'We said we’d never play this...'

27 Jul 202010

Band members joined a stellar line up of Irish artists at the weekend, to celebrate & support the people who make live music happen. 

'As a young band,' explained Adam, 'You are only as good as the crew supporting you ... they will leave a bigger impression on the people you need to impress than you will.'

Bono and Edge performed a song 'we said we’d never play…'



Funds raised from ‘Songs From An Empty Room' https://songsfromanemptyroom.com will support two live events industry initiatives,  Minding Creative Minds and the Association of Irish Stage Technicians Hardship Fund.

You can find the entire two hour show on the RTÉ Player. 

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very funny
people who say that it's better than the original are not to be trusted. :-D but it's a happy moment! that's all we need.
Two hearts One thoughts
Nice to see that Bono & The Edge still have fun in making music thogether afther 50 years. I hope they will play When I Look At The World or So Cruel ever.
Great moment
Thanks Guys, really cool cover!
Cool !!!
Bravo !! Super reprise ! U2, c'est vraiment tous les styles ! Respect !
It’s nice to see how they know and respect Led Z. Wonderful to hear from them. Not an easy song, they’re obviously bored...haha.
Thanks gents - maybe the crew does it better, but it still sounds great to me!
Now there’s an idea!
Great Job! Now we want a covers album.. So many great tunes on Bono’s recent playlist ‘Songs that changed my life’ why not put together as a band, a selection of tunes that you all aspire to & record them.. How about it guys?
I love this!
I love this so much!! Great job guys! I hope you are staying happy, healthy and sage during this pandemic. xoxo
Tip your hat
U2 are my Beatles Led Zeppelin mày be your Beatles. It's only rock and roll but I like it!!
Beautiful version of a classic
With this version of Led Zeppelin´s classic Bono and The Edge show their commitment to contribute to a good cause once again. As a teenager I have already loved "Stairway To Heaven". The Edge plays on his acoustic guitar so beautifully and with much sensitiveness. Bono´s voice is very expressive and soulful.
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19 May, 2023

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