'We connected…'

8 Jan 2020

'We connected…'

Larry Gogan, a household name in Ireland and widely recognised as one of the country's finest radio broadcasters, has died at the age of 85.

Over the years he and Larry Mullen became firm friends and yesterday Paul Russell at RTE contacted Larry to talk about his memories. 

Paul wrote.
'We asked Larry to join us today and  he sent his apologies as he says much as he'd like to he couldn't guarantee that he wouldn't end up a blabbering mess. He also mentioned that it was difficult to add any words to what has already been said by so many, especially the listeners. 
Instead he wrote us the following about Larry...

Larry said: "I woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach. Something just didn't feel right. I got out of bed and followed my usual routine...cup of tea, turn on my phone to look at the RTÉ news app...and there it was - Larry Gogan 1934-2020. It took me a while to process that. I thought of his children and grandchildren and then selfishly felt sorry for myself.
Our friendship was not traditional, as in - we didn't spend countless hours together...we didn't need to. Just a few interviews and the occasional long lunch.
We connected somehow. Maybe it was our shared north side credentials or most likely the constant messages back and forth through our mutual friend Paul Russell. Just checking in on each other or trying to set up the next lunch.
Larry's cultural obituary will be written by someone a lot cleverer than me.
This is personal - not professional. And so to Larry... sadly we lost you today....but the next time I promise you Larry I'll come and find you on the other side. Larry."

See also the RTÉ news report


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