Remember The Trabants?

16 Jul 200927
On Saturday the band arrive at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the city where they made Achtung Baby at the beginning of the 1990's. Anyone remember... the trabants?

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Zoo Memories
Wow--that really brings it all back to me! I fell in love with Achtung Baby! and U2 in 92 and saw Zoo TV in St. Louis in Sep 92--I had never seen anything like it and was just in awe--seeing the Trabbies suspended in the original Busch stadium was surreal. Here it is almost exactly 17 years later and I just saw the 360 tour in Chicago--another awe-inspiring moment with "The Claw". Thanks Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam! You always lift my spirits.
ACHTUNG: From Mexico to Zoo Station in B
I saw the Trabis during the Tour in Mexico and in Germany. See you again in Berlin...and in Amsterdam! I wish to hear Acrobat!
Martin Pala
Achtung Berlin !
My three friends and I are going tomorrow by one car through mysterious ways from Prague, the Czech Republic and cannot wait seeing (and of course hearing:-) U2 again plus enjoying the atmosphere of the city where a brilliant U2 album was born. We are staying overnight and plan to visit some interesting places (not only zoo station). We are sure that tomorrow's concert will be even better than the real thing and will love U2 until the end of the world:-). Martin
Berlin - here we go
Achtung Baby and the Zoo Tv tour what a great record and what a show. Tomorrow we are coming from Copenhagen, Demark to see a new welt class performance from the 4 lads. Ultra Violet(Light my way)- can't wait. Midnight, is where the day begins.... See y'all in Berlin Greetings from Copenhagen Michael
Absolutely Fantastic
I thought about the trabants since I read, that there will be a berlin-gig again. Can't wait for tomorrow. The Zoo-TV-Tour was so fantastic, outstanding and innovative that I love the memory so much, that I can't describe it. Tomorrow will be fantastic, i'm excited and really can't wait to get in the car and do the 500 Km. Pleeeeeaaaase - play "As white as Snow". Plllleeaaaaaaaaaaasssse!!!!! See you tomorrow!!! Cheers; Micha.
cleared to begin orbit
mission control to U2 you have been cleared to begin orbiting your home town, landing site croke park is ready... see you in a week boys... please open saturdays dublin show with magnificant
I remember that moment as "one" of the most exciting: for the album and songs(breaking sounds ad words), for videos and picture (i didn't recognise Edge woman's dressed!), for tour (the first one where all five senses were involved) where Trabants become animated!
I fly from Nottingham tonight to watch. Achtung Baby is favourite U2 album and thats wht I've chose to come to Berlin and see the boys rather than waot for England. I agree with Goethe, please play Stay (Faraway So Close)... A fantastic song & great video of Berlin.
Zoo Station
Yeah, never saw the tour...too young they say I was at that time :S I really really hope to hear Zoo Station played tomorrow in Berlin! Please :)
berlin station!
Flying tonight from the Netherlands to Berlin. Love to see U2 playing in the city where they recorded one of the best albums ever. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope they play some extra songs from Achtung Baby in Berlin. I have very beautifull memories thinking on that album. See ya saterday evening!
The Fly
Do i ever remember! Achtung Baby the most rocking album of the 90's! And still rocking. Great videoclips made in Berlin. It's a shame they won't play the fly, one of my favourates. A few days and the A'dam Arena is rocking. I cann't hardly wait.
Zoo TV spotlights
One of the coolest things about Zoo TV was the trabants hoisted up on a big mechanical arm with the headlights as spotlights. I haven't seen anything that cool since then at a show. Zoo TV was the greatest tour set I've ever seen. I can't pass judgement on 360 yet because I have tix to Chicago.
Women's clothes
I am ok with the Trabants but just hope that U2 are not returning in women's clothes!
T E L E V I S I O N !!!!!!!!!!!!! how could anyone forget Zoo TV, adams bleached mohawk? MirrorballMan? Mr MacPhisto?!? - adams Zoo station bass line turning stadiums into giant parties... I Gotta go, I'm runnin outta change
Memories of ZOO
This takes me back to some awesome times -U2 captured remarkable moments in history without taking themselves too seriously! Loved that tour! See you in Dublin!
ACHTUNG Baby ! !
I believe that every U2 real fan remember very good the ZOO TV TOUR. I love that tour. Now the 360 Tour will be in Germany and We will remember were achtung baby born. This new tour has a big moment when the band sings "Ultra Violet". It is a very strong and melodic song. Well, I am waiting the band to see the 360 Tour, cheers, Luiz.
Trabants on stage
Germany welcomes U2, Hansa Studios is a majestic place. We would need a trabant on stage Saturday or Even Better Than The Real Thing in The Set. See You in Berlin!
The Best of the Best
Unbelievable!! Awesome!! These are just few of the words that can describe the Four Gods' from Ireland show at Stade de France, Paris last Saturday. Me and my friend came all the way from Thessaloniki, Greece to watch the show and it was most definitely worth it! Can you believe that I was actually waiting for this moment 12 years?! It was September of 1997 when U2 came to Thessaloniki and I couldn't be at the show, but I watched it on a video wall just outside the city. That's why the concert in Paris was of a great importance to me as I've been expecting it for so long and misfortune had it that I wasn't present in any of the shows after PopMart Tour... Keep helping us Breathe... Ariadne
So wish...
I wish was old enough to have seen them on the Zoo TV tour... Still, Achtung was the album that got me into 'em at age 10, so makes me smile. Is - and will always be - their best album.
Istanbul - Berlin
We are flying from Istanbul tomorrow! We have been waiting for sooooo long. See you!
How could I forget
Those were the days...watching this video brought back a lot of memories, and tears to my eyes!
Yes, I remember very well trabant. I am from Bulgaria and here are still moving in the streets
Ab 1990 bis 2009
Hallo (hello), es ist klärer auf English/it's clearer in English :-) The Trabants, were small cars producted in Zwickau (town, in the former East Germany). They were among the symbols, of the German Democratic Republic. After the Wall's falling, and "die Wende", the phase when Germany become a unique Nation again, the factory closed down. As imaginable, Trabants were really unsatisfying, compared by runabout cars created in West Europe. * Coming back to the U2 venue tomorrow, I watched the first date in Milan. I'm in Berlin to meet friends, and to watch the U2 at Olympia Stadion :-). I really hope they will play the jewel "Stay", from the Wender's Film "So far so close", and "Zoo Station" (from the fantastic "Achtung Baby"). Both songs, are so too much connected with this special city! If they will not play them... gig will be fantastic as always :-) Wishing Fun and Feelings to everybody!
Cant believe it was that long ago,great era for the band,they needed that change after the joshua tree,so did we as fans,thats were they learned re-invention still doing it today,come on berlin get behind the boys,your in for one hell of show..Best ever.
Achtung Baby
My favorite and the most powerfull album!!! That times' Berlin made this ulbum so dark, deep and misterious. I beg you played Acrobat and So Cruel guys!! BTW: Ultraviolet is fantastic in this tour but I was a bit disippointed with Mystirious Ways-as it lacked sexyness and edge's solo, actually it needs to be more worked up.
Can't wait :-) Driving from Denmark tomorrow - not in a Trabant ;-) Denise
U2's finest hour
When the band were at their absolute peak, producing probably their best piece of work and undoubtedly their finest tour, Zoo TV. Fantastic memories.
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