U2 In Barcelona: Bienvenidos a Nuestra Fiesta de Cumpleaños!

13 Aug 2001
Thanks to Eva for pointing out the review of U2's Barcelona show in La Vanguardia. See for yourself what their reviewer thought at www.vanguardia.es

And here's Eva's own review of the same show.

Bienvenidos a nuestra fiesta de cumpleaños!

'The Beatle's Seargent Pepper's announces the band. Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam on stage, lights on. El-e-va-tion!!! 18.000 people jumping and singing at the same time. My God! What a beginning! This is going to be a great concert!

Then: Beautiful day; the ceiling of the Palau Sant Jordi seems like the blue sky. We feel like we're in heaven. Bono dedicates Kite to his father. People's going crazy. Sweat. Screams, please gimme some water! We're going to New York. Fabulous. Four black & white screens. The four stars: Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry. They are so big up there... I walk away, walk away, I will follow... My voice starts to break, but I keep on singing... Sunday Bloody Sunday: Peace for Ireland, and peace for this country too!

The concert is getting even better, each song is better than the other, the band is acclaimed. Lots of fans wearing a T-shirt with a 40 on the back.

The Edge is going to have a big surprise. The audience sings Happy Birthday. The concert stops. Larry, Adam, Bono and The Edge go to the centre of the heart.

Bono with a champagne bottle. They drink. 'Bienvenidos a nuestra fiesta de cumpleaños!' Welcome to our birthday party!, says Bono in Spanish. Four girls with birthday cakes, sitting on four screens with four faces, the four magnificent. The band plays Desire in acoustic and then, Stay, wonderfully, acoustic again. Bad, Where the Streets Have No Name, Mysterious Ways, two more screens with magic images, Pride... I can't scream no more, but I sing: what more in the name of love? That song is so great!

U2 say goodbye. I'm not going nowhere, I know that this is not goodbye. Bono remembers Nelson Mandela. Applause, he's a good man. The concert begins again: Bullet the Blue Sky. That's rock, folks! With or Without you. Sooo great!

Then, lights off. Only a light. Bono, alone, with his guitar, says only a word: One. People sings with him, nobody has stopped singing since the concert begun.The band appears to sing Walk On. Bono thanks the audience for this amazing night. Yeah, it has been an amazing night. Thank you, guys.

Eva Rexach


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