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6 Aug 201523

While the band were in New York playing their run of 8 shows at Madison Square Garden - Bonobos, Thedge, Larry Mullen Sr.’s Son & Adam Clay 2000 Pounds popped into Electric Lady Studios to meet up with Scott and Scott. 

Listen to the show here

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Very good album
No T-Shirts!
I can't believe they didn't get the t-shirts! Hahahahaha. So good. As a huge fan of Adam Scott's work on screen I have been so entertained by this podcast. It was brilliant as usual.
Can you please play "Velvet Dress" or "Don't Give Up" by Peter Gabriel at the next show?
Sleep like a baby
Please play sleep like a baby in Glasgow and London. Can't wait !
How long
... can it take when some American episode manufactures really get to the point. Ha ha. At last there is a voice of a paul. And the drummer - the drummer is actually everything. However, Adam talks so very sweetly nowadays he is my favorite. Or how about the never ending young intellect called the limit. Not a kermit!
scott & scott
We know more about you than you know
So funny
I loved this interview! Larry talking about Bono's lack of packing ability made me laugh. So did Adam's affection for gift wrap. The "I Love Films" vignettes were great. It's nice that the two guys interviewing them aren't strictly professionals.
This is good rock & roll, uh, music.
Fantastic interview! Never heard these lovable lads from Liverpool so open, so charming, so funny. I give it the highest rating: C+.
Sirius XM Town Hall interview next?
Any way we could get this interview included too with our exclusive content too? I currently do not have a subscription to Sirius XM and would love to be able to hear the interview. This interview was wonderful. Thanks
how can I listen to this? there is no link.......
Can't believe only 4 people have comment
Really enjoyed listening to it, and am still a little freaked out by the "what you had for lunch yesterday" thing. (I'm easily impressed/freaked out, I know!) :-)
Fun fact
Adam's wrapping paper collection :)
A big "thank you"
To the band, just a quick thank you for everything you do. The music, the tour, for still tolerating each other for the past 37 years or so. For writing the songs that make up our livs. Tk-41066, out.
Think Thin
Precious comments from Adam and The Edge.
My Friend Edge
happy Birthday. my friend.
Pleasant surprise!
I had been listening to the podcast since it's inception so it was just awesome to see the band finally, dare I say actually, come on!
Hi guys can't wait for the tour to come to Perth Western Australia and hearing the new songs by the way please avoid the morning show SUNRISE cos the co-host Sam Armytage doesn't respect her fans like you do even the ones with a Disability stay cool
Interview Feedback
There was some good insight from the band but I wish the interviewers had done their homework beforehand. How could you take these guys seriously when they didn't take their subject matter seriously. Dave Fanning would never have made those mistakes. Sounds like Bono is not sounding very committal about SOE. I wish that the band would stop frustrating fans by giving them false hope and dashing it then. Bono put a message on this website that SOE would be ready "soon" that was almost a year ago. I saw the I and E tour twice in Vancouver and it was the best shows of their career. I have seen the band on every tour since the Joshua tree days.
Skin Crawls
I will listen to this now as I have entered the "crawling skin" phase of U2 withdrawal. Zooropa sure helps. This should help too.
Scott Cleaver
Songs of Experience
Love hearing the information regarding the new songs and hoping that "Songs of Experience"....awesome interview and the casual questions too...more of that please :)
Fun Fact....
Larry Mullen Sr's Son's favorite movie is "School of Rock."
Good listen!
Listening to this right now and it feels really comfortable - very cool. It sort of came up on my google page and glad to see it's on the website as well, everyone needs to listen to it - plus it's very funny....
Brilliant insight from Edge.
The part where Edge is totally honest about what he wanted to create on the guitar via the discovery of the 'echo box'. Fantastic.
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