Two Hearts Beat As One

31 Aug 2022148

"The morning of our wedding day, August 31, 1982, I finally left home…"

It was forty years ago that Bono and Ali got married and to celebrate this special milestone, here's another original animation drawn from Bono’s forthcoming memoir "SURRENDER."

Watch the animation and in the comments below send your good wishes to Ali and Bono.

This striking short film created with Bono's hand-drawn illustrations is another great insight into "SURRENDER: 40 Songs, One Story," which will be published on November 1 and is available for preorder now using the links below.

"Two Hearts Beat As One", written on Ali & Bono’s honeymoon, is a song with special meaning for both of them.


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Best wishes
Happy Anniversary Bono and Ali! My husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary this year on May 15th. Where did the time go? This anniversary has left me a bit melancholy. All the things I wanted to do, travel, finally be able to go to a U2 concert, bring my husband to Nova Scotia so he can see where his crazy wife is from and to finally go to Ireland to see the places my Granddads spoke of with so much love. Maybe find the store where one of my Granddads made shoes in Dublin......... Maybe someday.... Dear Bono and Ali May the next year be filled with love and unexpected blessings. With love Wendy
Very touching
The simple way of telling this love story is very touching to me. I think that Ali is and always was your secret weapon, Bono. And it lets me think and hope that my wife is also mine :-).....we still have a long way, we have only been married for 5 years....
Matter of honor
“Marriage is a matter of honor. Marriage is a struggle. Sometimes it's just a fight with yourself. Marriage necessarily has a touch of heroism. In war, loyalty endures even in defeat, or even in disgrace. It is precisely at the moment when the flag is about to collapse that loyalty is owed. This principle already applies to the national flag. It is, therefore, a matter of knowing whether or not it is a wise attitude to apply it to the family […]”.G. K. Chesterton
Paul + Alison ❤
Can't wait to see the new book! I ordered the hardcover version and the audio book! Congratulations on 40 years, Paul and Alison! Love you guys ❤
Congrats...and we need a tour!!
I mean we really, really need a tour!
Love is bigger….
A late congratulations to you both!
Infinite wishes and congratulations for your happy union and may it last as many years! Small intertwined note: is there hope that the book will also be translated into Italian?
Hold on to love
These drawings are very nice and well done! Bono and Ali, congratulations for your special and longtime marriage. Together you have shared so much like family, public life, activism and much more. May love always light your way and continue to give you a harbour in the tempest. I wish you many more wonderful years together!
Love is the power of all things. Congratulations to 40 years!
many more years in your both life. enjoy the love.
Many years!
A belated congratulations and wishes for many happy years to come!
Best wishes!
I hope your love never end. Be happy together the rest of your lives.
Happy birthday Ali&Bono
What an example for all of us to succeed in preserving one's intimate life while giving so much to one's fans. I am in awe!
Best toasts
All the best!! Come to Perugia (IT) as my guests for a the best toasts of your life!!
Here's to never being too haughty for how else can we hope to reach forty? By grace and glue from up above in praise of you, surrendered unto Love x
Happy 40th Anniversary Bono and Ali with many more to come! Beautiful story and drawings - so lucky to have met your soulmate so young. Still looking for mine - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For is the theme song to my life. PS. I loved Bono's hair in the 80's.
God Bless You the Hewson Family
Happy Belated Anniversary,
It takes strong souls and a lot of God’s Grace to hold on to your commitment, especially when the outside world tries to tear you apart. Congratulations on 40 years of love, tears, trials and bliss.
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Bono and Ali on 40 years from your Welsh fans...Andy and Rachel
A couple of days late
Although I did wish you two Happy Anniversary on my Facebook page on the day, I'll send them to you here all the way from Texas. Thank you, Ali, for giving us Bono. He's changed my life and saved it more than once with his and the band's music and his faith and his Bono-ness. Forty is a good number (the Psalm and the song come to mind). But I wish you many more decades together. Thanks for showing the world what a good marriage looks like, what faithfulness looks like, even in the crazy world of rock-and-roll. Blessings to you both. Stacy A
Happy anniversary Bono and Ali
Best wishes to you
Extraordinary! Congratulations Paul and Ali! Thanks for your testimony, great example and Love! ❤️ May God bless you always! From Italy. ❤ #InJesus
Happy 40th Anniversary!
Congratulations!!! My love for both!!! From Argentine. Walter
Happy Anniversary to cousin and wife❤
Happy Anniversary, B & A, from your American relatives! Many more happy years to you! Much love to you both!
Happy 40th
I wish you a very Happy 40th Anniversary¡¡¡ Amazing couple¡¡¡ Regards from Madrid
Cool man.
What a super story teller, could listen to him talk about his life over the last 60 plus year's, amazing he is.
Made me smile!
Love your drawings Bono, and descriptions emitting the feelings of the day. One of my most favorite U2 songs too. Happy Anniversary! May you have many more. When all else is gone, we are left with love.
True one
Congratulations as you have shown True love last a life time if you both want it stay strong and keep it going one love
My beloved BONO
ey Bono, it's impressive all the goals that you have achieved in your whole life. But most importantly this milestone, wowww 40 years of marriage with the woman you love, (the beautiful Ali). And you both were able to build such an amazing family. Congrats on this, and for everything you have done in the Rock & Roll music. You have been my everything along my whole life! U2 has been with me every step of my life, since I was 13th years old and I saw you on the TV during the gig of the Red Rocks singing Sunday Bloody Sunday, I fell in love with you!! And I said, who is this band? I want to understand the lyrics, so I began studying english in my home town, Mar del Plata here in Argentina. And my dream came true when you came here for the first time in 1998, with the Pop Mart Tour, I had been moved years ago to Buenos Aires. I still live here, but I also accomplished another goal (dream), and I travelled to Dublin on November 2015 to see you live in the 3Arena, and I stepped to your home in Killiney Beach (Dalkey). Your songs save my life. Thank you so much for everything. Congratulations again on your 40th anniversary. This couple rock!! Love you! MARU FROM ARGENTINA.
Amazing 40!!
Happy anniversary to you two!! <3
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