Wolf Set To Pounce

26 Aug 2003
Bono's illustrations, audio clips and an introduction by Gavin Friday highlight a dedicated website to launch the new version of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf.

In 1936 Sergei Prokofiev was commissioned by the Central Children's Theatre in Moscow to write a new musical symphony for children. Prokofiev completed Peter & The Wolf in four days but its debut attracted little notice and no-one guessed that it would become a classic of the century.

Now comes a new take on Prokoviev's story, produced by Gavin Friday and the Friday-Seezer Ensemble and illustrated by Bono. Adapting the theme to use instruments like accordion, banjo and mandolin, Gavin and Maurice have produced a clever and humorous interpretation of the original.

And, designed to raise funds for the Irish Hospice Association, the story now comes as an enhanced CD with a 64-page cloth-bound book illustrated by Bono, with help from his daughters Jordan and Eve.

'Peter and the Wolf is a lesson in how to teach.' explains Bono, talking of the project. 'This is a new version of the Prokofiev classic by two of my favourite people and musicians, Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer. It is for Hospice Care . . .these angels who were so ready to look after my father in his losing fight with cancer asked me to illustrate the book that accompanies the music. Ciaran O'Goara was art director and guide. I asked my girls Jordan and Eve to help me with detail and a filigree of flowers. I painted myself in a corner as PETER. My Da we made the grandfather, as he was to Jordan and Eve, my two daughters who loved and were loved by him. THE WOLF was ambition for things just out of reach.

Auction house Christie's will also be auctioning Bono's original illustrations, and have produced a lavish catalogue. The illustrations will be exhibited this Autumn in Dublin, London, New York and Los Angeles.

All the information you need is here including how to buy the boxed set or the Christie's catalogue, all of which raises funds for the Irish Hospice Foundation.


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