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6 Mar 2017285

This Thursday it’s thirty years to the day since the release of The Joshua Tree and Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry will be live online to answer your questions about this iconic record.

Ask them anything about the legendary 1987 career-defining release The Joshua Tree and the subsequent sold out tour which saw U2 take The Joshua Tree on the road, playing stadiums for the very first time.

What’s your question?

Which was the song that nearly never made it? 
What was your personal highlight of 1987 ?
What was it like recording in Adam’s house? 
Which one song on the record proved the biggest surprise?
Your band, your questions - post them in the comments below or on FaceBook, TwitterInstagram, Google + and Tumblr. Use the hashtag #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
Then tune in to the band’s facebook page this Thursday at 3pm (EST) to catch U2 live from the studio… answering your questions.

UPDATE: If you missed it...Celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree #askU2 #TheJoshuaTree2017

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U2 Joshua Tree Tour Concert
I love U2 band,all the music and everything they do in their lives. I've been the biggest fan of them&their music forever.My Question is are they going to retire at the end of the tour this?
My 7 Year Olds First Concert
I will be taking my 7 year old boy to his first concert this Saturday June 3rd at Soldiers Field. His favorite song is City of Bright Lights and it would be absolutely amazing if the band could play it. He sings the song all the time. He has been a fan since Bono spoke at Willow Creek church in Barrington years ago.
Our 10th anniversary celebration with U2
My name is Eduardo Almeida and I live in Brazil. My wife Ana Claudia and I are fanatics u2 fans. The first U2 show we went was from Vertigo Tour on São Paulo. In the very same day of the show, we bought our engagement ring right before the show. Unforgettable! We went to our second U2 show was from the 360 tour. Our first daughter Marina was only 10 months old. We left her with my mother and took a flight from Brasilia to São Paulo to the show. We arrived in São Paulo 1 PM and went directly to Morumbi Stadium. We loved the show that happened that night. After the show ending, we went directly to the airport so we could catch first flight to Brasília, 6 AM the next day so my wife could breast feed our daughter. It was the first night our daughter slept far from the mother! It was worth a while! Magnificent show! We got married on april 28th, 2007. Our 10th anniversary is going to be this year. As soon as I heard of the new U2 tour, I knew it would be my perfect gift to her. Then I surprised her with tickets for the show in the Rose Bow on may 21st. We gonna fly all the way from Brasilia, Brazil, to LA to celebrate our 10th anniversary listening to our favorite band. I tried to buy tickets to the red zone, but the website was too busy and I simply couldn't... Would it be possible to switch my tickets to red zone so our celebration would be even more unforgettable? Thank you very much! See you there!
Thx for q&a session
Thx for this Q&A session. Bono was a shoe salesman? :-) It's true fans won't profit from tickets. I love U2, the music and Bono, the Edge, Larry and Adam. We've got a history in time. Great album. Yesterday i pre-ordered the boxset coming in june. Can't wait to see you in Amsterdam! 29/7. Good luck with the tour! My question: where is the Joshua tree? ;-) And how did you get there in the first place? With Anton Corbijn? Great album! Best regards, Marc from the Netherlands
I keep searching, but I still haven't found what I am looking for...just look to the stars they say, but I still haven't found what I am looking shines on and on, but I still...can't wait to hear it LIVE!! I have heard it over and over, especially on a car ride across the states from GA to Maine in 1988, I listened to your album over and over and became an anthem as I looked out the window driving past cities and nothingness. It kept me sane...literally because I rode in the car with a man that was not a man, he was a monster..
Set List
What about saving yourselves the bother of too much thought about a set list - just play Joshua Tree followed by Achtung Baby - works for me.
I think of the friends I've made over the 30 years of being a U2 fan and the many concerts I've attended. The GA line is a time of reflection of friends made over the years and continue to bump into tour after tour, city to city, country to country. Keep on rockin' the free world!
Are you coming to Brazil? I miss you :D :D :D
I will be there @ Pittsburgh and Clevela
My first Joshua Tree experience came from a 1986 Tape which I used to play all day long with my Sony Walman When I went like 5 times to the movie theater on 1987 to watch Rattle & Hum, I just wondered if I would be able to witness alive one of this amazing performances. Well... 30 years later... The time travel machine is ready to go and take me there to fulfill one of my bucket list wishes.
Joshua Tree defined U2 as the biggest band in the world. Does it bother any of you that every newer album is always compared to Joshua Tree. Ps. 20 year pop anniversary content would be nice.
Who Knew
In 1987 I was 23 and working backstage at the Nassau Coliseum in New York. We were in the dining room where the roadies used to hang out so I sat down at one of the tables and started asking the "roadies" where they were from and had a nice conversation about how cool Ireland and Dublin were. After I walked away, one of my co-workers asked what I was talking to those guys about. "Just talking about Ireland with some of the roadies", I replied. "You idiot", she said, "That's the band. That's Bono and The Edge, Adam and Larry." "Oh, nice guys!", I replied. Later that evening the band sent over tour t-shirts for my co-workers and I and we watched them rock the place. Later, after the show, we waited backstage to clean out the dressing rooms. All kinds of famous people were lining the hallway waiting to hang out an party with the band. We just wanted to get our job done and go home. We waited and waited but, apparently, one of the band was not feeling well. After an hour or more they finally came out, walked past everyone, but when Bono was about to pass, he stopped and turned to me. Putting his hand on my shoulder he said "take it easy, kid" and walked off talking to noone else one the way out - very cool move! After 30 years, looking forward to seeing them again in Jersey and Barcelona! Thomas Scileppi, MD
