U2 Ignite Electrical Storm in Istanbul

6 Sep 201023
Turkey has fallen in love with U2 these past few days. Tonight the band is on track to break concert attendance records at the Olympic Stadium in Istanbul as part of the city's celebrations for European Capital of Culture. U2 walked across the famous Bosphorus Bridge yesterday - where Europe meets Asia.
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I love this photo of LARRY and THE EDGE.....ASIA / EUROPE simply beautiful .... I love it. Thank you for that. loveandpeace83 (U2--FOREVER^^)
Magic U2!!!
When I've been in Istanbul I fall in love with it too!Special place, special people and nice music...Watch U2 concert in Istanbul is unique and magic as U2 are!.Have always nice great days all over the world.Bye Wanda Fischetti.
Great Photo
I would love to buy a large poster of Larry & Edge on that bridge... it's just amazing!
Great Performance on Mothers Of The Disa
Dear Bono, The performance on Mothers Of The Disappeared was spectacular!!!Especially dedicating the song to "Fehmi Tosun" and announcing his name on the stage was such an emotional moment.Both me and my wife cried.I never herd this man's story although i am living in Turkey.But after you pointed it out in 97 i have made a research and found out about it .It was a real slap to our face to wake up.Unfortunately he is not the only one.He is one of the 17,000. CIVILIAN people who either disappeared and never herd of or killed by civilian dressed police officers and those killers never found of. All these people were executed either on their way to work or back to their home.Thank god we don't have these matters anymore since 2003..I am sure your attention and support on this matter helped greatly to stop these actions.Thank you so much!And thanks for remembering all those people in the name of Fehmi Tosun.And thanks for reminding all the artists such as singers,actors,etc their responsibility on matters of all people and making an outstanding example! See you again in Istanbul!!
Istanbul has won my heart
Beautiful city, beautiful people, amazing show... U2 there or not I'll certainly be visiting again.
If someone with powers over the set is reading this please, please, please, U2 I need to hear Electrical storm and Ulatraviolet in Munich... and i know that noone else would mind hearing those amazing songs...
Mothers Of The Disappeared
The live performance of the song was amasing and it was very emotional remembering fehmi tosun who is one of tousands of people that "disappeared". We ll hope they wont be anymore ppl missing again nowhere in the world.
Sitting & waiting in a storm in the car-rider line to pick up my 8 yr. old daughter from school & I'm watching this clip on my phone. Magical is all I can say. Thanks for the new & improved site & please keep the clips, pics, interviews, etc. coming for the fans. We love hearing from you! Cheers from a more than soggy afternoon deep in the <3 of Texas. :o) ~Terri
Don't leave Turkey U2 please...
It was so nice having my heroes in my country Turkey,please come back again...
Electrical Storm
Rock and Roll stopping the traffic again. Thanks for the video. And please bring Electrical Storm back next year in the US!
Istanbuuuul, I was just at the front of
We met with U2 at the city where the continents meet last night. It was an excellent show and hope the next show to be at the Inonu Stadium by the Bosphorus next time.. Zulfu Livaneli was a great suprise. Also we, the Turkish U2 fans strongly protested the goverment on behalf of the politician Egemen Bagis when Bono announced his name. Thank you U2 for that amazing night.
Electricity around U2
So many people following y'all! I remember that bridge from the 1970s, and it was hard to believe the significance. Probably still is. I see there is a guy leaning out of a car wearing a Türkiye jersey on his way to the Basketball Word Cup. But the tour seems to move too fast to stop in to watch a game. Really, this website has improved so much. This is almost as good as the www.bobdylan.com site, now. Will y'all be adding the fun rotating earth?
Hearts and Minds
Still, Walk On Bono, Edge, Larry, and Adam. Still with you now With all the Hearts and Minds Back to Love with Love from Atl Lisa you look Beautiful. Keep on
Love, I Love this!! Everything......
Moving forward...
Such a good video! U2 just keeps on moving forward, and bringing me along ... Thanks for the ride!
I was there
All I Want Is You 2
Where Asia Meets Europe
I love the video clip. The boys look G-R-E-A-T! :~)
Very Cool
What can I say, it gives me the chills how U2 is a global craze...here's to a successful tour in Europe, Austraila and cant wait to see the boys in 2011 in the USA!!!!
i cannot belive ive been in turkey the past 2 weeks, and i leave same time U2 arrive!! it would be amazing to see them in such an amazing country!
For love and only love
It is so great that U2 perform in the wonderful city of Istanbul where eastern and western culture meet. U2 is a band with the willingness to break down all sorts of barriers and limitations and the walk across the Bosphorus Bridge is the first step to a deeper connection with Turkey. Maybe U2 and their Turkish fans will see colours that have never been seen!
Great Place for Photo Shoot
Bridges are so symbolic. Excited to learn about how the great evening.
Walk on Boysl
There is no stopping ye now, love and peace all the way to China.
Electrical Storm
I had no idea about that bridge. Very cool. Looks like a lot of fun!
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