'They think it's all over...'

3 Jul 20145
With a particularly compelling World Cup underway in Brazil at the moment, we figured it was worth a reminder of where the band and the beautiful game cross over.

On the other hand, it might just be an excuse to invite you to post your comments (below) about the best team so far, the finest player... and which country will lift the trophy.

As far back as 1990, Larry Mullen Jnr produced 'Put 'Em Under Pressure', the official song of Ireland's national team when they played in the 1990 FIFA World Cup.

A little over a decade later, when the band played Slane Castle on the Elevation Tour, Ireland's victory over Holland (a vital qualifier for the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan) was shown live on giant screens ahead of the show. Bono thanked the Irish team for being 'the greatest support act we could have had'.

Around the same time, ITV's The Premiership became the UK's leading weekly football show (displacing BBC's long-runing Match of the Day) using a remixed version of 'Beautiful Day' as signature tune.

For the 2006 World Cup in Germany, FIFA invited the band to voice a series of short films promoting football across the US - each one set to a soundtrack of a U2 song. 'Once every four years a ball does the impossible...' as Bono put it.

'Once every four years a ball does the impossible...'

And finally, in a slightly different vein - from our U2.com subscription site - how could we neglect this historic footage from the Vertigo Tour when the crew had their own football tournament on the hallowed turf of Soldier Field, Chicago. Some silky skills from the 'Merchandise All-Stars' in their match against the 'Lite Weight Lighting Boys'.
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Out Of Control
Germany plays as if they were out of control and that's why they're gonna make it. Sorry Brazil, but I know I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight. Go for it, Germany!!!
we will win..........
Our dutch team is the best. Hopefully we will beat Argentina next week and then play the final against Germany. Robben is the best player of this world cup.
Can't Miss it
My older sister's boyfriend live somewhere in Germany, and his folks are definitely rooting for his country's team.
We? are One step closer to the final....
good luck Dutch football players against Costa Rica. Love and light, The Vertigo Hunter. Miss you sugar. ...
Like Ireland and Scotland...
... U2 were World Cup 2014 no-shows and the event was a little less spectacular because of it. See ya before 2018, lads?
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5 Dec, 2023

'Streets' live from the Sphere.

4 Dec, 2023

Four more U2:UV shows announced taking the desert run to forty.

3 Dec, 2023

Show nineteen at 'the sssspherical object that is the Sphere'.

2 Dec, 2023

Remembering Shane MacGowan on the first night back at the Sphere.

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