U2 Live - The Fans Speak!

19 Oct 2004
We invited some U2.Competition winners, who saw the band live last weekend, to send us their reviews.

The response was quite warm!

'It was unbelievable and unforgettable - it was surreal to be less than a foot away from the four men who I admire so greatly. The new songs sounded great - it seems as though the band have taken the best aspects from 'The Joshua Tree' and 'Achtung Baby'. I loved what I heard - a mixture of beauty, intensity and passion.'

Elizabeth Hohman, Bournemouth

'Seeing U2 so close was like a dream come true. They sound even better live. The venue was spot on. Very personal. Their new songs are probably the best they have ever released. Miracle drug is very moving whilst City of blinding lights moves along at a blistering pace. All in all, an exhilarating experience that I doubt we will ever have again. Vertigo makes you dizzy with excitement!'

Andrew Clark, Grantham, Lincs.

'Thanks so much, it was amazing. I never ever thought I'd see the band so close-up and playing to such a small number of people. 'Vertigo' and 'City of Blinding Light' were both storming and 'Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own' was really emotional. Cat Deeley looked well chuffed when Bono sang Happy Birthday to her. 'I still can't believe it really happened as it was all so out of the blue - and it was even more weird because I'd watched the band the night before from the gates of the BBC. Thanks again!'

Rebecca Crum

'The band entered the stage and as Bono walked past us I stuck out my hand, Bono shook it, turned back to the mic and then we were blown away by Vertigo - a very special moment I will never forget. The new material has "U2 classic" stamped all over it. Poignant lyrics soulfully sung, landmark guitar riffs, great base lines and fantastic rhythm keeping it all together - the very special ingredients that are U2. Thank you again for a beautiful day.'

Seán Salter, Ipswich

'It was in a word AWESOME. The 3 hours plus we had to wait, standing in the cold and in the studio were forgotten the instant they walked on stage. It was an experience of a lifetime and no concert ticket would've given us the opportunity to be as close as we were to the band, I touched Bono and shook Adam's hand....The smallness of the studio made the experience very exclusive and intimate, I feel very fortunate to have been chosen to be a part of that. When they played the songs, there was a distinct U2 signature sound to it. In the interviews they have said it is possibly their best album and if the 4 songs they played are anything to go by, I'd say they're right...I don't think it is possible for U2 to have ONE BEST album but I think this will be a favourite for many.'

Trish Tan, Midhurst West Sussex

'U2 were fantastic - they totally blew me away. Saturday can only be described as a once in a life time and I'm still coming down to Earth! When I got the email I thought it was at first a hoax! The new songs sounded like some of the best U2 stuff in many years, 'Miracle Drug' was particularly powerful - a great story behind it.'

Steve Briggs, Luton

'It was like watching your favourite U2 DVD up close, only it was hot and loud and you were there, a metre away from these mythical famous people who looked so familiar, and yet only now do you realise they exist! It was surreal and incredible! 'Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own' had some beautiful lyrics, I'm glad they played it twice! 'Miracle Drug' and 'City of Blinding Lights' also had some top lyrics and brilliant music. I am much more excited than before about the release of the new album, I think it will be powerful and great fun.'

Olivia Birkett Australian living in Norwich

'U2 so close is great, still didn't sink in... I don't think I will have a chance to do it again, just about once in the lifetime... We were waiting for 4 hours to see 30 min of them, and it was worth it. Although it was a long wait, I would do it again anytime... It's a bit hard to give initial reaction (on the new songs) because of the overwhelming impression U2 makes on any concert, especially if it's such a small audience. 'Miracle Drug' stuck in my memory because of the story behind it, very moving.'

Tomek Klas, Easy Croydon

'Along with 300 fans I stood about 2 metres away from Bono as he led U2 through their performance of four stunning new songs. Each one completely different to anything we'd heard before but each one distinctly U2. They started with 'Vertigo' before introducing us to 3 new tunes, each of which varied in tempo. The band was in top form and we reeled with delight for 35 breathtaking minutes as we watched the guys do what they do best. To witness all of this at such close proximity was a once in lifetime experience. Wonderful! The new stuff is fantastic.'

Andy Vennard, Banstead, Surrey


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