hotspots
Homeless Peeps are Wi Fi Hotspots in Austin TX.... Yep.... They keep your donation.... Corporate Promo.... Hugs € : ).
The Break
The whole show is streaming now at MTV.com: http://www.mtv.com/videos/the-break/1680935/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=36833&channelId=1
Human Kindness
Thanks Edge.... A Little Human Kindness is Large.... Hugs are Free.... Got Karma : ).
An issue often swept to oneside
Thanks The Edge for raising this issue - often overlooked. As a long time U2 fan who works with the homeless in Wales I am thrilled you have supported this cause. If you fancy finding out a bit more about homelessness in the Land of your Fathers (where 15,000 people applied as homeless last year), then please contact us - we would greatly appreciate any support given www.sheltercymru.org.uk Diolch!
Great work by a great group
Its good to see famous people use their fame and fortune in such a positive and direct way. I take my hat of to your Sir Edge.
Once again, U2 - you amaze me!
As someone who has been directly involved with homeless shelters in Washington State, I can tell you that homelessness is a REAL and prevalent problem and one that has many negative stigmatisms attached to it. THANK YOU Edge for shedding light on this and being so forthcoming with your own thoughts. People are homeless for many reasons; it is not our place to judge why they are in that position. Many homeless people are mentally ill, elderly with minimal income, individuals who out of work or simply down on their luck. The majority of these people have little or no support system. There are numerous ways people can make a difference in their community to end homelessness. The first, though, is to walk in their shoes. Jon Bon Jovi is very involved with homelessness and has done amazing work through his soul foundation. I applaude each of you gentlemen for becoming such visionaries and making the world a better place to live. As a devoted U2 fan, you make me so very proud.
Me too
I was shunned for being homeless. I smelled really badly and looked terrible. But I lived on the sidewalk, and had literally no bar soap or shampoo or any other clothes except those on my body. With a college degree and being a former teacher, here I was, now looked down on by those who could have been my colleagues, because I reeked of urine. I was so embarrassed and humiliated. I did not know where to go or what to do. I lost a lot of weight from just walking in circles basically, and was freezing cold because someone stole my coat right off my back when I was sleeping on the ground. All the shelters were full, and I spent hours and hours toiling, trying to get in somewhere. I finally gave up and went back to my violent living situation. The shelters told me that domestic violence is such a huge problem, they are almost never able to provide all the beds that are needed, and they just cannot make beds appear out of thin air. the police told me to go to a shelter and gave me a number. Yet nothing was ever available. So I ran. Life got so much better years later...but the next time I saw a woman on the street, it was I who spent 2 hours of my time trying to get her a bed at the shelter using my cell phone while I treated her to dinner and gave her bus fare. I got her in. Never again will I look down my nose at homeless people. I thank God for the lessons I gained and the wisdom He showed me from being homeless. Thank you Edge for being the change we want to see in the world.
Global Issue tackled by an awesome man
We have a large percentage of homeless people here in South Africa and I salute the edge for raising awareness of the issue. let's hope it makes a differnce, no matter how small. Does anyone know if the programme will be aired to the rest of the world?
thanks for your voice
Thanks to God, I am married and have 2 beautiful boy, but at one point I was homeless, leaving my home of abuse after 17 years. Thank you Edge for lending your powerful voice to the people who are shunned for their living situation, that they are God's own as well and we all need to help, not judge, we are all to help fix this for each other.
Thank you for your good heart
Although i don't have cable i am so glad this was made. I used to be a volunteer with the night ministry and have seen youth in need. Also I was a runaway for 4 yrs when i was younger but that was over ten yrs ago. These things have a way of staying with you though. Recovering from such a thing is a long hard road for sure. I am hoping this is online somewhere. Thank you for doing this--you have a great heart.
thanks Edge
I live in Canada so out of luck......
Geez, sometimes I hate living in Canada haha! Not for any other reason than the fact that the US gets to see a lot more cool U2 stuff easily than we do!! Does anyone how else someone who does not live in the US can see this programme??? Helllp!!!
