'What do you want?'

3 Sep 201530

'What do you want?'
The wait is almost over. This time tomorrow, #U2ieTour opens in Europe. What do you want…

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This is where you can find me now, as an opener. The Fly Dirty Day Love is Blindness
Irish karen
I want them to play in Dublin . Hurry up
What does Belfast want!
I think you know what Belfast want U2 Odessey Arena cmon, I'll put the four of you up in my gad!! Lol
What I want
To know the dates they are playing in Dublin. Trying to book a trip to check off a bucket list dream.
... to read this kind of a question. Thank you. It is very kind. Anxious to see the band in the near future. Well. these days in Europe I do trust they take it into account better than we can make it into words now. If I had a magic ball of Aladdin I would hope a gig of 6 hours and two songs from all albums from the start and quite many acoustic ones. But I am not an Aladdin, I do not have the magic ball, they will not play six hours and I shall be happy of suddenly one song like in Dublin once the 2nd night Angel of Harlem just hit it. It can be anything. That is why I go to see the four who got a grip of the magic early on, and I trust they will. Stay conscious, it begins now.
What do you want
The European leg to open with This is Where You Can Reach me Now Musically, lyrically and emotionally suitable for a jaw dropping opening
A neverending concert on 5th
I want a neverending concert
Bono, sing that song!!!
Bad for the desperates immigrants escapi
Tonight in Torino, the town where most people in the 60's came from the South of Italy to find a job and to give a chance to their families, I would like to listen to the song Bad live, dedicated to all the desperates people and children escaping from the wars in Siria and Africa trying to find a hope in our continent, Europe
My daughters first U2 concert... (My 15th!). Came from Victoria BC for the show, and all she wants to hear is Elevation!! xox
I'm ready
Tonight... I'm ready to say I'm glad to be alive I'm ready I'm ready for the push!!!
what I want from Bono and the Band...
I want to hear the song SO CRUEL... at least once (preferable in the London shows)
Please come to Oz!!
What do I (and thousands of others) want? Please come to Oz. :)
A sort of homecoming
Welcome home, welcome in Amsterdam!
Bono call Tarabaralla
Tonight I want Bono call my name and invite me on the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What do I want?
The time of my life in Amsterdam.... To sing as loud as I can.... To go home very happy.....
U2 Amsterdam
The europe tour is starting today. Can't wait till the come to Amsterdam. it's going to be a party where i waited a long time for.
Countdown started!
Finish to work today at 5.30 pm then I will go to Torino! Tomorrow concert in this fantastic town. Can't wait to see you guys and to sing with you>!!! <3
I'm so sad not to be here this time
It`s time to start.
Welcome in Europe. You are at home.
What do you want?
I want U. I want U2.
To be Amazed
I want to be amazed, inspired, built up, reborn, revitalized, and set forth to do great things after seeing them for what will be my 17th show.
A few hours before the european kick off! My countdown untill the 9 th of september started a long time ago......
What Do You Want?
#U2Request Acrobat ;)
2016 U.S. Your
It's going to happen or just wishful thinking they didn't get nowhere close to the made with the southeastern United State wishful thinking they didn't get no work close to the midwestern by the southeast no-shows so is a water they may be back next year Bono said at the California and closing I'll see you next year
We are ready!
Leaving Basel at 06.31... ATA Turino 11.35!!
200 Pizzas in Turin!!
One word: Great!!
All the way from Portugal
I've just arrived from Lisbon (Porugal), all the way for a 'not so innocent show'. It will be my 5th U2 show (since ZooTv, Pop Mart, Elevation, 360) all in Lisbon. This is the first time abroad... I'm I Gonna find what I'm looking for?
Europe 2015
I am happy that the tour is finally coming up to Europe and sad at the same time with so many bad news, people dying trying to have a better life away from your home country. But I'm sure that they will mention small Aylan Kurdi as representing all the people who died over the years trying to escape the conflict in their countries. Good chance to all people who will be in the concert tomorrow. And God bless all of us with hope, health and peace.
I'm ready!!!
I'm coming all the way from...Turin! haha Yeah I'm lucky to live here and I love that you come to play in my hometown....cant wait to see you tomorrow and Saturday!! :D
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