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23 Apr 2010154

The editors of SPIN have ranked the most influential releases since the magazine's 1985 beginnings - and Achtung Baby comes in at No.1.

'U2's most immediately dynamic music since 1982's War, and its most emotionally frank songs to date, capturing that particular early-'90s rub of boundless possibility and worn-down despair...

'One' became an indelible anthem because it admitted 'we're not the same' but urged that we've gotta 'carry each other' nonetheless. The squalling swagger of 'The Fly' resonated due to the rock star at its center confessing he's a liar and a thief. And for 'Mysterious Ways,' the Edge somehow concocted a jubilantly snarling riff that transformed Bono's gospel come-on...'

Here's what Spin says.

So what's so special about Achtung Baby ?

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The Fly
What is Bono saying under his breath 32 seconds into the song of the Fly? My favorite song on this album is So Cruel.
That Spin magazine would give the album such a shit review upon release, yet praises it now as they number one album of the past 25 years... Oh well, they may not have any credibility, but at least they came to their senses.
1 9 9 1
U2s R evolution. I Was There ...
So Jarring
U2 might have been at the height of their powers here. To conclude the previous album with a ballad-ish song like All I Want Is You and then come back with the riff for Zoo Station was just amazing. They really did dream it all up again with Achtung Baby, pushed against the limits of all their previous albums, and sent a jarring, wake-up call to all fans that they still had plenty of creativity left.
Stunning album
An unbelievable return to form after the decidedly below par and overblown Rattle & Hum. AB will go down as their greatest achievment. Dare I say it that the one track that has not aged too well is 'One' !? Whereas Zoo Station seems too improve with age. What a belting track. I wish the band had used this track as the cue for a more experimental direction but what the heck. Subsequent albums have only fleetingly achieved comparable moments of greatness. There's still time for them to let rip and get more self indulgent. I hope that there's some kind of son of AB still to come!
For The Record
I put off deciding which U2 album is my Absolute Favourite for too many years now. Just the other night I was plowing through the production of a new artwork and had Achtung Baby thumping through my headphones as I worked. I realised once and for all that the ultimate toss up between Joshua Tree & Achtung Baby lands easily with A.B. The Joshua Tree sounds like an ancient seed pod bursting into life and growing quickly towards The Light. Achtung Baby bares the Metaphysical Fruit of an adult tree in the prime of its life - knowing no limits. Achtung Baby absolutely ROCKS! Thankyou Paul, Dave, Larry & Adam - you set My Heart & Soul on fire with those magnificent sounds. Blessings to you ♥☼†
The Unforgettable Fire
The Unforgettable Fire was U2 best album, that made them into what they are today the worlds best band. After the Unforgettable Fire come The Joshua Tree then No lines on the Horizen,
Best album of the 90's
I love this album because of the variety of sounds of the songs. You got the great vibes of Mysterious Ways and Until The End of The World, and the Beauty songs like One and Ultraviolet. Classic greatness:D
Always Appropriate
Why is this album #1? Because this album is always appropriate. No matter what your mood, where you are, what you are doing, this album contains something fitting. It is emotional, straightforward, heart wrenching, honest, and at times brutal. It tells us to "Dream Outloud." Who can contest that?
It deserves No.1
Hmmm, it is hard to decide: War, Joshua Tree, NLOTH..... Achtung Baby is my 'stranded on a deserted island' pick. That album showed fans and critics alike that the boys are HUMAN. Dark, sexy, spiritual, brilliant. So Cruel, Acrobat, and Love is Blindness; there isn't one song that doesn't belong on AB. Haters who complain that U2 has sold out, (oh please, like you wouldn't take the money- don't get me started!) and younger fans need to listen to this album.
Tough Choice
The first album I ever bought was Under a Blood Red Sky. I have Joshua Tree on LP, Cassette and Disc. Achtung Baby, blew everything else that year out of the water. With the exception of "Pop" I can't think of any of their albums I would want to go with out
this is my favorite U2 album. What surprised me is Joshua came in at # 62 and none of their last three albums even made the list. Acrobat
Achtung Lisbon
