'When the lights go out…’

30 Aug 201762

'Don't you ever doubt
The light that we can really be…’

The Blackout, a new track from the upcoming album Songs of Experience.

Watch it now.

Next week. September 6th. The first single, 'You’re The Best Thing About Me’.

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What a birthday present... from the grea
How do I thank U2 for "releasing" this to "fans only" on my birthday? To have been at the filming (in Amsterdam) of this bad ass song was a blessing. How lucky I was to receive the best birthday present ever! I love you guys... the space/American kilted cowboy U2 Mooner. Great riff to the song, relevant message. So in touch guys; keep it up. No beginning to love. U2Mooner
Love....love .....LOVE IT!!!!!
This is fantastic single!!!!! I love U2!!!!
The Blackout!
WOW WEEE WHOA!!! Love it! Saw them at Twickenham London in July...didn't play any new tunes...seeing them again 9/22 in San Diego and REALLY hoping they play this song! It's even better than "You're the best thing about me"....wish they released this one first!!! Can't wait for SOE! See "U2" all of ya'll in San Diego!!!!
Best tune in years! Can't wait to see it live!
The Blackout
Was initially underwhelmed and gave it a week's break. Replayed it today, low and behold, I now find it 3x better....... amazing! Now wishing it was the official first single and added to the live shows. See you in KC on Tue! Can't wait for some Red Zone!
The Blackout is the Bomb !!
Best new tune since Breath maybe since Mofo !! but close 2nd, 3rd 4th....would be NLOTH, The Miracle, Magnificent, Sleep Like a Baby Tonight... Love & Peace or Else !!! Requests did someone say ??? See you in St. Louis... for The Blackout !!!!
Aung San Suu Kyi & the Rohinga
Hello Lads, Saw you guys play first at the Grand Circus in Detroit on the War tour, and that gave way to the Fox Theatre and Unforgettable Fire tour. Aung San Suu Kyi & the Rohinga. Walk On Part II?Met Edge on Suffolk Street one late eve when you guys were recording "Pop";If any band will do it, U2 will write about the complexity Aung San Suu Kyi & the Rohinga. Love & Peace, Charlie Travis
Sonically fresh
Magic. these new sounds are fresh.
The Blackout
The blackout gives way to light! So excited to hear more!
Black out
As my youngest used to say "Woo Hoo Cowboy!"
Great songs Black Out and You're the Bes
Both songs, Black Out and You're the Best Thing About Me, are really extraordinary. I hope they playing these songs during the shows in Mexico. I cant wait!!
Brilliant song U2. The moment Edge First started playing, there was a slight touch of zooropa. And then WOW full on brilliant heavy sound. With Larry getting stuck into the drums, and Adam standing out with his bass guitar, and Edge play all together, it's just such a brilliant sound all together. It's something I really wanted you to play again. A faster and heavy beat. Well done U2. Love it. Love you U2.
Waiting for the October night in México
We are very anxious to hear You again in México City. There is not better that hear to U2 playing some of new songs.
so inspiring, so sublime, so great!
The Blackout
love the song, love U!
Great song!
Love Blackout. Strong beat and lyrics very timely. U2 is always relevant. The greatest band in the world keeps on delivering. Can't wait for SOE!
Great to get new music. Hopefully you'll come back to the US with it soon !!
So in love with U2!
The boys of the Emerald Isle never disappoint! Love it and can't wait for more and another tour!!!!
Love the new song. It's got so much energy to it, and Bravo to Adam with that kickass bass! Waiting for SOE.
Let's have some vinyl
Love the new song The Blackout and I can't wait for the new single , out on the 6th but I'm a bit disappointed it's only a digital download, I want something I can get my hands on . Come on boys lets have some vinyl
The Best Blackout!
Amazing sound! Great feeling... I love all different parts of structure song. Power bass & drum, achtung baby guitars and Bono is Bono! We want SoE!!!!
It sounds really really great! I LOVE it!!!! I love YOU, guys!
love it - such a groove and as if they have regained confidence I hope the rest of the album is as good I liked SOI (Troubles, Breaking Wave, Crystal) and NLOTH (Magnificent, MOS) but this has a swagger - I sense they are back and I can't wait
Such a catchy tune!
Sounds great, it's stuck in my head! Love the bass, it's my favourite part, go Adam!
Quite a tune
Catchy instrumentals all around. Edge has certainly outdone himself. Blackout is a perfect song for our current political climate too.
Hope ...
A powerful message of hope in dark times ... we can be the light in the darkness...catchy beat ... dark undertones (the garbled screams of Edge's guitar) ... reminds me thematically of Pop and that albums arc of dancing into the darkness at the threshold of the millennium ...
Fantastisch song
Geweldige song! Wachten op nieuw,album!
I can't stop listening....Bullseye!! (Adam!!! You nailed it!!)
Love it!
This new song is AMAZING! Can't wait for the whole album! This year was soo gorgeous! 2 shows (one wasn't planned) on TJT tour and now new songs... I love You guys!
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