My name is Nate and my wife Elizabeth bought me this subscription for Christmas and I noticed that Edge was involved in this documentary about the homeless and the stigma of it. So I made sure to tune in to mtv on friday....my wife and i watched it and the music was brilliant...seeing the family reunited after three years was so moving...im defihatly inspired to continue to helping charitable works to help the poor and homeless thank you very much edge...i cannot wait to buy a music rising guitar...
The World is a Better place because of U
Thanks Edge for your sincerity, genius, and gifts to the world.
Really nice Edge
What an important thing he has done raising awareness about this issue. It's true many of them are in that situation because they are all alone. He's a big-hearted man. He's been that way all his life. Thanks Edge!!
Human rights
The Human rights Act should also include a Humans right to; water, food, shelter, light & heating.
The Edge has something special, that passes to us in his music and through acts that prove must be a man with a big heart. Forever U2 Forever The Edge. Thanks.
Homeless friend
Here in mexico I have a few homeless friends it's importand issue Edge when you put your self in their shoes,
Homelessness in Ireland
This is a very important and complex issue which the Edge highlights and his honesty is right on the mark, in admitting that, like many of us, we fall into the trap of placing a stigma on those who don't have a home. I'm glad to see someone with his profile draw attention to it. I live in Dublin too, Edge's home town, and there, the Peter McVerry Trust is a shining example of an organisation willing to do something to help people get back on their feet with dignity. I have no affiliation with that organisation but I will be running 'The Calcutta Run' in Dublin on May 26th to support them. If you are in Dublin, you could do it too. Wear your U2 'War' t-shirt from 1983! Nice one Edge! I guess you wouldn't be on for running around the Phoenix Park yourself would you? :-) Your six monthly Welsh yoga sessions should have you in fine shape.
Thank you for continually sharing yourself and your Light. You are loved.
Deep humanity
In this documentary The Edge raises much awareness of the issues homeless young people have to cope with. It is true that homelessness does not just concern drug addicts, alcoholics or people who don;t want to work. Especially in times of recession, that can happen to everybody. Once again, The Edge uses his fame to support a great project that inspires people to think differently. It is also moving to hear the story about the homeless character from Dublin who went into the Liffey river to rescue a bus driver. This great man deserves a lot of respect. I hope that this MTV documentary will be broadcast in Europe, too.
Will U2.com air this at some point?
I think this will only be on MTV in the US? I would love to see this!!
Very Gear
I am glad that Edge has brought a name to this horrible deal. I'm all for helping those that do need it. The unfortunate side of this are, especially with some of the young, is that there is no need for them to be this way and ruin it for those that need help. I have personally known some kids that were homeless by choice. They either thought it was cool or a way to get back atr their parents. I'm not talking about abusive parents or parents who disagree with a life style. These are just kids who want to seem cool. Now they cast a bad shadow over those who truly need the help. Having said that, I wish Edge and all those associated with this all the best and good luck.
Wow nice one edge! Sometimes difficult to tell genuine people in need from people taking advantage - easy to be prejudiced towards homeless people. Watched a great piece on panorama in the uk about thousands of people living homeless UNDERNEATH las vegas!! Crazy! Mostly because they'd been made redundant. Not neccesarily lazy or bad people, just very unlucky sometimes. One guy needed an operation (I think on his intestines) otherwise it would become life threatening. He simply can't afford the medical bill. Luckily to have NHS in UK. Homelessness - probably down to loads of things but need to start fixing it, surely with jobs and understanding... Nice one edge
Hope it airs in Sweden as well
In Sweden homelessness is not that common although increasing. I think it might be even more important for Swedes to start thinking of these things before it's to late for many (i.e. prevention perspective).
Thanks for doing this Mr. The Edge, it's moving to see you so involved in this cause...it's something I took deeple into my heart too for the many homeless I have known everywhere...they have such a big dignity and a lot to teach if you stand by their side listening to them...some of them were really special...unfortunatly not all of them will see what you're doing in their honour becouse now they're angels, and live in the very big home all of us belong to, the sky...Thanks for being so sensitive to give voice to the forgotten, God bless you!!! U2 are not only the best artists and musicians of the world, they're also the best ever persons on this earth, with a very very big heart!!! I love you!!!!
That's why U2 is not just a rock group .
Change is what we need, courage to make things work ! I am so proud of you . . . thanks for helping The Edge, quite an honour to be your fan!
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