Donate and Enter to Win a Trip to U2:UV Achtung Baby

12 Jan 20241

In the US? Help fight food insecurity with Fandiem and Farmlink... and win tickets to the show.

U2 have partnered with Fandiem and The Farmlink Project for a unique contest that helps food-insecure communities throughout the United States, while offering fans a chance to win an epic U2:UV Achtung Baby show experience in Las Vegas - including an exclusive opportunity to meet members of the band.

Picture yourself in VIP seats at Sphere in Las Vegas witnessing U2's game-changing, state-of-the-art, multimedia show - the musical experience of a lifetime inside the world's most technologically innovative venue - and knowing that what got you there was helping people who don't know where their next meal is coming from get the food security they need.

The contest offers the winner and their guest the chance to see the U2:UV show on Saturday, February 24, 2024 by supporting The Farmlink Project, which works to ensure fresh food that would otherwise be wasted - rotting in orchards, fields, or storehouses - finds its way to the people living with chronic food insecurity, i.e., those who need it most.


Farmers around the world grow enough food to feed every person on Earth (twice over, in fact). And yet each year, a third of that food ends up wasted, rotting in the fields or in landfills - while 900 million people globally, including 40 million Americans, live with severe food insecurity every day.

The United Nations defines 'food insecurity' as 'a lack of regular access to enough safe and nutritious food for normal growth and development and an active and healthy life'. By 2030, a projected 600 million people will be chronically undernourished, a population inflated by 119 million more people as a direct result of the global COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine, according to the UN. 'Creating a world free from hunger', is No. 2 on the UN's list of Sustainable Development Goals, benchmarks it hopes to reach by 2030.

Founded by college students in Los Angeles at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, The Farmlink Project is a nonprofit that works to solve both the problem of food insecurity and chronic food waste by connecting farmers with surplus foods to food banks in communities throughout the United States. Since its inception, the project has 'rescued' nearly 200 million pounds of food from going to waste.

Most recently, The Farmlink Project saved an entire harvest - 36 million apples - from orchards in West Virginia that was going to be thrown away last fall after companies that process apples decided they didn't want produce from growers in that area. The US Department of Agriculture helped save farmers from financial ruin by agreeing to reimburse them for their crops on the condition that they donate the produce. Enter The Farmlink Project, which was able to rescue 90 percent of the West Virginia harvest and get those apples into food pantries, kitchens, and lunch boxes in more than 113 communities.

If those apples had been left to rot, they would have emitted 2.3 million pounds of Co2 into the atmosphere. And Co2 emission is the largest contributor to global warming. Not only is this kind of food waste a humanitarian problem, with millions of food-insecure Americans who'd benefit from access to fresh fruit, it's also an environmental stressor that's accelerating climate change.

Food is the number one material in landfills. For every 10 pounds of food produced in the United States, four pounds go to waste. And when that food winds up in a landfill, it's akin to tying food in a plastic bag - nutrients in the food never return to the soil.

By making a donation to The Farmlink Project via the Fandiem contest, your generosity not only fights food insecurity, fuels change in a farming system in desperate need of reform, and helps heal the planet, it also affords you the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas to see the U2:UV Achtung Baby show live at Sphere with a bevy of added bells and whistles.

When the winner and their guest arrive in Vegas, they'll collect backstage passes for an intimate meet-and-greet with members of U2 before or after the show - plus they'll receive a guided tour of the Zoo Station U2:UV Experience, the immersive U2 fan portal and exhibit at The Venetian Resort connected to Sphere.

With your donation to The Farmlink Project through Fandiem, you are entered to win:

- Two (2) VIP tickets to the U2:UV Achtung Baby show at Sphere in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 24, 2024

- Two (2) guest passes for an exclusive opportunity to meet members of the band

- Round trip travel to Las Vegas and a two-night hotel stay for two (2)

- A guided tour of the Zoo Station U2:UV Experience at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

- A U2:UV merch bundle

BONUS: If you donate $100 or more, whether you win the contest or not, you'll receive a copy of the sold-out U2:UV Sphere Book.

For years, U2's fan community has been renown for rallying behind efforts to intervene in humanitarian crises and make positive change in the world. Join fellow fans in this latest effort help those in need by donating to The Farm Project today and entering to win the ultimate fan experience in Las Vegas.

Your generosity helps feed hungry people and heal Mother Earth - and it comes with a chance to win a concert experience that transcends all others.

The Fandiem contest benefitting The Farmlink Project ends February 13, 2024 and is limited to residents of the United States only.

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