'Where's Frank?'

14 May 2011
Another remarkable show tonight with a record-breaking Mexican audience totally pumped, a swathe of unexpected changes in the set list  and the spirit of Frank Sinatra in the house.

'Where's Frank?' asked Bono during Until The End of the World. 'Thirteen years ago we said goodbye to Frank Sinatra...'  At which point he broke into  Strangers in the Night and before you knew it 100,000 Mexicans were also 'spreading the news'.

'Peace...peace... We need it all over the world and here in Mexico. I woke up this morning - drums in my head - even the car horns were playing a tune. I realised it wasn't a dream it was Mexico City.
'And it's Saturday night... there's magic in the air ...we are Irish Latinos. '

Adam was introduced as Rafa Marquez, while 'behind me, he never changes, he still looks 24, the chicharito of the band, Larry Mullen' and Edge was christened Hugo Sanchez.

No two shows on this tour are the same and no-one could have predicted the set list for this second of three shows in Mexico City tonight.  'With a red guitar, on fire...' Desire was back for  its first appearance  of 2011, followed by a beautiful version of Stay, which hasn't been performed since September 2009.  Both songs got a rapturous response and with the umbrellas on the stage taken down  we knew we were going to make it through without rain.

'Amazing,' said Bono, taking a breath.  'Incredible people, incredible country...'

Felt like everyone's breath had been taken away by this audience who now broke into spontaneous, stadium-wide chanting, then into singing the chorus of 'With or Without You'.

It became a chance to remember 'all those who have lost their loved ones'.

'You are not defined by this, you are defined by your humility, your generosity of spirit, your love of life. Thank you for letting us into your life....'

Another stand-out moment  came with the dedication of  a special track to Mexico.

'I wanna sing a song for Mexico. It's a message to the world  from Mexico. And especially it's a message across the border to the United States of America.'
The band broke into Stand By Me with Bono customising the lyric: 'We don't need your love, We want your respect across the border... Stand by Me...Whenever you're in trouble won't you stand by me...'

As a powerful and moving tribute came to an end, he added, 'Let's close 9,000 gun stores, the other side of the border. Close them down.'

('Footnote:The day before he had learned that 85% of all the murders in Mexico have been committed by guns smuggled across the border from the US. Not hunting rifles, not even pistols, automatic weapons like AK47s. The ban on such weapons was lifted in 2004.)

What did you make of the set list on this second night in Mexico City ? How was the show for you ? If you were in the Azteca tonight add your own review and upload your photos on our tour pages.


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