U2 Toast Amnesty International at First Canadian Show

30 May 20116
U2 joined the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of Amnesty at the Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg, Canada last night (May 29th, 2011).

With a pint of Guinness in hand, Bono made a toast from the stage, “Tonight is Amnesty International’s 50th birthday. Fifty year’s ago Amnesty was formed because two Portuguese students were imprisoned for seven years for raising a toast to freedom… so in their honour - tonight we raise a toast to freedom and might you join us to sing happy birthday to Amnesty International”

The 50,000 strong Canadian crowd joined U2 in a rousing version of “Happy Birthday”.

Burmese pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi appeared on the cylindrical screen above the stage, with a video message for the crowd, “We are not bystanders in our own history, every one of us writes a story that is told… I see it through your support for Burma, for Amnesty International. Where basic human rights are denied or basic human needs are not met, the struggle may be hard, it make take time… but if we demand it, change will come.”

The Winnipeg show was U2’s first concert in Canada on this - the second leg of U2 360° Tour.

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Deep humanity
Happy Birthday, Amnesty International! The speeches of Bono and Aung San Suu Kyi are very moving. It is so remarkable that U2 support AI. They raise much awareness of the incredible work of these great people, because in the booklets of U2 albums fans can find some informations. Over those 50 years AI contributed so much to a human world by campaigning for the freedom of political prisoners, human rights and protection against torture. While I was waiting for the U2 concert in Vienna some volunteers were talking to fans to inform them about AI. I signed a petition and now I frequently donate some money to support that outstanding organization.
My 4th U2 show ... perhaps the best yet!
My fourth U2 show and perhaps the best yet. They offered a great mix of songs with a couple more obscure surprises in Scarlet and Zooropa. The band was on tonight, and it was great to be part of a special moment in celebrating the birthday of Amnesty Intl. Thanks boys for another memorable U2 experience.
Beautiful message! Happy Birthday Amnesty International!
Shame not in Winnipeg in 2012
because there is not only a new stadium but also a new museum of Human Rights. http://humanrightsmuseum.ca/home
Dio0s lops bendoiga siempre!!!!
thank you for existing ... God bless you always
wonderful speech and beautiful clip!
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