'We Begin To Forget...'

25 Nov 20157

'This is one of the most incredible experiences i've ever been a part of...'

On our U2.com Subscription Site we regularly commission special films, where some of the band's artistic collaborators talk about their work.

Recently we caught up with Oliver Jeffers, visual artist, storyteller and prize-winning children author... and one of the key creatives behind the look of the #U2ieTour production. 

Raised in Northern Ireland and now based in Brooklyn, Oliver invited the U2.com team to his studio where he took us through his sketch book and described what it was like when he finally got to see the show in New York. 

With the band playing in Ireland, it seemed like a good moment to share the film with Oliver more widely.

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Hello, hello underground Oldenzaal town is calling! Thank you Oliver Jeffens to see what painting can do, incredible visualize project this was for you. Is it possible that this paintings come out with the DVD next year? It woud be amazing! Love and light my way. Detlev Lassche better knowing as the vertigo Hunter. Miss You Sugar.
next subscriber gift?
this would be an awesome subscriber's gift--a copy of the hand drawn stage plans with explanations; beautiful work.
Creating a Masterpiece
What a fantastic clip! Before I left for Dublin for my 6th concert on this tour, I could not contain myself when I was telling my students about my upcoming trip. (My dream to see U2 in Dublin since I was in elementary school....finally happened!) I am a STEM educator where the Design Cycle is at the core of all of my lessons. Seeing your ideas blossom into a plan then into a real life production on stage with the band....brilliant and inspiring! I enjoyed hearing about your design process. How cool would this be to share with my students?!? Only problem now after watching this video...I will probably not fall sleep for another hour or two...thinking about U2 and figuring out how I incorporate this into my lesson for tomorrow.
Wow Oliver
I have your childrens books and just love them to bits!!! To know that you are involved with my fave band in the entire world means a lot - inspirational Mr Jeffers
Visuals of the IE show
Beautiful work! So creative and meaningful. Don't ever stop sharing your talents with the world, U2 & Oliver!
Song for Someone
Please come to Brasilia.
Love in music & artistry
I'm so happy to see this piece and giving Oliver Jeffers the time to explain his work and recognizing his contributions. I am also an artist and U2 concerts & tours are so visual and intentionally developed with each and every detail, but still grow organically somehow, and I have to believe the band embraces their artistry and looks to others who excel at visual arts to compliment their musical strengths, and I love that communal side, like their show is a collaborative artwork. I believe this part of the i&e tour (assuming they tour Songs of Experience) was extremely successful in communicating their thoughts and emotions because the dedicated themselves and the show to the idea of traveling visually & lyrically back towards their youth and what the world appears through the lens of a young angry group of boys but now with understanding - they really nailed down a cohesive artistic statement. Even after my wife & I saw our 5th consecutive show in Chicago, the amount of detail kept us extremely interested and we could've easily seen 5 or 50 more shows and not be bored. Can't wait to see the HBO concert film and how they depict all of the show's elements! And sorry but I have to say thank you again to Bono for his taking a chance in Shawn & I on June 28th in Chicago during 'Desire'. Now that a few months have passed, I felt we were the innocent in that moment looking for a chance to prove our admiration through performance. I don't know what possessed Bono to believe we'd hold our own up there but I now have a better understanding how hard it must have been for the 4 of them to build the craft and music to have the confidence to know they belong on that stage night after night playing to the thousands. Thank you guys and don't stop making the music, don't stop! You're making a huge difference for the better through your art.
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