Totally Staged

21 Oct 20099
In Norman, Oklahoma, they know how to pay tribute to a groundbreaking rock'n'roll touring show. It goes straight to their heads.

She saw the show in Tampa, she got inspired:'I just had to make one.'

Which raises an interesting question: what kind of other fashion accessories can you see emerging from the 360 production? Let us know below. (The less practical the better.)

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Came from Colorado to OK to see the most
I love the hat! I thought this would be my only chance to see U2 so I flew my hubbie, daughter and her best friend to Norman and OMG the concert was so incredible....VIP dinner was so cool and then to see my alltime .... but man can they rock! I will never forget this night a concert of a lifetime for me and my fam....and this morning I heard they are coming to Rockymtnhigh.....thank you guys for coming to DENVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! presale yeah....can't wait!
Mothership is awesome
First time at U2 concert and it was very exspensive, no joke. but it was simply amazing, beautiful, and totally freakin wonderful. Can't wait for my next U2 concert so keep jamming. Love Ya.
U bet we pay tribute!
U2 rocked it in Norman and we will never forget this most memorable night under the "stars that shine through the universe" with four awesome men playing their hearts out for 60000 plus! We love u and will always adore the night you spent with us. THANK U!!!!
So Proud!!!
She's my sister I watched her make the hat. She's been a diehard fan since the bands beginnings. Go Shawlie!! Love your hat!!! "Hat Girl"
I Saw Her
I stood about 20 feet from her at the concert. Great show!!!
Norman, OK
I am still feeling all warm and fuzzy from that chilly night in Norman, Oklahoma. Thanks for a wonderful evening fellas.
I was....
I was standing right beside her waiting for the band to arrive. It was the best show EVER!!
She can start a businness now :D
I want one! lol i want my future house to be inspired by that design
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