'Top Touring Artist'

22 May 20118
The day after U2360° arrived back in the US the band accepted the Billboard award for Top Touring Artist.

On a beautiful, balmy evening in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada  will.i.am introduced the band as 'The most important group in music, my friends and inspiration... U2.'

Here's some highlights of what the band had to say.

Bono: 'Some of the greatest music is made quietly. You can make classic albums in your bedroom, you can play the greatest show of your life on a one string guitar... but we just don't do that.'

Larry: 'I'd like to thank our crew. I'm embarassed to say I don't know all of their names... But they leave their homes and families to put up and tear down our spaceship, our claw.  It's been our home for the last two years and we want to thank them for that.'

Adam added that he thought the stage looks  like a children's toy while  Edge finished up by saying that his favourite part of the show every night is 'when they turn all of that shit off and we get to feel like we're alone with our audience.'

More news on the evening and quotes from the band over at the Billboard site.
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well deserved
Congrats! You guys definately earned it, There has never been a tour like the 360 tour. Truly fantastic! Biggest and best tour ever by the biggest and best band ever!!!!!!
In fact, you all are doing an excelent job! The 360 Tour is outstanding! Congrats to all crew that makes possible the concert, the sound, the music, the dream ... You all are fantastic!!!! Simone from Brazil.
Had I known they were going to be on there, I would have actually watched!!! (Every year that show gets worse and worse!)
Conratulations my best band on the world
Congratulations from Mexico City!!! The Best Band, The Best Tour... of all times!!!
Bravo Larry!!!!
Thanking the crew, and appreciating their hard work. Very Classy!
Ric Mondragon
Well Deserved!
Another visual and musical spectacle that pushes the envelope for rock music live performances. See you in L.A.!
Congrats U2!!
Seeing the band get that award was the best part of the entire Billboard Music Awards. What will.i.am said is 100% true, you guys are the most important band in music many of the artist at the awards should watch and learn from U2 to see what real music actually is. I am going to get the pleasure of seeing this fantastic tour twice in July in Montreal and Moncton. It will be my first time seeing U2 and I can hardly wait to experience U2 360!!!!
Congratulations, U2!
I am happy that U2 received the Billboard award, because with the extraordinary 360 Tour they created an amazing live show that the world has never seen before. The 360 concept was something new and innovative that intensified the great connection between band and audience. U2 including the whole crew did such an outstanding work that added another memorable chapter to U2;s history. The beautiful statements of Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam characterize this tour so perfectly!
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