'The Sheer Face of Love...'

12 Mar 201228
'A man will rise
A man will fall
From the sheer face of love
Like a fly from a wall
It's no secret at all...'

'The Fly' is one of 22 live tracks from U2360° on the limited edition double-CD   'U22'.

You'll find the other 21 here.

This was what 'The Fly' was like in Miami in 2011. 'It's no secret at all...'

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Pappy. Actually Desire was U2's first No 1 single in Australia. But that's ok I agree with everything else you said.
I have two things to say
1. Bono and the Edge both made a mistake, and I think that's neat because they both kept playing through the song as if nothing had happened. Even though it went wrong, it was still interesting to see, and it sounded good anyway. 2. THE HAT AT THE END OF THE CLIP WAS AWESOME!!!!
Edge played the wrong part
Funny that Edge started the final solo part while the others started the last bridge ... That´s LIVE!
i love the fly as well as all of the other songs appearing on the cd. my question is this though, is it almost finished? can you put another song on to download for subscribers and resubscribers? like zooropa? the fly or out of control?
Falling from the sky
I love the great energy of that song. Especially its thunderous climax including one of the most thrilling guitar riffs amazes me. It;s no secret that I look forward to The Fly!
How long to sing this song
Another great song to add to the cd how much longer do we need to wait can't wait much more aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ;0/
Love this song, so happy I got to hear it live and that it made it to the CD. On a side not... Maybe U2.com should release something online besides what is already going to be on the CD, like Crazy Tonight (Remix), that seemed to be a signature song of the tour.
top hat!
love the claw hat at the end,,, worth watching just for that!
The blow
i still remember tuning in for the first ever screening of the video clip in 1991, still blows my mind, the dark grungy atmosphere and the Edges WICKED guitar!!!! Now my young kids are learning all the songs !!! Rock on boys
Cant wait!
I remember!
I was at the show in Miami and loved the Fly!!! It got my vote for U22! I want my CD now!!!!
I fell like a fly from the wall
It's been a while since I last listened to the audio from your website. And today, I felt really thrilled because I guess you have updated the audio section, yupi!!!! I was able to listen to the b-side of horizon and the Magnificent album, thanks guys!!! Obviously I listened to The Fly, too ;-)
The F L Y
1 9 9 1 2 0 0 1 2 0 1 1 ... Can't WAIT FOR U2 2
The Fly best song ever!!!
We love so much this song... so we play it as well as we are able to play!!! Check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBUXb3NbShA&feature=player_embedded
I was there and lovin' it
I just realized that was the last show before Bono gave the Irish Falcon to the fan in Nashville. It sure sounded sweet in that sticky Miami night.
babe mccabe
Taste is the Enemy of Art (Bono..sometim
Is this Rock & Roll? You bet! THE FLY!
the fly...
good, waiting for the new U2 left in 1991, impatient, one day I put on the headphones and listen to a guitar that I made ​​my hair stand on end at the time knew it was the new U2, that sound is just creating them ...
the fly its the best
this is a great song,,i hear when the album acthung baby comes 1991..and i said to me..this is beautifull and the song is so much power...and when i hear the rest of album i said this album goes to the history of music...for me its the best album of u2..my opinion of corse,,,,happy birthday adam clayton you still the best bass guitar all time..52 years,,born on 13 april 1960...love from portugal
The Fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this song.... when i listen to this music, I feel like running to the street and jumping and screaming... wow.... \o/ Please play The Fly in Brazil the next time.
Great Song Great Album Great Tour
Love this song (ok so I love all of their songs) Was so happy to hear this live again on the tour! Thanks Guys you did a great job, can't wait till next tour! This will have to hold me over.
1st Australian Number One Single
None of the Joshua Tree singles made Number One in Australia, surprisingly. But this wonderful, wonderful buzzing, fizzing, spitting, angry, naughty track was Australia's first U2 Number One single and that's kinda really cool! We didn't hear it in Melbourne for the 360 tour but it's great we get to keep it with U22.
Every artist is a canibal, every poet is a thief! All killed thier inspiration and sing about their grief! B~0
I hope the audio on the cd is better than the audio to this short movie....
I was there!
I so hope that "The Fly" from Miami is going to be on U22, because that was seriously the best performance I had ever heard of it. In fact, the entire Miami concert in 2011 was the greatest I had ever heard from U2.
Achtung Fly!!
I definitely agree with robinewiliams2008, my journey with U2 was the same, I started from 2000 back; so the first time I listened to it it just sounded great, then after watching Zoo TV and reading the lyrics I have to say is one of my favourites, we need something or someone to tell us the truth; that's my Fly.
'It's no secret that a song can sometime
It's awesome! But I don't think, this version should be on the CD, because in the clip above, U2 make two mistakes: Bono start singing 'A man will rise ...' right after the solo, and Edge starts the solo right after the last chorus! But it's good anyway ...
How Much Longer
Are these updates of selecting random songs supposed supposed to help with our wait for the CD! because they are not.
This is one fly you can't swat!
i first heard this song back when i was in middle school, 2000 i was 14. didn't really know what to think of it. i was familiar with songs like i will follow, where the streets have no name, with or without you. i had only listened to the best of 1980-1990 pretty much. when i listened to this son i was like what the hell is this? this isnt U2 then i fell in love with the edge's guitar solo half way through. i began listening to their other songs and have been a fan since. been a fan of U2 for 14 years and still going strong. love their stuff. even original soundtracks 1. just shows that U2 dont stick with the same material. i love the experiamental stuff they do. and the fly is right up there with it.
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