'U2 At The BBC'

14 Dec 201721

'U2 At The BBC'

'You can always find us in old vinyl stores… it's like discovering your adolescence again.' 

Adam and Edge in São Paulo with Cat Deeley, part of next week's TV special, 'U2 At The BBC'.

The programme features the band performing at Abbey Road Studios in London, complete with choir and orchestra -  including this very fine version of  'All I Want Is You'.
U2 At The BBC, BBC 1, Tuesday December 19th, 9pm

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Also a big fan of the vinyl...still have my collection from over 30 years ago...love the SOI and SOE vinyl sets which i purchased and admire...colors are an amazingly different concept...but i must say i finally received my Joshua Tree gift and omg Just brilliant...the past and present pics on each side...just love it!!!...thank you...was well worth the wait!!!
So its universal, never any cash
Best gift 2018
Whats going on? My inspiring music is here. Thanks U2 for this 2018 gift!!! LoveU2
So Amazing !!!
Incredibly dreamed, epic, full of passion. It reaches my soul, there in the deepest. The decades pass and U2 is still U2, the best band in the universe.
An hour was far to short, I’m sure they edited the whole thing to fit the hour , please play part two the cutting on the floor version. Saying all that it was good to get abit of U2 on the tele
Simply thank you
I have followed you all since the mid 80’s. I remember discussions with my friends about who was the best bad live. I always championed your corner....even though I had actually never seen you live. Your songs were the soundtrack to my youth. My youth? My life. And finally, in 2017, in your homeland, at Croke Park...I saw you live. I saw you perform The Joshua Tree. And at that moment, now aged 49, I was 18 again. And I was thrilled. And my heart pounded. And I loved each and every one of you guys for giving me back those precious moments I hope to see you again... very soon. To get those magical feelings back again. But until then, I just want to say THANK YOU. With big love to you all. Nicky xxxx
That was a great show, the performance of Love is Bigger than... at the end just had me in tears remembering so much of the journey. Brilliant.
Great show. The orchestrations and choir worked really well. Does anyone know how many tracks they actually played? All I want is you was cut from the airing. Would love the full show as a fan club gift?
U2 at the BBC
Amazing programme ,tonight .Loved it and a great choice of songs. Reading the comments on Twitter seems others agree. Show has had a fantastic response (mainly)! . Great to see positive comments for once! Well done guys x
Thanks for this Christmas gift, U2!
This broadcast brought me to a place of great HOPE as the season and year comes to ends as well as tears and smiles throughout! I feel like a pool of melted butter on the floor after viewing it today! Bravo, U2 and everyone involved in the making of U2 At The BBC!
a great watch seeing the guys relaxed and performing was amazing
I've been a fan for 30 years. At the end of the rattle and hum tour the band said they needed to go away and reinvent themselves. They did that in spectacular fashion. I think they need to do that again! So generic :( very disappointed. Edge is pretty ageless though!
U2 at the BBC
The show is amazing after 40 years you can see the love you have for each other most marriages don't last that long, keep going guys forever you bring some many people love hope strength and happiness
Abbey road BBC...
Fantastic to hear old and new favourites played with an orchestra...who would've thought....it added so much more to already great music that U2 do so brilliantly...and Bono's vocals holding up against them well...loving the choir in some songs ...so lovely to hear vocals from both melding so well..
Good taste in music edge/adam
Looking forward to seeing this whole documentary
A must see
Great fun, thanks! And Adam, so cool.
we were expecting you to!
Nice to see Sean Connery working behind the record shop counter, retirement plan going well!
U2 are down to earth people. Love is big
Love is bigger then anything in its way . Kicked back in my u2 shirt playing this song like to hear it live what you think ?
no such thing as vinyl
like old bookstore's... there is a smell of a sort of ,well.. you name it. i feel at home.
U2 at the BBC......
Looks great 9 year daughter got a tv set up programme reminder to watch....I took her too her first gig....Ths Joshua Tree Paris 2017 she's well and trully a new wee fan
More Adam/Edge please
The trailer looks amazing. Cannot wait. We need a weekly Adam / Edge video.. shopping for clothes, guitars... They’re a great double act. Please make it happen.
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