'Winter' for Brothers

4 Dec 2009138
To mark the premiere of Jim Sheridan's movie 'Brothers', take a listen to a new U2 track 'Winter' - from the movie soundtrack.

In the film, opening in the US today, a decorated Marine (Tobey Maguire) goes missing overseas. 'His black-sheep younger brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) cares for his wife (Natalie Portman) and children - with consequences that will shake the foundation of the entire family.'

Director Jim Sheridan has been friends - and occasional collaborator - with U2 since their earliest days in music. The band saw a rough cut of 'Brothers' last year and wrote 'Winter' for the film during the recording of 'No Line on the Horizon'. The soundtrack also features another U2 song, 'Bad'.

'Jim's stories have a kind of simplicity, usually, at the plot level and the complexities are in the drawing of the relationships,' Bono tells the LA Times. 'This one though is actually quite a complex plot line. He really went for this one. There are very strong feelings in this. It's a powerful, powerful film.'

Listen to the track... and tell us what you think.


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Could Do Better
Sorry guys not one of your better ones B+. Feels like you're just going through the motions. Probably took Bono 5 minutes to write. Where are the drums? Not enough Larry on your stuff these days. It's passable for a soundtrack song tho but nowhere near as good as The hands that built America or The ground beneath her feet. Does remind me of the philosopher's comment that "In the depth of winter I discovered inside me an eternal summer"
Not everyone that came back from the fighting in Afghanistan came back whole. This song captures the emotions and reality of the unsaid horrors of that war. Thank you for giving us a vehicle to express our emotions/experiences. Very Respectfully, emc
I swear that Bono's voice gets better and better. The lyrics are fantastic - again! I love that U2 can be what they are on stage and for their fans and then create something so beautiful for a movie - a little different but one can still recognise them. Fantastic!
great! Truly, truly great! A special song for a special film and a special man. A song that makes me cry. A song that touches the hearts. Beautiful. Beautiful. Awesome. BELLISSIMA! It's the other face of "White as snow" Two songs for two brothers. Nothing is more important in a life than a brother. YOU ARE MY BROTHER - YOU ARE MY BROTHER... This is the key Thank you so much for this dream. A never ending dream.
Love the Linear version as well....but the more I listen to this, I am starting to love it too! Hope it is released as a single. We all wondered why it was not included in NLOTH... Bono's vocals great as usual. Can hardly wait to see them in July 2010 in Toronto. Saw them both nights in Toronto and hope they add this to the playlist for 2010....
I love this song. It is beautiful! Perfect compliment to the film.
A great song , they must win the golden globe
Old Times
Reminds me of early U2. Like coming home. July of 2010 will be wonderful!
Can't Wait
Looking forward to hearing the entire song! Bono's voice continues to amaze, thoughtful and thought-provoking...
First time its interesting. The more you hear it, the vocal just grew more gripping... Love a download right away if possible..
Beautiful song, and congratulation on the Golden Globe nomination!
Lovely song, lovely voice. I hope they do this or "White As Snow" next time around.
The beginning of the song is magic. Another outstanding hit from the BEST BAND in the world U2. hope to hear it in Paris 2010.
The track is very moving and explains how our soliders must feel being so far away and lost in this war, by being taken away from thier families. Very moving in my opinion. My cousin said the movie was awesome a really tear jerker, I can not wait to see it. Way to go U2 another great song!!!! LauraLynn36 LL
Very touching song and beautiful vocals as always, Bono. Please come to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference 7-18 December. The climate needs you, and the world leaders need to hear your voice! Love from Denmark.
What might have been
As the so called biggest band in the world,that tried and failed to be different, this shouldve been the 1st single off nloth.Really enjoyed it not only is it DIFFERENT & EXPERIMENTAL unlike the abysmal BOOTS, winter is also a song,a tune.Remember them fellas? If you mkae some listenable tunes not only will the radio start playing you again,you might sell some records again. From Snowy,in BOLTON.
Although melancholic,it manages to warm my heart up. Maybe that's why it's call WINTER... can’t wait to listen to the whole song…
Really Good
I like it. I think I like the Linear version better but give me time I'll learn to love it.
Not my favorite
Im listening this for the first time , and .... nothing. Vocals are good , but , i feel no soul on this one. Sorry.
What a second
Folks are posting they like this version better than the one on Linear. I disagree. The tune on Linear has this driving cadence to it that really reminds me of the Unforgettable Fire tunes. The Brothers version sound over produced and loses all that driving rhythm that has me anticipating its release. What a bummer...
I heard this tune on the Linear DVD and have been waiting for it to be released. When will we get to buy this one?
Want to hear more
Intriguing ballad with the Bonovox's gift blazing (gently) through. Look forward to hearing more.
Beautiful Track - Tough Film
The track is beautiful no matter which version. I have to say that this film should be seen by ALL. My old friend from high school was killed while serving with the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan earlier this year. He left behind his wife and 4 children. I think of him often but especially when I hear this song. This band has helped me get through so many difficult times. May sound silly but I feel like I owe U2 a huge debt of gratitude for opening my eyes when I was a teenager and for healing my heart well into adulthood. Thank-you!
It's a very nice song. I want to hear it complete
Bad Mix. Muddy and abstract. Vocals are Horrible!
Beautifully moving
After a few listens to this version, I really think both versions are equally good. While I have not seen the Jim Sheridan film, based on the description, I can only imagine that it is a moving story and that this version lends itself beautifully to the mood of the film. Yes, Bono's voice sounds a bit rough, but I think that compliments the mood of the movie. Can't wait to hear the entire song. Will be interesting to see which version they play on tour.
I like the remix a lot . I think this is one of those songs where Bono needs to finesse more than hammer - it's a little rough vocally, but overall good. :)
Alexis Singer
Love this song, cannot wait to see the movie in Europe !!!
THe voice is so true, real, express a sentiment... Music's Soul
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