The First Time

9 Jul 2010597
When was the first time you saw Larry, Edge, Adam and Bono play live ? How old were you ? Was it last year on the 360� Tour or was it in another millennium way back when ?

'A hot summer day in Paris at the Vincennes Hippodrome.' remembers Dom from France. 'I was 23 year old (and) when the band finally arrived, the sunset was behind the stage and I felt like in a dream. The first song they played was Exodus from Bob Marley...'

'I was a highschool senior,' says someone else. 'And still look back at this concert at the Rosemont Horizon as my greatest moment with U2.'

'On the Vertigo Tour in Brussels, Larry puts his drums right in front of me...'

'Yale University in New Haven: epic, unforgettable show with Bono climbing anywhere he could....'

You've been posting some extraordinary memories of the first time you saw the band play live - unforgettable nights on every tour they've ever played. And not just the show - sometimes unlikely encounters with the band.

'I was 11, I lived across the road from Croke Park. That evening (of the show) our street football match had play stopped by a white Mercedes and out of the car jumps Bono in a white suit. He said hello, gave my mum a hug, shook my hand, jumped back in the car.....'

What about you ? How did you end up at your first U2 show ? Does the venue still exist ? Who did you go with ? Was there a moment you'll never forget ? One of the band do something that's stuck in your mind? A song that changed everything?

Google your memories and tell us below about the first time you saw the band live. Don't forget to add in your name and city/country at the end of the post so we know where you're from.

