In Vancouver, as the tour opens, the band talked with Anthony Mason for CBS Sunday Morning.  



30 May, 2015
U2 vs Rolling Stones
I think it's funny that both of my favorite bands, U2 and The Rolling Stones are on tour at the same time... like Mick said to Bono years ago about competing... "oh, is this getting like Star Wars"? LOL
27 May, 2015
New Tour Hype
Bono is a showman. I appreciate U2 starting with a shorter tour this year. Houston should be on their list next year. U2 means local economic benefit to the music scene. Houston needs a scene that is not all country nor classical. They have proven that tours are who makes up the biggest fan base in the world.
27 May, 2015
Cannot see video
Why can't we see the video. Apparently the uploader has not included Canada in the viewing. Funny, the interview was in Canada to top that off!
26 May, 2015
I can play tenor saxophone for song for someone in New York. I played sax in high school and was very good. I have recently been practicing the song and it sounds great. It helps that my wife is a music teacher! I just need Two GA tickets to a show in New York!
26 May, 2015
Just great
What a great interview. Can't wait to see them Saturday in LA
26 May, 2015
The biggest, best loved and most relevant band in my heart ........always!
26 May, 2015
Love it! thank you.
26 May, 2015
Great, great ....great!
26 May, 2015
great interview
26 May, 2015
CBS Interview
Awesome! Somply AWESOME.
26 May, 2015
Loving U2 since 1982
What a great interview. Hope he can play guitar again one day soon.
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