At the Olympia Theatre in Dublin a wonderful crowd of Irish musicians celebrated the songs of Aslan and paid tribute to Christy Dignam.

All the way from Electric Lady Studios in New York City U2 took part with a performance of Aslan's 'This Is'. As MC Guggi put it afterwards, 'That wasn't too shabby'.


30 December, 2013
Fantastisch !!!
Dieses Song ist fantastisch , ich liebe sehr ! AMAZING ! Thanks U2 <3
21 October, 2013
oh my goodness
I can feel it all over........ahhhh love....~xoxo
30 September, 2013
Still rocking
U2 looking great, sounding sooooo good!
28 September, 2013
Great to see my band all together again, can't wait for new album.!
25 September, 2013
LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 September, 2013
Thank you
It does not matter- whether it's their own songs, or someone else's, U2 are the best, only equalled by four other lads from Liverpool. Beautiful. Love and peace.
28 August, 2013
brian galea malta
its great to hear again the best ever band , come on guys now we want to hear the new album, and what about the new tours?
03 August, 2013
I've never heard of Aslan but will definately check them out. Great song can we download it somewhere???? Can't wait for the new CD, hope it's coming soon!!!!
31 July, 2013
Bring it on!
At last! I can hear Bono's voice in my ears again, brilliant record, with Bono's voice as good as ever. Bring it on guys, we are all eagerly waiting for the new album. Love you to bits guys!
29 July, 2013
Would love to be able to download this song... Haven't seen all 4 perform together in a long time.Bono's voice is a good as ever. Great version of this song!
29 July, 2013
NIce, amazing song
24 July, 2013
Simply great!
I can't believe it. Take it on the next album, please. Right after "Mercy", for example ;). The song goes around and around... So much positive energy, especially for Christy in this hard times.
17 July, 2013
Live Aid is what made me a U2 fan though over the years I probably have seen Aslan live more times than I have seen U2 live and I have seen U2 live 12 times over 6 tours and 26 years. Unfortunately an ultimate gig for me would be for both acts to be on the same billing and it has never happened. I wish Christy well and I am delighted that U2 did THIS IS, a great tune and a great version.
05 July, 2013
We miss you guys
I have listened this song so many times that I don't really remember how many. AMAZING!!!. Come on guys take out the new album. Have passed four years already. We want to hear about you, at least some studio video, a song, a single or something. Best Regards from Monterrey, Mexico. SalU2 :D
02 July, 2013
Simply amazing....
Christy is in my prayers. The guys are always so willing to help anyone in need, and they sound incredible doing so. I'm not sure how to get a hold of this but I second the notion of releasing it to raise money for cancer research and to support those left behind because of the diseases devastating consequences. Thank you to the entire band and this site for your ongoing commitment to your fans. This is an amazing cover by my favorite band and all I can say is the world is blessed to have them.
brendan roberts
30 June, 2013
This is..... U2
great song, fantastic version. For those of you who have not heard of ASLAN before check them out. Great band.
29 June, 2013
My Friend Bono.
29 June, 2013
Brilliant version of a great song, roll on the new album
29 June, 2013
Lost for words
Just can't wait for U2's next album after hearing this!!! What a voice!!! What a band!! Looking better and better every year!! Been following them for 23 years now. :-) U2 is a big part of me and my life.
28 June, 2013
Love it. I want more!
That was beautiful! I'm waiting. I want more. Can't get enough of U2. Just keep getting better and better.
28 June, 2013
Just have to say THIS IS my U2!!!!
28 June, 2013
Great Song
Fantastic cover... Bono's voice is simply wonderful... ciao a tutti! :)
The Goal is Elevation
27 June, 2013
That Old Boy Can Sing!!
Now that's singing!!!
27 June, 2013
This is such a moving, beautiful song to hear and watch U2 perform. Keep up the good work!
27 June, 2013
Awesome cover, just beautifully sang and played!!! Release it pleeeeeas!!!!!! (or maybe a subscribers download ;) )
27 June, 2013
So well done....there is obviously care and love in the effort. Can't wait to hear more from the boys!
26 June, 2013
brilliant cover just heard the very sad news that mark fisher has passed away thank you mark for 2009 360 rip mark
26 June, 2013
same voice Bono!
Meraviglious! directly I find my "old" good U2 sound , thank you for your good job! I love this song, good voice performance Bono and I'm impatient to hear the other new songs in France. Hear you soon ;-)
26 June, 2013
I just have to play it again and again and again... Though just cover, it sounds like U2 original. Please, put it as B-side to one of your upcoming singles. Awesome song, awesome sound, awesome lyrics. Good luck Christy!
25 June, 2013
They are back!
After hearing this I just can't wait for the new album. Brilliant job boys. It was fantastic.
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