(Incidentally, keep a copy of your post� once you've added it below. Then post it again in our� tour section - on the night and on the tour of the show you're writing about. If you've got a photo - the band, you and your mates, the ticket stub - the tour pages are where you can upload it. The more reviews you add, the more encyclopaedic an archive of the band's touring history we'll create. Thanks.)
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I was in college (San Jose St in Cali) 1982?83? My friend Dave Kozicki (now an Oakland Cop) invited me to see this new band that would be playing on the 2nd floor of the Student Union. They hadn't released an album yet. We went early, an the boys were giving interviews in the glass walled offices upstairs. I think they were all teenagers, and looked VERY young. They started playing to a crowd of prob less than 100 people. They sounded great and people started moving to the music, causing the 2nd floor to flex up & down. Stage folks had to hold onto the speakers to keep them from tumbling over! When the boys were finished, they apologised for not having written enough songs, and had to sing some songs over again for the encore!! It was great, & you knew you'd witnesses history, like seeing the Beatles at the Cave.
1982 Volksbelang Mechelen BELGIUM
I was 15 when I first saw them live in 1982 in a small venue in a provincial town called Mechelen here in Belgium. Back then they were everything to me and I swore then and there that I would see them every time they came to Belgium. I didn't ... because a few years later I thought them 'too commercial' and stopped following what they did. I am taking my 15 year old daughter to see them tonight in Brussels on the 360° tour and looking very very forward to it. I expect they will get me equally excited as that night 28 years ago (and later on Werchter) and I also expect the light show to be a tad more impressive than it was back then... (If Snow Patrol were playing the support act tonight this could have been the perfect night as they are to my girl what U2 was to me at her age).
Zooropa Marseille 14/07/1993
I was 20 years old and finaly I had the chance to see U2 live (I was waiting since 1987). And I was not disappointed. What a night! What a show! The audience was histeric, everybody went crazy when Bono took a copy of the Europa Cup that Marseille won a a few weeks earlyer. For me the most creative years of this unique band.
1981 Toads Place, CT
I was 18 and it was May 1981. They were playing at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT. I knew I had to see them before they got as big as they are now. I remember how hard they rocked that bar and Larry & Bono looking so young. They had a raw determination and spoke volumes with their lyrics. Their energy & the crowds response was magical. I've seen them a few times since including flying to see them in Croke Park Dublin and the last was 360 at Gillette Stadium, MA. Nothing will ever match that first time in a small bar in Connecticut. I miss that same connection at 360 that they used to have. Still love them after 30 years!
Malinda Brown
The first time i saw U2 was for the Pop Mart Tour back in 1996. I had a fairly good seat up the front. I couldn't remain seated of course. I was waiting for them to come on stage when there began screaming from up high in the grand stand. next thing i knew they were walking up the aisle only about 8 people away from me. Bono was wearing a blue cape, It took everything I had not to dive at them. was afraid of getting removed from concert by security. The concert was unbelievable. best experience in my life. I have been a fan since 1983 and still adore them. Have been to their last concert here in Australia (Sydney) and am hanging out for this one in December at the same Stadium (ANZ) making this only my 3rd concert. They don't come here very often so am thrilled and cannot wait.
First time was the Zoo tour in Anaheim Stadium, Ca. My daughter was 15 and I was 34. We are now 38 and 58 and still going to U2 concerts together. Looking forward to next year in Seattle.
Dragons (steve)
The first time I saw U2 was the Love Comes To Town Tour Sydney 1988 already was a big U2 fan 22 at the time loved it .When they played Where The Streets Have No Name ,goosebumps just loved it still do now whether its live or on tv just an awsome song cant wait till sydney 13 360 tour
First time was great
Oakland Coliseum for the Joshua Tree Tour, the Saturday after the free concert at Justin Herman Plaza which is in Rattle and Hum. Bono caught hell from Mayor Feinstein for spray painting the fountain at the Plaza, she wanted him arrested for grafitti. At the show he actually had the architect of the fountain come out on stage, I recall him speaking French, and telling Bono it was ok he sprayed the fountain. Very memorable, alas Bono had to pay to have the "Rock and Roll stops the traffic" removed. Great show
1989 with BB King in Auckland
I was 15 years old and should have been studying for School Cert - which I think it like O or A levels, I really don't know... but instead, rock gods U2 were coming to town! My mother was convinced a concert would be dangerous and my best friend and I would be trampled to death... but then, she didn't know what a U2 concert is like, and just how lovely all the other fans are, how friendly and all... Complete strangers lifted my friend and I up so we could see, and what still resonates for me, 21 years later, is the absolute power and awesomeness behind Bullet the Blue Sky when it is played live. It is like nothing else on earth, it still gives be the best chills! U2 continue to wow me, they've been my favourite band through all the years, and I love them still - can't wait for the next Auckland show 25th Nov 2010! See you soon boys!
As it was yesterday: Zoo TV
