'You are surrounded…'

11 Nov 20206

'You are surrounded…'

'This is evil Bono, we want The Edge...you are surrounded.'

In Joseph Kahn's music video for Elevation, filmed at Universal Studios in Hollywood in April 2001, Bono and Lara Croft, played by Angelina Jolie, attempt to rescue The Edge from Bono's evil twin brother. 

Now remastered on the band's YouTube channel in HD.

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U2 elevate my soul
I remember watching this on MTV. Even the making of the video was shown there back then and I got thrilled by evil Bono. The video offers incredible effects like things that suddenly stop moving fo a while. With sequences of the movie with Lara Croft, the band´s tremendous performance, a giraffe and an elephant, it transforms the song´s big energy into a vivid visual language. I love the fun and playfulness here!
Always my favorite song
YES !!!
Very spectacular!!!!!
The other bono didn't have a chance,. Once I spotted the giraffe , then at the end the music literally blew him away, and too top it off. The good bono opens up his jacket, and becomes captain america. It felt like I was watching a trailer too a real good action movie
Thank you, U2!!!
u2 chile
You make me feel like I can fly ❤️
Without a doubt, one of Joseph Khan best jobs. thank you very much for this great gift. where we can see the band in a playful way!!
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