"What a fancy pad!"

30 Sep 202320

"What a fancy pad!"

After shaking their booties for the better part of an hour to new wave tracks spun by opener Pauli The PSM from the back of a dayglo-painted Trabant, the capacity crowd exploded when Edge, Adam, Bono, and drummer Bram Van den Berg (sitting in for Larry) took to the Brian Eno inspired illuminated turntable stage. 

It was more than a sort of homecoming for the band and their fans, many of whom hadn't seen each other in four years. Beginning with 'Zoo Station' and rounding out the two-hour-plus show with a spirit-raising 'Beautiful Day', with the entirety of Achtung Baby (including live rarity 'So Cruel') performed throughout alongside tracks from Rattle and Hum, new single 'Atomic City', fan favourites.. as well as a bit of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and an impromptu romp through Thin Lizzy's 'Dancing in the Moonlight' added for extra zest. 

Songs were reimagined in arrangement and sometimes lyrically, making an album from more than 30 years ago feel both immediate and prescient. It was an aperture expanding, consciousness-elevating, musical and emotional feast for the senses from start to finish, making lavish use of Sphere's unprecedented multimedia technology. They promised 'a big one tonight' and they delivered in ways no one in the audience of us here could have imagined.

In The Press

"The band's "U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere" performance is a marvel…. It's fair to wonder if such a gargantuan production eclipses a band. Not this one. Especially since some of the most moving moments were in the small details and the inherent earnestness of U2's music." — USA Today

"Sphere magnifies U2, pairing a band that has attempted to innovate with each new tour over their 40-plus-year career with a venue that seemingly has no limits of innovation." — Billboard

"An utterly astonishing, admirably raw Vegas extravaganza…This cocktail of eye-popping visuals and slightly unruly performances absolutely works." — The Guardian

"Are you ready to have your mind blown? On Friday night in Las Vegas, U2 inaugurated the new state-of-the-art Sphere venue with a concert that sets a new bar for live entertainment." — Neil McCormick in The Telegraph

"[U2's] most ambitious and transportive live show ever: An electrifying live performance and visual odyssey" — The Hollywood Reporter

On The Socials

"People are going to talk about this show — forever." — @SamOnTV

"This is just all so heartwarming. They sound amazing, the crowd just sounds so full of joy, everyone is losing their shit on here from home IM SO HAPPY!!!" — @ScoobyGangKid

"Happier than I've felt in a long, long time. Thanks Lads. You lift my spirit & connect me with My Tribe. You've elevated your art to new heights with the #U2UVSphere shows. My heart is so full

"This is literally the best 'show' I've ever seen." — @chris_mabee

What did Bono Say

"Where are we? Who are we?" [He introduces Adam and Edge and gets to Bram on drums]:  "Who the hell are you? I think I know you... let's go!"

"What a fancy pad!"

"I've never told anyone this before, but this is an attempt to write a wedding song from a woman's point of view," while introducing 'All I Want Is You', which he later says, "I sang that song for Larry Mullen Jr.," He added that it was the first time since October 1978 the band have performed without Larry.

"That is a very cool Dutch gentleman." After he mentions that it's Bram Van den Berg's birthday, he hands the mic to the drummer and asks whether he'd like to say something, to which Bram stands up, gestures pointedly with his hand and says: "Make no mistake: There is only ONE Larry Mullen Jr.!" (That went down well…)

"It's so hard to say goodbye." In an emotional tribute to the late Jimmy Buffet, who died on September 1, and whose family and doctors were in the house.

Shout outs to: Sir Paul McCartney, Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, former managers Paul McGuinness and Guy Oseary, present manager Irving Azoff, Willie Williams, Gavin Friday, Joe O'Herlihy, Live Nation chief Arthur Fogel and Sphere owner James Dolan.

