'Two Hearts...' in the Garden

28 Jul 2015

Sixth night at Madison Square Garden and after The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone), the miracle of this. 

'I don't know, I don't know which side I'm on.
I don't know my right from left or my right from wrong.
They say I'm a fool, they say I'm nothing
But if I'm a fool for you oh, that's something...

Two Hearts Beat As One, played for only the second time in thirty years and Superfan Sil from Brazil was elated, having mentioned it to the band several times in different cities.

'Thank you for playing 2 Hearts, the song that made me a fan 32 years ago' @popartist61

'#U2 played Two Hearts Beat As One @TheGarden for the 1st time since '89 and my Twitter is blowing up.' @MickiMaynard

Another one to tick off the fan-driven #U2Request campaign from earlier in the year. 'You happy?' asked Bono after that surprise. 'This is not a Monday. It's Saturday night. It's a privilege to share the stage with these three brothers..'

With I Will Follow we heard that Larry 'gave us our first job, sure to be our last' and that Edge 'could have been a cosmologist... where would we be without him?'
This is a band of brothers.. and sisters, added Bono before Iris, noting that Anton Corbijn is in the house who always said that Adam was the best-looking band member in a ballgown...

Down on the 'e'stage Amp was back up for Mysterious Ways - can't keep a good guy down, he was on stage in Vancouver  - and then Ignacio from Chile, the coolest man in the house, slipped on a guitar to play Angel Of Harlem and recite some Pablo Neruda poetry... born for the stage  by the look of it. (And turns out his sister got up on stage at the opening night in NYC).

Shout out to Joey Ramone in Beautiful Day and 'Julian Lennon right in front of you...' and then this.
'Somebody stepped inside your soul
Somebody stepped inside your soul
Little by little they robbed and stole
Till someone else was in control...

The Troubles, back in the set, first time since Montreal.

All in all turned out to be another fine night, just as good as the previous one which special guest Lady Gaga evidently enjoyed too. 

'Thanks for letting me sit in last night guys @U2 , thanks for ripping with me in the garden. That was special, plus I love Irishmen.'

Were you at the sixth show in New York City?  What were the moments you will never forget, the surprises you could barely take in? Add your own reviews and post your own photos here.


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