Great U2 fan since the summer of 1985. That's 25 years this year! It was in the summer of '93 and untill then I never had the time to sleep in front of a ticket sales point to get the chance to buy tickets, the shows always sold out in less then 30 minutes. I was on holiday in St. Raphael (France) where a few girls we met told me they had tickets for the Zoo TV tour in Nijmegen on the 3rd of August that year. They were in ecstacy and I was jealous I have to admit!!! Because of a family tragedie though, I was able to buy the tickets from them. While on holiday their granny passed away so the couldn't go to see the show and the offered me to buy the tickets from them. Myrthe Inja was her name and I still love her for that! Together with my best friend at that time we went to the Goffert park, waiting all day to be sure we were in font. I remember I wore a "The unforgettable Fire" T-shirt that day and a few other fans said "whow, your a fan for years I can see". When I told them it was my first live show they couldn't believe that :-) I will never forget that show, so enormous, like a apartment bulding or so. I still feel the bass in my body when Edge played and sang "Numb"! After that show I never skipt one tour: 1997 Popmart in Rotterdam, London and Paris - 2001 Elevation in Arnhem - 2005 Vertigo in Amsterdam - 2009 360 in Amsterdam and next wednesday to celebrate my 25th U2 anniversary: The 360 tour again in Brussels, Belgium. Cannot wait to go there with my brother Martijn and best friend Tim. I hope to meet them one day in person. Would me nice next week :-)
The Unforgettable Fire
First U2 concert was at the Meadowlands at the "Brendan Byrne Arena" in NJ in 1984 on the Unforgettable Fire tour. I was a sophmore at LaGuardia Arts High School in NYC, and went with a bunch of friends. A very memorable concert. Bono wrapped himself in a flag. Also saw them at Giants Stadium in 1985 right in the front when they brought fhe guy standing next to me up on stage to play guitar, and again on the Amnesty International tour when the Police handed the band their instruments in a symbolic passing of the torch. Ah, the 80's!!
down on u2
I've been a U2 fan since the Joshua tree but the first and only time I got to see them was at The Staples Center in 2005 it was 4 days after my mom had passed away my stepson had gotten tickets to go see them It wasn't the greatest but you can understand why I hope I can see them again some day I know I will have a better experience.I still believe in what they sing and say they may be one of The greatest bands ever.
the first time
The first time I saw U2 live was in 1997. At the time I'd 22 years old (but fan since 13 years old). I remember the support band (Placebo) the entrance of tne band on the stage. I went with my boyfriend (husband, now). The most important momento for me at the concert was when Bono sang an acoustic theme (Stay). It was awsome. The song.... uau
first time i saw u2 was in 1989 in perth austraila when love comes to town tour it was the very first concert i had been two and the best ever myself and my wife were on the front row we could have reached out and touched them, not much chance of that now it was a magic night one that will always be with me. see you in perth december boys.
Greenbelt, UK - probably 1979 or 80 - they were walking through the crowds - unknown to most. Not sure if they played or just turned up. Saw them play at Manchester Apollo - 1984 - first time - AMAZING. Yep and like another comment below - they finished with "40" - incredible. Can still sing it on the top of my voice now. Would love them to finish with that in Auckland. Seen them a few times since but never thought it would happen again once we migrated to NZ. Bring on 25th November!!!
LoveTown in Sydney, 1989
Sydney Entertainment Centre, first night in Sydney (still have a scan of the ticket). Had a restricted view seat on Adam's side of the stage. Hawkmoon 269 was the first song that night and the crowd just went off (my first concert ever). Have seen 6 shows in AU since then, including 'STU TV'. Looking forward to the 2 shows in Sydney in December. [c'mon Bono, bring a cockatoo on stage in 'Breathe' ;)]
jeff mcguire
Jeff Mcguire
Saturday 27th June 1987 , I was 15 years old , I was at the front ,World in Action were doing a documentry . A guy fom Crumlin ,down the road from me got up on stage and played People get Ready' .He was in a band called ' Par Excellence' . A bit posh 4 Bono ',as I recall . After Live Aid I thought I was a Fan ,but that gig was it for me . I recently met Bono in Lilles at Xmas 09 ,he made time to have a chat ,even though I politely interupted his conversation .They say you should never meet your heroes ,but Bono was a complete Gentleman to me ! Thanks Dude . I was with a good mate of mine from Aslan , Tony Mcguinness who lives in Australia now ,roll on Dec 8th in Brisbane . u2 fan ,past ,present ,and future ! Jeff Mcguire ,Crumlin !
June 22nd 1985 - Milton Keynes
3 weeks before Live Aid, this was a mini one-day festival towards the end of The Unforgettable Fire tour, with The Faith Brothers, Spear Of Destiny, Billy Bragg, The Ramones, R.E.M. (who weren't all that well known at the time) and U2. It rained on and off all day, but somehow that's very "U2". I'd still list it as one of the most significant concerts I've ever seen. They were incredible.
Jasper Overberg
Achtung Baby!
Unfortunately just missed the '87 Joshua Tree Tour and the concert in Basel but have the record (not CD!) from back then. First concert was the ZOO TV tour in 91. I loved the show and the fenomenal effects they had. Seen them several times since! However,I am still a bit frustrated to not having seen them on The Joshua Tree tour as - for me and by far - this is their best album! Looking forward to tomorrow's gig in Zurich! Rock'n roll, boys!
Vertigo, Amsterdam
I was 14 years old, and it was realy amazing! The guy on the stage who lift up bono was realy funny.
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i think you enjoyed the same like us.(Greeks).i feel all reade nolstageia for that.Your wait to repeat again very QUICK.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........................
Joshua Tree tour, Cardiff Arms park... Edge kicked a rugby ball into the crowd, Bono says he's always wanted to do that great show, great atmosphere, took 5 hours to drive out of Cardiff at the end though!
Lovetown, Melbourne
October 7, 1989, Melbourne Australia. I had just turned 21 and it was the first tour since discovering U2 a couple of years earlier. The first notes of Streets started as the stage lit up red infected me immediately. That was the first night of 10. I quickly bought a ticket for the last show the next morning. They have become the soundtrack to my life. When Vertigo hit Melbourne I took my wife to experience the energy. We are now going to the first night of 360 together and I am taking my boys (11 and 7) to the second night. The feeling is always the same. Pity Bono doesn't pull boys up to dance!
