Opening Night in Las Vegas

11 May 20181

When & Where
Friday, May 11, 2018, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. The first of a two-night stand and night 5 of the #U2eiTour.  

It was the U2's first full concert in Las Vegas since the U2360° tour in 2009, and the packed arena (where the band played an eight-song set when they headlined the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September 2016), gave them an exuberant welcome. During the super-energized show—Vegas, baby!—many in the crowd stood, dancing and singing enthusiastically to classics, deep cuts, and the new material from 'Songs of Experience', particularly 'Red Flag Day', which continues to be a new live fan favorite.

Set List
See the complete set list.  

Social Posts 
@AnitaUtami (via Twitter)
'You guys ROCKED! Loved, loved, loved this emotional show. Thank you for sharing your talent and your social messages with us! #U2eiTour'

@sjhanley (via Twitter)
'I avoided spoilers, so I squealed like a girl when I heard the beginning of Acrobat AMAZING #U2eiTour'
@a_joyfulnoise (via Twitter)
'Wishes the guys in @u2 could have heard the crowd walking though #theparkvegas singing Streets post-Friday's spectacular #U2eiTour show. Do they know what their music means to all of us? Can we ever show enough gratitude? #U2LasVegas'

If You Had To Pick One Song 
'Pride (In The Name Of Love)'

@mich40U2 (via Twitter)
'Adam's cranked up bass at the beginning of Pride has brought new love to this song for me. #U2eiTour'

@HerzensSonne22 (via Twitter)
'Pride always and in all ways will be one of the SONGS when I feel this overwhelming love we share and the gift they are for the world the most. #U2 @U2 #U2eiTour'

What did Bono Say?
“Jojo and Evie, right in front of you!' 

Bono gave a couple of shouts out to his daughters, Jordan and Eve, who were in the house tonight. During the intro to 'One', he said: 'It's our daughter Jordan's birthday here. She and her sister are in the house. I would say her whole generation are the kind of women we need to take over the world. Smart, extraordinary women, who aren't taking shit.' 

The band dedicated 'One' to the victims of the massacre in Las Vegas last October that claimed the lives of 58 people, injuring 851 more (422 of them with gunshot wounds), when a gunman opened fire on the crowd during the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

 'We want to dedicate this song to the families who lost someone here in Las Vegas on October 1 last year…People say this country is broken and divided but deep down you're Americans and that's still so strong to us. And I think at points of crisis, you become even more American and that's what we saw here last year in the city, with people queuing up to give blood, queuing up to take care of their neighbours here in Las Vegas. That's the America we know. 

'So tonight, if we might, we're going to turn this next song into a prayer. That said, thoughts and prayers are not enough.'

Review on / Zootopia 
noriluche on 'Made my day! Nothing better than hear a powerfull Viva Mexico from u!! What an amazing night full of energy and emotions with a key message around: LOVE IS BiGGER THAN ANYTHING IN ITS WAY!!'

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A new High?
As a lifelong U2 fan-and one that has attended every single tour since Joshua Tree-is it possible, they are getting better? This was our second time seeing them in Vegas (and T Mobile arena is pretty sharp, Vegas should be proud of it!)--we were beyond happy and totally and completely entertained. I loved the updated stage and presentation--as a, seemingly, more mature version of the 2016 tour with similar staging. The song list was magical--Acrobat and Red Flag day making it in just stole my heart and sounded gorgeous. I was overwhelmed at how fantastic The Blackout felt and sounded with the way they staged it and then American Soul was powerful and yet, humbling at the same time. The Macphisto re-appearance was so different and still, as they tend to do--felt 'right'. I have never and will never miss them during a tour; my next hope is for many, many more shows and tours--so I can one day take my oldest son to one and let him share what I feel each and every time-a full heart and soul for days afterwards. Just only complaint is the limited shows and cities (why not Denver???).
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25 Feb, 2024

….and this is 'Beautiful Day', to close night 38 at the Sphere.

25 Feb, 2024

A 'magnificent moustache' that is…  just like Adam's.

24 Feb, 2024

Another Friday night in Vegas.

21 Feb, 2024

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Acrobat from the Sphere.