Sometimes i read that So Cruel or Love Is Blindness shouldn't be a part of Achtung Baby, but i love those two songs like the rest of the others. This album for me it´s a piece of art and only makes sense with all it´s chapters included. About the SPIN's rank, it´s only a question of justice and good reasoning. Love this álbum forever...
dreaming it all up again.....?
I personally feel u2's last few records have been very similar, safe, popular rock albums and therefore not very exciting and nor pushing any boundaries! When Achtung Baby came on the scene it was an explosion of daring noise and electrifying riffs, pushing every musical boundary there is and therefore exciting all and sundry!!! I feel at the moment u2 need to re-create the 1989 new years Lovetown tour closing line, and go away and dream it all up again, again! u2 are at their best when they are being 'egotistic' trying new things and re-writing the rock hymn book - so guys please quit the safe rock and give us more achtung rock!!!!!!
father ted
acthung baby
that was when it was all about the music and not the money
I always have had the dilema, which is the best U2 album; Joshua or Achtung. I havent gotten the answer yet, since i love them both and each one has its own atmospheric style. Achtung Baby has that modern sound that is also typical of that era.
Beginning of a Journey
I love "Achtung, Baby" because I became a U2 fan during the Zoo TV tour. Before that, I liked U2 but didn't understand why people were so crazy for them. As a performer myself, I had given up on my own career. After seeing U2 live in Hershey, I was inspired not only to keep going as a performer but in just about every other area of my life. That concert, and the album, represent one of the biggest defining moments of my life.
Natalie Brady
I loved U2 way before Achtung but this CD is just the most magnificent of all. Still is today. Achtung blew me away 19 years ago and is still my most played CD now. It's timeless, brilliant and a classic. The best album by anyone. You can't beat The Fly and Until the End of the World. And the whole extravaganza that went with it was fantastic. No one could pick any other album to be No. 1.
Achtung Baby
Almost 20 years later, it's still my favourite CD ever.
You're Dangerous
The first minute of Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses. The whole song is amazing, but that opening hooked me when I was a young teenager (15 years ago). And I have not gone practically a single day without U2's music being part of my life in some way or another since then.
out standing
still to this day an album thats as fresh and alive as the first day of release. this album will never age or go stale. the bands best work by a mile. From were the journey really started . DOM WALSH ,LIMERICK CITY IRELAND
This album came out when i was getting was the first concert I ever went to sober....still am sober!!! I sing the songs from this album all the time...So beautiful to listen to ...from the heart like music should be
Blows Me Away Every Time
When I listen to Acrobat and Ultraviolet, it never fails to blow me away...again and again....all of Achtung is amazing. Gives me chills every time.
I loved this album from the day it was released,its my favourite , Its got One, Until the end of the world,The Fly , Ultravoilet, just great live and a hidden jem Acrobat . Zoo Tv Tour was the first time I saw U2 live so that was very special tour.
hey, baby!
putting this one in my grave with me
Endless Deep
AB was the musical journey that got me hooked as a wallowing 14 year-old still recovering from my parents' divorce. Spanning everything from wonderment to irreverent joy to pained hypocrisy, the album was everything I needed to hear and more - and still is whenever I go back to it. I still find particular meaning and beauty in the linked themes between Acrobat and LIB at the end. The only thing that could possibly make AB's legacy more meaningful in my life at present is to see Love is Blindness or The Fly make appearances in the 360 setlist.
My Favourite
Not just the best ablum by U2, but my favourite album of all time. I was 17 when it came out. In the 80s it was like growing up in black and white with cold war, recession, Maggie Thatcher. When Achtung Baby came out and the 90s really started, it like discovering colour.
baby baby baby light my way.....I listen to it everyday, makes me think of my secret and unfortunately not returned love....
The best
The music, the sound, the Berlin setting, it's for me the best U2 album and therefore the best overall album of all time. Ever wondering why many fans ask for Acrobat to be played live? Just listen to it on this album.
The Best
this is the ONE....
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