Melbourne 1984
It was Under Australian Skies, in Melbourne, all 5 shows. Got a brief chat with Bono at the back gate, can't get close to them now. He gave me a bunch of violets, no longer have them but have a photo and the memory. Seen them very time in Melb since. Taking my 10 yr old son this time. Thanks for the lofe long addiction. Perhaphs a cup of tea and a chat one day! Bronwen
Finally - Elevation!
My first U2 concert was Boston, June 6, 2001. Mind you, my fandom had been 18 years in the making at that point. I first heard U2 in the clubs of Trois Riviere, Quebec in the early 80's as an 18 year old exchange student. They have been a soundtrack to my life ever since. As a poor college student, I couldn't afford tickets, later as a young married mom of 2, it seemed an extravagance. Finally on my 36th birthday in Sept of 2000, I received a card from some dear friends, also huge fans, with 2 tickets to the Elevation tour. I could not believe it! It was like a pregnancy waiting for that concert to arrive. Finally the day arrived. We got to the Fleet Center early, found our seats, which were awesome, just to the left of the top of the heart. I don't even remember the opening band I was so focused on the seeing the boys, I remember Bono and the Edge walking out - it was like seeing a long lost friend - do you know who you are? How you've colored my life? The concert was an amazing ride, my friend Kristen and I, 2 middle aged moms, screamed and sang until we had no voice left. I didn't want the night to end. My husband Steve and I have seen each tour since (growing up has it's privileges $), Vertigo in Boston, just before moving out to Seattle in 05 and lastly the 360 tour in Vancouver last fall - we'll see them again in Seattle this next summer. THANKS U2 from a lifelong fan of almost 30 years - Kelly Keyser, now in Seattle WA
Live Under Aust. Skies
Thursday 6th September 1984, Entertainment Centre, Sydney. I had fantasised about U2 playing at the State Theatre but it was not to be. I was wearing purple suede ankle boots and skinny jeans. I was right down the front and hyperventilated - the people standing in front wouldn't let me through to get air so I vomited on them and fainted. Security had to carry me out over the front barrier. As soon as I recovered I was back down the front again. The highlight of the night and one of my clearest memories is of the whole place singing along to "40"... Then fanning out through the streets of Sydney still singing... a psalm. That's why I think Bono is the messiah. (But I'm Jewish and really, really shouldn't say that). Recently went to my 25 year high school reunion and everyone told me that they became U2 fans because of me. Loved this band since I was 12. Popmart tour I got to meet them (very very briefly) unfortunately I was too cool to get a pic or autograph. Am hopeful I will get them "next time"!!
My First Memories in 2001,U2 saved my li
My first concert was the elevation tour in 2001 in Belgium. I became a Fan at the day my mother said,Bianca U2 is again on Tv with The streets have no name ,it was her favourite song. My parents died both in 1996 ,I was 21 years old and I didn´t enjoy life anymore. But thanks to the great songs and concerts U2 give,I came back and pull myself through a diificult time with their songs. Now I went so many times to their concerts all over the worls and every time with the streets haven no name ,I see my mother laughing in heaven. So all their great songs and the spirit i feel in the band becomes U2 to the best band ever on this earth. See you @22 september in Belgium,with love Bianca
360° tour - Athens 2010
When U2 came for the first time to play in Greece (1997) i remember myself crying my eyes out (17 years old) for not being able to find a ticket After that i spend my entier college life listening to u2, collecting aricles and photos. It's been a while (!) since then and i was a bit over them and i have decided that bono couldn't be my husband (he is married after all). So when the time came for the Athens gig i was happy but calm. So i am sitting in my chair and waiting patiently for them to come out and i have no idea how they are gonna come out (i didn't want to know so i didn't watch anything in you tube). When they did came out just walking under the sound of 'Space Oddity' I remembered the pain (give me a break i was only 17) for not being able to see them and i start crying (!). It was overwhelming. They were just magnificent. And now i love them even more. Bono will u marry me ?
2001 Miami
I'm 36 and fan since I was 15, but my first time was after September 11th 2001, in Miami , the concert was too emotional, espectacular, something I can't never forget in that moment when they played Haven't found what i looking for!!! it was the last concert of the tour elevation, then I was in vertigo tour also in Miami and 360 in Tampa and of course I have tickets for the next year..yes!!!!!
1987 - Las Cruces, NM. Reconnected me wi
I was born in Dublin in the 60s but lived in the UK and USA most of my life. I had lost touch with Ireland and my heritage until I heard the Joshua Tree, while living in El Paso, Tx. in the 1980s. Something about it tugged at me reminding me I really was Irish and appreciated the most fundamental of all things Irish. I started listening to Irish pub songs and found some part of my soul stirred and elevated by the honesty and life in those songs. Then U2 visited the Pan American Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico and solidified those feelings of who I was. The main memory I have of that gig is how close the live performance sounded to the recorded version of the songs. The clarity and control of the vocals and the instruments was something I hadn't experienced in a live performance to date. Such professionalism and work ethic defines the Irish in my opinion and defines me. I've seen them several times since and have yet to be disappointed.
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