On U2/com/Zootopia

"I never dreamed we would ever hear Bono singing like this again... mind blown!" — Canadanne

"I would like to report a murder. Edge has just killed me with AIWIY." — stateless

"Not Love Me Tender after One the tears have not stopped

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All the details (*chef’s kiss)
Even the lobby/escalator areas were magical. I’d love to know if that music will ever be released… ethereal, calming… with iconic U2 musical phrases woven through…. Please?
I believe in you
Hi Bono, it's my birthday. Con you be so sweet to play Ordinary Love please? P.S. I'm not crazy, I just believe in mirarles:)
I was there on Opening Night! Holy moly, what a venue and performance! I was wowed by the visuals during "The Fly" when it appeared as though the walls and ceiling were closing in on us. Truly cool visual effect there! Loved hearing the new song live. My favorite part was getting to hear "So Cruel" and "Acrobat" live. I thought Bono really sang the hell out of "So Cruel". Fantastic to hear! Bravo to the band and the entire audio and visual team that put this together!
ocram oinotna
The Greatest show on Earth
Opening night was amazing!! My 10 year old daughter first U2 concert. She was so mesmerized that you can see it in her eyes in the reel above. Thank you!! U2 for the awesome memories. .
We attended the opening show on Friday night. The entire package was absolutely amazing - our favorite music, the band’s performance, captivating videos, and the state of the art arena!! Kudos to the band and everyone else involved in creating an immersive and world class experience. Bravo!
Opening night front row
First time on the rail and.....it was Epic! A bunch of adjectives come to mind so I will start there ...fabulous, creative, artistic, nostalgic, minimal, over the top, brilliant, mesmerizing, and the last scene is so beautiful. U2 truly was the perfect fit to open this amazing venue. I'm sure other artists will be lining up to get in there. Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and bravo to Bram for stepping in! Larry was definitely in all our hearts the whole time. ❤️ We hope he is on the mend. If you love GA, and being close, just know that when they are right there in front of you, you are watching them and not as much all around. I recommend coming to a second show (which I did) and sit in the seats (any level) to get the full monty. Worth getting both perspectives IMO
An awesome experiences
I can't stop thinking about the experience of the first two shows. It was surreal, and I kept reading great reviews about the show and the boy's performance. I'm looking ahead to my next visit to Vegas to see the show once again...
Night One
Wow! Amazing U2! Just seeing the band again and then topping it off with The Sphere! Loved hearing So Cruel and Love Rescue Me and giving a shout out to Jimmy Bufffet! Love you U2! I hope to make it back soon!
They did it again!!
From what I have seen throughout the weekend, videos, pictures, livestream from fans on social media. The show looked more than amazing. Too bad I can't make it. I hope the band releases a Blu ray in the not so distant future to document this unique and amazing show for those of us who can't make it, to witness history in the making.
Am I ready for what's next?
Will be there in 3 weeks and I thought I was ready for this, but after what I saw so far (online), you can't be ready for this mindblowing miracle that's happening 25 times is Vegas.... U2 Thank you very much for making this happen.
Back to the roots
an unforgettable concert. u2 in a great mood. bram great on the drums. BUT please just play music on the upcoming tour back to the roots - music pure no technical bells and whistles
All I can say is WOW and Thank-You!
This was an incredible evening. So acoustically and visually spectacular, yet so inclusive, heartfelt, and welcoming - a perfect U2 concert. To be there for opening night with my brother was an amazing shared experience, one that we are sure to reminisce about well into our golden years. What a great time we had. I'll be back on Oct 27 with my wife. We will join the dance party on the floor in GA! Now that is what I call the ultimate date night! I can't wait to be there with her. Thank you U2 for all that you do...
2 nights
Worth the long trip from Dublin, the Sphere was utterly breathtaking but the bands performance is what will stay fresh in the memory, they are the only band I’d make this trip for , get well soon Larry
So cruel
After being a huge fan for 40 years, missing out on this is the biggest disappointment ever. Is there no venue in Europe this residency can be staged in 2024?
Opening night
I wish I had been there! Been to 8 U2 shows in the past but can’t be there but I will be in spirit
Forever young
They are like the Zoo TV Great!!!
From Tokyo
I am so frustrated not to be there. But I hope all the performances should be amazing from Tokyo.
Can’t even
Wow. Do not have the words to explain how amazing this show was. Riding the post-concert feels. Thank you so much!
Go on guys - you know you want to…!
Just watched this show online and I’m thinking ‘Wouldn’t Discotheque look and sound insanely amazing in there’ Come on lads throw a party in there, after all the music vid was in a mirror all, it’s like it was meant to be!!
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