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27 Jun 2005
...about the first two shows in Dublin City.

Matt from Canada stole the show in Dublin on Saturday, with an impromptu performance of 'Party Girl' when Bono hauled him up on stage after Mysterious Ways.

Bono told Matt it pays to advertise - he had been holding a sign - and after the odd tech hitch, Matt's turn on an acoustic guitar set the whole band firing on Party Girl. 'I know a guy, a guy called Matt...!'

What greater honour! Those of you who were at the show have been sending us reviews thick and fast. We've posted the first few dozen in our Vertigo Tour area and there'll be more going up shortly. Meantime, here's a flavour of your experiences at the first two Dublin shows.

'From the moment they came on the whole place erupted.' reports Janverhaas who travelled across from Rotterdam. 'Maybe it was because we were there but their opening 'Vertigo' was so intense for Bono as well as the ecstatic audience. He was up for it and the crowd knew it.
'The variety of songs was amazing. The old blended in with their recent songs perfectly, especially the way Bono marched himself like a political warrior from 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' into 'Bullet The Blue Sky' beating this huge drum.
'People have questioned whether he sometimes tends to get too political but it was never the case during the concert. Bono and the band have an unbelievable way of gripping their audience with strong messages at the right time. Without spoiling the party they keep you aware of all the shit that goes on and to speak our minds...'

Gerry Coyne, like many reviewers, was knocked out by the arrival of Matt for Party Girl: 'From my position on the halfway line it was an incredible feeling to see 82,000 people bouncing up and down in unison! "One", with the little blue glow from all those phones, absolutely surreal. The encores were incredible, the Achtung Baby set was a huge buzz, but the hero of the night HAD to be Matt from Canada! What a moment for a U2 fan, Bono pulled him on stage to play guitar on Party Girl and he really nailed it.'

'Earplug' was almost as close as Matt, 'near the left stage all nite long... I was 2 metres away from Bono, Edge and his Royal Claytoness! You could here them sing, I mean not just through the speakers but through the basic fact that we were sooo close, it was amazing.'

'They CAME HOME, They ROCKED and they CONQUERED,' announces Eddie Corcoran , who has evidently had a life-changing experience. 'I am still on another planet after that concert. I can't find the words to describe what I felt during and after the GIG. Without sounding too pathetic, this evening was the best of my life and will be for a very long time. They deserve their label as 'The Best Band In The World'.'

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