U2 Sign Record Deal

29 Feb 19801
After the U2-3 release in 1979, the band went on a self-organised tour. Despite no offers of a major record deal following a round of London showcase gigs, the tour culminated in a sold-out show in front of two thousand fans in Dublin.

In January 1980, the band topped five categories in the readers' poll of Irish rock magazine Hot Press. In April of that year, U2 signed to Island Records, releasing their first single, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, the following month.
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What was the first Ah HA! moment?
This is a question I've always had but never heard anyone ask it? What was your first Ah Ha! Moment? In other words, when was your first inkling of, oh wow, we've made it!? When did you first feel that you made it to the big time? Was it this record deal? A lot of bands get signed, put out an LP, maybe two, but then it's over and they're never really heard from again. Was this record deal a feeling of we're on our way? Did it get Bob Hewson off Bono's back in terms of the story that Bono tells when his father said either get this band off the ground or get a job and contribute to the bills, or words along those lines? What was THE first time any of you looked at each other, your family or your wives and said, hold on for the ride, I think we've just made it REALLY big? And, how did life change? Was there a splurge, an indulgence, a sense of relief that we don't have to worry about the bills now? Was their a sense of bewilderment and what are your first memories of that?
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19 Apr, 2024

Second in the series of digital Deep Dives and B-Sides. (Plus Atomic City for Record Store Day.)

18 Apr, 2024

On Friday, Adam is a guest on BBC's Gardeners World.

17 Apr, 2024

The final show from U2:UV in Las Vegas, broadcasting in 12 countries around the world.

11 Apr, 2024

Kiss The Future will premiere on Paramount+ in the US and Canada on May 7th.

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