'This country is to me a sound/Of drum and bass...'

18 Nov 201719

'This country is to me a sound/Of drum and bass...'

The lyric video for American Soul, another new track from Songs of Experience. 


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Saw the boy's at th 02 last night. WOW better than ever, but sadly from what i picked up on last night from Bono, and some of the things he said, and the Journey from Innocence to Experience, which is what the tour is based on. And rumors going around, I got the feeling that this is a fair well tour. I certainly hope not. Yes the boys have come full circle, but they got a lot more to do and give to us, the loyal fans who have followed from the beginning. Yes they would be going out on a FANTASTIC HIGH. But please please don't. all the time you can lay on a tour like this, you can't chuck it in For the fans sake's You must keep going, you will always fill stadium's and arena's around the world for a new generation of U2 fan's and all the die hards. You are the "KING'S OF COOL, SO KEEP ON ROCKING" in the real world, you've achieved so so much.
The music to my soul
In my humble opinion, I prefer the videos showing you guys and/or a story behind it. However, I believe I understand why these lyrics videos are appealing to new audiences. I do hope you are coming to Mexico after your European leg, we already miss you. You are the music to my soul. I wish you came up with a video with all the photos Mr. Corbjin had taken for the cover of SoE.
"The Refugee" meets "Volcano" and a paro
This track jumped out at me during my first listen to SOE. Larry's drums and Edge's slashing guitar were somewhat evocative of "The Refugee." Then comes a very artful reprise of a piece from "Volcano" from SOI which is a nice way to tie the albums together. (Blake would approve) Now, if you are going to parody the Beatitudes, you better be right and I think Bono passes the test. ("The keys to, given ....") Politics in pop is cool provided it is done fairly, thoughtfully, and creatively. This would be my choice for a show opener - it has a sort raucous "Zoo Station" quality to it and that to me stands out as one of the best openers in U2's career.
Behind the trend of isolationism
Suddenly, I wanted to expose how I think about the current balance of international politics, especially motivated after watching the performance of "American Soul" on the last Saturday Night Live Show. I imagine it to be obvious that international relations precedes capitalism, socialism, feudalism, or any regime that is predominant in a certain cultural and ethical reality. Since it precedes any political regime, the intention of a State is to protect itself from another, or the intention of a State is to remain in advantage to each other. And I think that when one does not recognize this obvious, the discussion of multilateral interests fails. For example, this political inertia of transformations stemming particularly from the end of the Cold War was not well absorbed by emerging countries, or in countries that got the false impression that we lived in a safer world after the end of the Cold War because they were geographically isolated. This lack of knowledge of international insecurity is in check in emerging countries that have not experienced and yet do not experience any international armed conflict and that opportunely have been victimized by a curtain of lies indoctrinated by populism. However, the condition whether or not a citizen goes to a war camp is a reality in many countries, and it is not a reality limited to the superpowers. In my view, this international insecurity is in large part due to the current difficulty of promoting multilateral decisions, especially because of the unstable scenario of the economy that focuses on isolationism. The trend towards isolationism is a mask that hides the real problem. It's in question what is the relation of economic and military power of each international actor. And what brings insecurity is uncertainty whether the nation that will prevail will be peaceful or not. Behind the mask / trend of isolationism, what is in check is the new ordering of international political power. And it is important to remember that isolationism is a luxury that only great nations can enjoy, since in countries that do not have a large accumulation of internal wealth is an unsustainable act. The concept of global governance does not hold much space if it is not absorbed transparently what is actually in check by everyone. Not recognizing that we live a reordering of political power in the world is what brings the insecurity of the emergence of a superpower that can be a violent one.
Grande video number one
Io ce l'ho!!!!
È meraviglioso! Grazie!
Was this picked up off the cutting floor after SOI? Seems rushed to me.....
Love it
Can't wait to see you in Nashville in May 2018. Still the most relevant rock band period!
Prediction: this is the weakest song on
Everything U2 'needed' to say about Trump is expressed exceptionally well in Blackout and GOoYOW. These songs render American Soul totally unnecessary.
Hopefully Not AnotherLemon
Hopefully this new album will be a lot better than the last two and not Trump bashing in music form. Older fans know a good 'Bono Rant' in concert or in song lyric form. Stick to entertainment and music not politics.
Album was done, then Trump won..
and Bono feel he needs to address his thoughts about it. I wonder how Lyrically Different this new album woulda have been if Trump hadn't won? Anyway, the love of America is evident and I thank U2 for that; for matching my Love for this Country, with its ups and downs. #loveU2
Song of Experience = Amazing
From the songs I've heard so far, SOE is going to be a cracker! Well done lads!
Bring on the experience
Lovin the new tracks --cant wait to be fully experienced on 12/1!
Sounds like
VOLCANO in some parts
What a sound!!!!
What a song! What a sound! What a VOICE!!!!! EPIC!
The stallions of Dirty rock n roll. A massive tune. We want experience? They are giving it via vinyl soul. Bring it!!!!!
Looking good
Cannot wait to see you guys live in Europe :)
Pretty Good!
Just bought this track on i-tunes and it's pretty good. The refrain of course, lifted from Volcano sounds much harder and more raw. I'm liking the prospect of this album being the best the band has produced for many years. Finally we have tracks that are heavier and rock-like.
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