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17 Oct 20145
'U2 The Making of Songs of Innocence', produced by iHeartRadio,  will air across the US tonight,  Friday, October 17th.

'The live broadcast event will feature an intimate interview with Bono and Larry Mullen, Jr., discussing the creative process and meaning behind the music of their new album with host, iHeartMedia personality, Rod Ryan.'

The broadcast will air across iHeartMedia's AAA, Alternative, Mainstream and Classic Rock radio stations across the country at 7/6c as well as online and on the iHeartRadio app on The Alt Project at 7pm ET and 7pm PT.

More here.
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Iheart Radio Interview on South Beach
The most incredible experience Friday night I ever had and finally met the man who inspired me with the music through my heart and mind!
Merci :) Thank you...
You made my evening marvelous.... Thank you for giving us some feedback on your new album even thou you left us hanging on when will we be able to see you .. maybe in an acustic tour only for us you special fans that always wait for your new music or any news from you all you guys are so amazing.. Love you .. always and forever :> xoxo
The new recordings and the live performances we have heard so far have been tremendous. This is a very exciting time for U2 fans all over the world. I for one appreciate the effort that the band is making to once again connect with their audience.
Looking forward to this.
I know how I'm spending my Friday evening! Looking forward to hearing Bono and Larry talk about the making of the album. The last few days have been a whirlwind of interviews and songs and I'm loving it all!
Avion Espia
It will be nice to hear Larry more often in this kind of things (Interviews, I mean)...
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11 Oct, 2021

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24 Sep, 2021

40th anniversary 12" EP on Yellow Vinyl for Black Friday.

22 Sep, 2021

'It’s tender and beautiful — somewhere between a hymn and a folk song.' A U2 playlist from broadcaster and writer John Kelly.

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