Wide Awake in London

15 Aug 2009101

Another special night and the band mixed up the set list again. Hard to single out any particular moments but as someone says below, 'To see 88,000 people lose themselves in music is a sight you don't forget in a hurry.'
And enjoyed this comment: 'Ultraviolet wins in this tour- it's got real panache- a laser jacket, a rope swing mic, lower lighting, and Bono's voice seems to sound better now singing it than he did on Achtung. Hats off. Oh and that 'Streets' song ;)".

Keep sending us your reviews. What did it feel like to be at the show tonight? Surprises? Shocks? Unforgettable moments you'll never surrender? Here's what they played."

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Beautiful Day
Until The End of the World
New Year's Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Unknown Caller
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pride (In The Name of Love)
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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The Best yet
I have seen many tours but this wembley set was the best yet, the fantastic stage and lights enhanced the music for one of the best shows have seen, a couple of highlights of many had to be , Until the end of the world, and Bad, Great show wish I had the money for cardiff as the last time we saw them a wembley went to cardiff a week later
Bit envious
Friday was amazingly good but I'm a bit envious of Saturday's crowd who got NYD, Bad, Until the End of The World & Stay. Lesson - buy tix for both gigs on the next tour!
Shivers down my spine
As soon as the set kicked off i got shivers all down my spine.what a night Until The End Of The World had to be one of my highlights.
I was also in Dublin when the played Croke Park and it wasn't a patch on Wembley...(and i'm a proud irish man)Wembley (sat night) was the best concert i think i'll ever attend. So much emotion put into every song! It was truly the lads at their exceptional best!!! Only regret was that i had to leave early to get to stansted airport...ERRRRRRRR! I left kicking and screaming!!! LONG MAY THEY CONTINUE!
Bad an d New Year's day
Very special songs, very special nights!!! Thank you U2 for giving me a great life! See you in Cardiff
c j shotton
Amazing Weekend
I had an amazing weekend. Friday I was in the stands with my future wife and on the Saturday got to be in the Red Zone with my friend Rich! We managed to do a back stage tour! It was great to meet Stuart Morgan on the tour, who was happy to say hello and pose for a pic! Thanks Stu. Both nights blew me away and I met some great people (Paul (with the Bon reg), Sharon from California and Kirsty (from Manchester) working in the red Zone). Thanks also to Fran our tour rep.
Alex - Unforgettable Night
Flew in at friday from Amsterdam, my 4th U2 show... What an incredible night. Thank you, you guys from Dublin, and my new friend for one ? night at the pitch from Italy, UK and Czechoslovakia. Great energy, lots of love!
It's been a long time...
I expected a great show. I didn't expect to be still replaying it in my head 24 hours later. The wonderful thing is that the older material, stuff that is woven into a soundtrack of my teenage years, didn't feel like a middle aged nostalgia trip (I was worried about that!). Unforgettable Fire moved me to tears - right there, in the moment.
the best live band ever WOW!!!
i have seen u2 5 times now zoo tv popmart elevation vertigo and now 360 and they always blow me away. they give 120% and always amaze with the stage and screens and top draw set lists. i loved it when the crowd took over i still haven't found what i am looking for and unforgettable fire and bonos jacket and microphone for ulra violet a great song among many great songs. U2 rock best live shows ever
Two days at Wembley, can't wait for Card
Magnificent, magnificent, magnificent!!!! Saw them in Dublin, seen them twice at Wembley and it just gets better. There's something new everytime you go. The band are even better than before, I haven't slept for two days I'm so buzzing. My kids (8 and 13) came Friday and loved it, wouldn't stop dancing especially Lauren (a 13 year old convert). We're now all going to Cardiff and we can't wait. My 8 year old Matthew now wants to know when we can go after that... Absolutely brilliant, we love you U2!!!
When you thought it couldn't get better....It did. I have done loads of U2 concerts, and this out does them all. If i thought the new album was not as good as the last few, then i was wrong. I am more in love with this music now than ever. Not my favourite song, but Still Havent Found was amazing. Dont stop boys, at 37, i have been loving this and been inspired by this for 24 years
just can't wait
travelling all the way from malta to scotland to be at the U2 concert.looking forward to ....as described THE BEST CONCERT EVER.
Wembley was amazing and the staging inspired, but have to say after months of anticipation me and my hubby ,who have both seen the band 3 times before and think they are fantastic live, thought it was average, they seem to have lost their mojo. We were quite disapointed and my Husband vowed never to see them again after the performance. I still think they are an amazing band, maybe just an off night, such a shame.
went fri night but wanted them to do new yrs day and bad heard they done it sat night also party girl id of loved to of heard oh well may be next time but still had a fantastic night
If the boys are looking in .... A call f
I'll be in Cardiff Saturday night with my wife and two of my children. Having seen all the stuff here we can't wait. If you'ld like to be joined on "Sunday Bloody Sunday" by a lad from the Shankill Road, call out and I'll make myself known (from Section M6). Alternatively it could, should you prefer become a Street with No Name.
simon has
Fantastic night, great setlist, loved hearing ultraviloet for the first time live and also the unforgettable fire. the only siglt disappointment was the sound which sometimes sounded too "boomey" - not aure if anyone else felt this, maybe due to atmospheric conditions?! otherwise an unbelievable gig.
