'U2: Live At The Apollo'

14 Apr 202155

'U2: Live At The Apollo'

This double CD set, bookending a beautiful photo booklet, is now in production.

We'll be emailing our 2021 subscribers with news on the first tracks available to download - and estimated dispatch times for the physical release.

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U2 – Live at the Apollo

1. I Will Follow
2. The Electric Co. 
3. Out Of Control 
4. Red Flag Day
5. All Because Of You
6. Vertigo 
7. Elevation
8. Beautiful Day 
9. Pride (In the Name of Love)
10. Get Out Of Your Own Way
11. American Soul
1. Angel of Harlem 
2. Desire
3. When Love Comes To Town 
4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
5. Every Breaking Wave 
6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
7. Love is Bigger Than Anything in its Way

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Like going back in time 81 Liverpool England small venue first threes songs brilliant band full of energy
U2 Subscription Renewal and Sign Up
Fantastic gifts, on top of gifts. U2 is the ultimate global band we all love, a musical legacy unmatched, putting their hearts into all they do, and we feel it, and love you back forever.
U2 Amazing
the best band in the world
great set
CD 01 is the best of the set
Might be the BEST one yet!
What an incredible night. We were so blessed to be able to attend.! Can’t wait for this amazing gift. It might be the best one yet!
Fan club gift
So looking forward to this amazing gift, also the rsd issue of fire,
YES!!. I’m excited!! & I cant wait!!.
What a set list.
Looking so forward to my stuff and ass this to my collection. I really am looking forward to the face mask as I return to the the office 5/17. The set list is incredible.
Amazing Gift
Great gift but I wish before U2 ends they could do a Live At Royal Albert Hall with a obscure song from each album and b-sides (Dream setlist: A Day Without Me, Tomorrow, Drowning Man, Promenade, Red Hill Mining Town, Heartland, Acrobat, Babyface, If God Will Send His Angels, When I Look At The World, Miracle Drug, Stand Up Comedy, The Troubles, The Little Things That Give You Away - Encore: North And South Of The River, Holy Joe, Luminous Times, Walk To The Water, Two Shots Of Happy, One Shot Of Sad, Mercy, Lady With Spinning Head, Slow Dancing, Sweetest Thing, Love Comes Tumbling and Everlasting Love... a 'little bit' difficult but who knows... lol
Best Night Ever!!!
Love to see U2 live and always dreamed to see them up close and personal. This concert was AMAZING! The band was on fire. The audience was on fire. I felt like the luckiest person on earth that night. And to top it off: Angel of Harlem!!! No words!!!! Love love love. Can't wait to hear it again.
I’d love to get this, but I haven’t owned a CD player for 10 years. U2, please find a way to collaborate/partner with a streaming station or DRM downloads provider, so that we can get this digitally.
Love it
Downloaded the three tracks. Fantastic audio quality. Looking forward to hearing the full show!
it's a win
great setlist
Thank you
looks like a great show. i heard it on the u2 siriusxm channel and LOVED it. Still kind of hoping for a full audio show of a IE or EI show. Come on... do a pearl jam and upload a bunch and allow subscribers to choose up to 3 shows or something.
I cann’t wait
Dianne biggest fan
Everything they do AMAZING.
Like it
hello i can't wait for it to drop in the letterbox Nice setlist too
I would be super to have this on Vinyl, pressed and mastered high quality...
Looking forward to seeing U2 playing the
Love the set list chosen. Music keeps us going, but live music really makes you truly love life.... can’t wait to see a live concert again. Keep creating new music and inspiring all of us.
I was lucky enough to be in the audience. Awesome show.
Can't wait!
Wow, this is a great set list - I can't wait till my pkg arrives! So glad to see Red Flag Day included - they didn't play that one the night I saw them in Chicago. Thank you So much for this, and for all the specials just for subscribers. Truly makes me feel special! Any plans for another tour soon? I'm starving for live music again. <3 <3
Live at the Apollo set
Looking forward to receiving this. Can’t wait!
please re release past fan only discs like u22!!
Great Tour
This las one of the best eras of U2. "Sones of Expediente" is still at the top of my list.
U2 cd
Looking forward to hearing it...
Good news!!
Excellent new....maybe with a dvd or blu ry is it possible?
Thor u2
Great item but....
Looking forward to hearing this set but shame that Red Flag Day and American Soul are included as in my opinion suck.
can' t wait too
Great performance
Loved this setlist too
Achtung Baby 2
an idea that's been attacking me this last year of lockdown and outbreak. Why not cut an Achtung Baby followup? never like these days, you need songs that express what we're living in -- claustrophobic -- we live in front of the TV most of the time. Zoo TV more than ever.
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14 May, 2021

Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge, for UEFA's Euro 2020.

10 May, 2021

Subscribed for 2021? Download three tracks from the upcoming limited edition live album.

14 Apr, 2021

Subscribed for 2021? Here's the tracklisting of the double CD set.

7 Apr, 2021

Fortieth anniversary release, coming on June 12th 2021.


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