'U2 To Love and Only Love - Deep Dives and B-Sides'

5 Apr 202431

'U2 To Love and Only Love - Deep Dives and B-Sides'

While the U2 catalogue already glitters like a disco ball in the dance hall of on-line streaming, some of the re-mixes and live versions from collections released before the digital era haven't yet made it online… until now!

Re-mix and live treasures abound from the physical world of vinyl, CD and cassette singles and now 12 newly remastered single collections are set to be released across multiple digital platforms this year.

We start on April 5 with 'Discotheque'! Let's go, let's go!

Seems like only yesterday, but it's 27 years since 'Discotheque' first swaggered onto the dance floor as a hit single in January 1997, with a posse of re-mixes throwing their shapes around it.

This first digital single collection contains no less than 10 mixes of the song, and a further two of B-side 'Holy Joe'.

You can listen to all of them from April 5 - from the radio edit to the 'Howie B, Hairy B Mix' to the 'DM Deep Extended Club Mix' (at a stomping 10 minutes long) to the 'Hexidecimal Mix' and the classic 12-inch. Plus the 'Garage Mix' and the 'Guilty Mix' of 'Holy Joe'.

So get ready for the plunge...

'U2 to Love and Only Love: Deep Dives and B-Sides' is all set to flow into the deep stream of U2 digital content from this week. 

Find all the new mixes on the Spotify playlist.

And take a look at the Discotheque Vintage Tee - Limited Edition 2024 Re-issue.

What's not to love?


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I love how U2 released this remix of Discotheque. Does this mean the Gavin Friday remix of Lemon will be released at some point?
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