The Big Easy
Hi ya'll, I am nawlins1fan! I want to know why you haven't been back to New Orleans since 1997? I have been waiting and waiting and the closest is Houston! So my sister and I will see you in May!! If you ever make it here I promise to cook ya'll a meal! The way ya'll sing makes me want to cry.. but in a good way! The way u sing, and what u stand for just touches my heart! Keep staying true to yourselves!!
Most impressive song
I am your fan since I was 9. Now I'm 21. The Joshua Tree is the first U2 album I heard to, and It's my favourite one. In particular, I love listening to "With or without you". My question is...I know each song has a story behind Its writing and recording, so I'd like to ask you what made you deciding to write and record "With or without you". Thank you so much! Can't wait to see you in Rome!!
Bono...wish you were our president
Love the Joshua Tree album and have my favorite track that inspires me...what song on the album is your favorite or most inspirational to you and is there any song that you love playing on tour more than any other. Can't wait to see you in Toronto!!!
Two Americas... South America???
Why South America is out of this TJT Tour 2017? There are some songs that saying something about here, is that right? So why wont you come here? Thanks!
There are a few songs on Joshua Tree. Why did you wait 30 years to do the entire album live tour and not after you released the album? Also my niece went to see the band in Moncton when you did your 360 tour and wants to know how come you are only do a couple stops in Canada and not in Moncton.
Up coming gigs
Looking forward to see you in Dublin and Amsterdam. Hope you will have a good and magnificent tour.
Is it worth the sky?
Bono, will Jesus let us hear Joshua Tree in heaven? After all, we're in God's Country!
Comeback for the Dalton Brothers?
I was there for 2 nights in Los Angeles in 1987. The opening act was some group called The Dalton Brothers. (hahaha) Will they ever regroup and join you on tour?
how long
so ive loved you guys since age 9 , im 41 now. there is nothing that makes me feel better than listening to you music. i hold you in my heart always, but im afraid to ask, how many more years are you guys going to keep up the most awesome music career alive? please dont stop, you are my happy daina
With or Without You
Is the Muse this song was written about still as pertinent in your life today as she was then? Also, in echoing future tour questions, are there plans to play in Motown anytime soon? Motown has been out of the mix, and is in desperate need of a U2 fix - hopefully in the very near future.
Dalton Brothers
Will the Dalton Brothers making an appearance on the tour? Will One Tree Hill be a part of the set list? Will you play the B-Sides as part of the show?
Dalton Brothers
Will the Dalton Brothers be making an appearance on the tour? I was fortunate enough to see them in their debut at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis in the fall of 1987. So looking forward to seeing you in Louisville and NJ!!!
David Camacho
Gentlemen, One Tree Hill is my all time favorite song. i get emotional almost every time i here it. i have gone to see you play 4 times hoping to hear this song and now finally i will hear it live. this is the only reason i am going to see you in Pasadena. don't get me wrong, i am a big u2 fan. it's just this song brings memories of my family and friends that have past and i know i will see them again when the stars fall from the sky. god bless you guys.
Thank you!!!
I have been a fan since I was 8. I'm now 44. I'm taking my brother to L.A. 1 to "relive" my first concert that he took me to in '87. Do you have a special concert that stands out?
Hi Bono Edge Adam and Larry. Really looking forward to your show in Vancouver in May. Our family feels very strongly about education. I was able to post a short video of a song (15070) for #girlscount on facebook. We appreciate what you are doing for people all over the planet please keep up all your great work. If you ever feel the need to jam with a local while in Vancouver, please let me know. Tim
Canada Shows
Noticed the upcoming deluxe release of the Joshua Tree has Madison Square Garden show recording. Why do you never release Canadian show recordings? Dublin, Boston, Chicago and now New York, how about Canada; Eh?
The Dalton Brothers...and that other ban
Any chance the Dalton Brothers, and their pals U2, will return to Indianapolis? My big sis took me to my first concert, the Joshua Tree Tour in Indianapolis, where I saw my lifelong favorite band U2, and had the pleasure of a surprise guest performance by The Dalton Brothers! See you in Chicago this June, but I'd also love to return the favor and take my sis to see you in Indy!
Interview With Community College TV
Happy Bday Boys! Would you consider an interview with a local community college in California? Our county recently went BLUE (democratic) in the last USA Presidential Election. It has been a strong hold of RED conservatism in California for years. But, as we know, the winds of change are upon the world. "Immigrants" to our area and young people are swaying the tide. It would be great to get your message of why you are touring The Joshua Tree at 30 out to the young college audience in this RED area.
Ireland experience
Hello from Burnsville Minnesota! I'm traveling to Ireland on May13th to visit my daughter for a couple weeks (she's attending school). This may be a once in a lifetime trip for me so could you suggest a destination or two while I'm there that could educate and/or inspire us about the country and people? I'll be back in time to travel to Chicago to see you on Sunday night. I CAN'T WAIT!!
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