I've been to Wembley on a few occassions now and all for Soccer following my beloved Manchester United, but last nite was special for me, i've been lucky enough to play in croke park dublin ireland, but seein 'OUR BOYS' play Rock n Roll there 3 weeks ago and in 2005 for Vertigo took things to another level. Last nite i was within the claw, on the pitch in Wembley, Irish flag in hand.. with a stomach and heart filled with 'PRIDE'! From the Zoo Tv tour in Dublins RDS Popmart in lansdowne Road Dublin Slane Castle 2001 and then Croke Park for Vertigo and 360 tour, the 360 tour last nite went into outer space... Songs excelled..like they have done when played so often on this tour...ULTRA VIOLET, Until the end of the World have found heights 18 years after the Acthung Baby Album.. then there is Bad Unforgetable fire Sunday Bloody Sunday Pride New Years Day STREETS an the Unmissable MLK. Then you have Boots Unknow Caller Magnificent No Line the Crazy Remix Momnet of Surrender and the fantastic Opener Breathe!! These, along with all the other fantastic tracks they have played on this tour, so many i could write about all nite, these alone are the Reason i will forever STAY (far away, so Close) a U2 fan... how long to sing this song, when will we see u again
Finally BAD comes back to wembley
Not much more to add really,waiting in the inner circle in front of Edge's side i thought to myself "i wished they would play Bad ending thru to 40".I wanted that to be heard for a long time.Got my wish and if i never saw U2 again i know that i heard that 'one more time'.But...........aint gonna happen yet!!GREAT SHOW
amazing show
Went to friday which was fab but saturday was the best! Totally amazing. Loved until the end of the world and ultra violet. Love the claw stage set, has to be seen to see how brilliant it makes the show.Can't wait to go again. Hope for electrical storm in cardiff.
What a night, what a weekend! Fruday the boys were fantastic, last night, WOW! just amazing!!Bad was incredible!
Watched you at Wembley 16 years previously when my Son was then 10 months old. This time he came with me and, like me, thought it was MAGNIFICENT!!How many bands can appeal to so many generations like you.....you were fantastic well done U4!!!!!!
better of the two nights by far
5/5 to Wembley for organisation, crowd control etc for those queuing since early-o-clock! For me, on the stage barrier in the inner cicle on friday (edge side) the sound was awful for the 1st half of their set. The subwoofer signal dominated and the guitar was simply not there. From edges constantly swapping out is radio pack and bono indicating issues with his IEM's I'd say they weren't having the best of time themselves and I think that came across in the performance. On saturday it was like a different venue... again from the inner circle but this time at the central part of the walkway barrier... the sound was amazing, the band were clearly happier and gelled more as a result and their performance was frankly amazing. I also enjoyed the set more and the addition of Bad is just one of those songs that always gives a u2 gig the added magic! Looking forward to the last 3 gigs!
Dream come true
Came there from god's forgotten place, but it was so woth it. Magical show, energy. Everyone was so friendly, even staff. This is a dream come true. All songs were well-known and grat. Thank you u2, thank you London.
Friday and Saturday were equally brilliant! Loved Unforgettable fire, with the lighting effects. The entire set was just out of this world! Flawless performances. Fantastic!
I've been following U2 live since the Joshua Tree tour and they are never ever anything less than superb. Friday was superb too (elevation rocked!) despite less than perfect sound. The claw is well, incredible. However when Bono smiled and waved to me and my partner on Saturday afternoon as he arrived for Wembley Pt II I had a strange feeling the second night was going to be something special - even by their standards... It was the best I've EVER seen them - the setlist (Stay!, NYD!, BAD!!!), the atmosphere, the whole thing just blew me away. In short, they completely nailed it. Being up close in the Red Zone just topped it off. WOW! 24 hours later I am still as high as a kite. If they are even half as good in Sheffield on Thursday I will be happy. They are still far and away the best live band in the world - no-one comes close, and I feel very fortunate to have spent the weekend with them. Thankyou!
thank you soooooooo much
Tonight was my 3rd on this tour and I arrived home speechless. My husband waitng for my usual gushing accounts of the evening just received silence. I was speechless.It was amazing, awsome and very emotional. New years day and Bad in the same set. I sang my heart out. Can't wait for sheffield. I have seen the stage from all sides now and it is truly amazing. I am taking my husband to his first U2 concert on thursday so he can understand my obsession. Curisoity finally getting to him !!! Thank you Bono, Egde, Larry and Adam you are all fantastic. Keep making music and come back to wembley soon.
been reading the reviews of the tour it looks fantastic.missing the bhoys play the gunners on tuesday.just as I did 22 years ago to see u2 on the joshua tree tour at murrayfield.Bad was a standout that night despaerately hope they play it on Tuesday.I know it will be a great night
Oh my goodness...
What a set list.. hightlights for me were Bad and Stay; Bono's voice was majestic. First time at the new Wembley, was impressed. Had seats in the Gods which gave us a wonderful view of the claw, truly impressive. My 8 year old nephew (his 1st ever concert I might add) had one word to say: WHOA !!
As a teenager in the early eighties, I saw U2 live on the Torhout-Werchterfestival (Belgium) . Yesterday, some 25 years later, I had the fortune to see and feel their music again: what a "Beautiful day"/night! One of the top moments for me: the "City"-song and then that Vertigo-intro. Marvellous! The seat I had I never used cause I was standing all the way, dancing and feeling that U2 vibe... Thanks very much !!!
Friday was good ...
but Saturday erupted! Much more relaxed and yet tighter, with real kick-ass attitude, I felt the energy coming in the first four songs alone. For me Wembley simply took off during Vertigo, and I loved Bono doing a Zeppelin take from Rock & Roll (I think) at the end. To hear Stay, New Years Day and Bad was what made it truly memorable. This was a band out to prove they are not coasting along, no matter what the critics might say. PS I loved Bono's 'Joe O'Herlihy moment' about Edge's plectrum. Truly, the Edge is always with us!
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