We've Got Winners!

14 Mar 2005
Did you win the U2 iPod ? Or the other sensational prizes? Check out the answers to those devilishly difficult questions.

Well, with our first big competition for Subscribers and the best prizes we've ever had to offer, no wonder we had thousands of entries.

And, given that the questions were not easy, fair play to all those of you who got all five answers right.

So, before revealing our winners, what about those answer?

We asked: 'On the day of the US release of 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb', at which music store in New York did Paul McGuinness buy their last copy of the album?'

We asked you to: 'Name TWO of the BBC Radio 1 DJ's who hung out with the band in Dublin, when U2 played a live session in November?'

We asked (and this was a very devious question, we admit!): ' If 2 is 'Food' and 4 is 'First Aid', what is 3 ?'
ANSWER: HEAT ( Well done to those you who spotted this answer here
hiding among the illustrations from the hardback book which comes with the special edition of 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb'.)

We asked: 'Adam credits 'A Man and A Woman' as 'pretty much his work'. But WHO is he ?'
ANSWER: HE is 'JACKNIFE LEE' (as you can find by reading our two part interview with him)

And finally we asked: 'What is the name of the bonus 12th track included on HTDAAB in the UK and Japan ?'
Answer: 'FAST CARS'

Having selected our winning entries we then randomly selected five from our virtual hat. First out - and winner of a gleaming, red and black U2 iPod - is Cristobal from Spain.

'U2', said Cristobal (because we asked all entrants to complete an unfinished sentence) 'Can make arguably their best record 25 years after their first because they still have All that they fashioned, All that they made, All that they built, All that they felt, All that they measured, All that they played, All that they can leave behind.'

Well done Cristobal, a very nifty sentence-finisher which impressed us no end. Your iPod is on the way to you.

And our four runners up were: Niall from Ireland ( 'they still possess the friendship and energy that made them the worlds most powerful and influential band in the world twenty five years ago.'); Peter, from Canada ('they still give a flying fart about doing their best work!'); Mike from the USA ('Like a fine wine, they get better with age.') and Elizabeth , also from the USA ('their loyalty and love for each other has enabled their talents to grow long past the time when most bands have exploded -- no one can dismantle U2!')

To each of our runners- up a goody parcel of special edition CD's and other merchandise will shortly be landing on your doorstep.

Thanks to all those of you who entered. There'll be a new competition for Subscribers shortly and this time we'll make the questions just a bit easier.


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