Your Own U2 Show

1 Dec 201623

Ever dreamed of a front row seat at your own private U2 show?  Sitting in on a band rehearsal?  Hard to believe it but that impossible dream is about to come true for someone.
'For one lucky fan, the biggest U2 show of the year just might be the smallest. That's right - you and a friend will get flown out for a private U2 dress rehearsal experience. It’s a front row, backstage, VIP experience all rolled into one. You’ll hear your favorite U2 songs during an intimate performance like no other. Flights and hotel are on us.'

Or how about flying with a friend to LA for a cuppa and a chat with Bono and Julia Roberts? ("You bring your problems. We’ll bring the tea.”) 

These are two of the exclusive experiences on offer in the second annual (RED)Shopathon, launched to mark World AIDS Day



All funds raised by (RED) go to the UN Global Fund supporting programmes that offer counselling, testing, prevention and the life-saving ARV medication that prevents the transmission of HIV from mothers to their unborn babies.

Other experiences include:

  • Join Channing Tatum in Las Vegas for ‘Magic Mike Live’ and be his personal guest at the exclusive after-party.
  • Hit New York City, have dinner and see a show with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, with (COCA-COLA)RED matching every donation-to-win, up to two million dollars.
  • Hold on tight as you take the jet ski ride of your life and Snapchat with DJ Khaled.
  • Go backstage VIP at The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Carpool Karaoke!
  • Hangout at the recording studio and have lunch with Liam Payne
  • See ‘Hamilton’ and go backstage with Alexander Hamilton himself, Javier Munoz
  • Be Richard Branson's VIP guest at a mystery Virgin event
  • Fly to Korea for a VIP experience with K-Pop superstar, G-Dragon

Here’s where you find out all about it

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It feels like the first time
I was 13 when I went to my very first concert, The Joshua Tree tour in October of 1987. I had nose bleed seats but it didn't matter. Still to this day when I hear the beginning of Where the Streets Have no Name I am transported back to that night. The lights dimmed, the faint sound of the beginning of that song starting & my love affair with U2 began. During a time when MTV was still playing music videos it was a big deal and made MTV News when the band shot the video for that same song in downtown Los Angeles. I was fascinated by the pull they had even then to draw so many fans. U2's unique way of writing songs with powerful messages and even more powerful melodies sticks with you. So many songs crescendo in such a way that the music alone, sans lyrics, spurs emotion within a person they may not have been aware even existed. That first time I went to see U2 I arrived early not knowing people often don't even show up for the opening band. I was in a nearly empty arena and had seats in the upper arena. Because of the angle, being so high, and because the seats around me were empty, I remember having the feeling that I could fall right over the side. I remember seeing the opening band walking around inside the arena before the show. I remember the stage, compared to later tours, was mostly just a stage and the musicians were the main focus and not a video screen or any props outside of Bono's signature lantern. I remember Bono shouting F*@# and throwing his mic to the ground then walking off stage. I was to read in the newspaper the next day Bono was having trouble with his voice & the outburst was due to his frustration with that. Years later on Elevation tour when U2 came back to my town the local paper put a call out for folks who had been at the Joshua Tree show in 87' to write in. I did. When the article came out my mother, who had gone with me to the show in 87' realized another guy who had written in had been one of her kindergarten students back in the early 70's. His story was about being pulled to the stage to play guitar along with the band. Now 30 years later I have the great opportunity to experience this show as an adult. I have many U2 shows under my belt but there will be no show that rivals either 87' or 17' show. When I was 13 I was just learning about music & its impact. Now, as an adult, I know what the impact of that same music has been on me over my lifetime. Memories of my first time with U2 will surface & new memories will be made.
U2 Twickenham
Got my ticket you rock !!!!!!
Keeping Sanity
U2's Music has been a MAJOR part of My life. Having been through some very hard times over the years the music of U2 has been a saviour, a keeper of sanity and a life jacket in rough waters of life. Thankyou Larry for posting the note on your notice on Mount Temple Comprehensive School nitice board, Thankyou Bono for creating amazing lyrics with meaning and a thankyou to The Edge and Adam for the awesome riffs that complete the guys rock my world!!!
Memories of 1987 Croke Park Dublin
Today I happiest U2 fan in Ireland, In 1985 I got into U2 and I will never forget going to see them in Croke Park in 1987 when they gave birth to The Joshua Tree Album , To me it's my favorite Album of all time and one of the greatest moments of my life to see them in Croker .  I was a 17 year old boy and the music of U2 was running through my veins for 2 years , I could not sleep with the excitment the night before as the tought of meeting my heroes the next day was unbelievable, I had been listening to the Joshua Tree Album repeatedly for weeks and knew every song and word and loved every bit of it. When I arrived at in Dublin I was in heaven walking amongst tens of thounds of U2 Fans making our way to croke park, it was a beautiful day and I managed to blag my way up to the front of the stage where security guys were hosing us down with little garden hoses and pouring basins of water over our heads to cool us down, no health and safety there just 100% pure rock and roll. The first band on that day was "Light a big fire" followed by The Dubliner, The Pogues and the amazing Lou Reed the crowd was well warmed up after The Irish Rover and Lou Reed's "Take a walk on the wild side". The Intro to "Where the streets have no name " came out over the speakers and the wave of fans shoved like a sunami towards the stage as we witnessed the greatest rock and roll band walk on stage in their own back yard and Bono walks on and says "How you Doin", At one stage a fan took it on himself to walk on top of the roof of the cusack stand and bono stopped the show and said to him " It's ok to have a hard neck but not a broken neck" and urged him to come down , The fan jumped with joy on the roof. The setlist that day was Where The Streets Have No Name, I Will Follow, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, Gloria, A Sort Of Homecoming, MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Exit, In God’s Country, The Electric Co., People Get Ready, Help, Bad, Springhill Mining Disaster, New Year’s Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love). Encore(s): Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, With Or Without You, Party Girl, 40. Everyone continued to sing 40's "How long to sing this song" from croker all the way down as we walked to the city centre . To witness this again 30 years later when U2 take the stage at Croke park on June 22nd is a dream come true for The 30th Anniversary of The Joshua Tree Album is beyond words.
Memorable Life Experience
Having been a fan since the early beginnings, I feel I have grown together. Would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy an intimate experience.
Would be a dream come true!
Would be a dream come true...
j'm waiting for Italy.. Naples??
I'm ready to let go of the stearing wheel if I win.
Berlin 2015
Great Show
I belive in a New world
I belive in a better place to live, because evety day In found people who cares with one another.
What a prize this would be a dream come true
A true cover band !!!!
Yeah !!!! we have a really good U2 cover band !!!!!!! A lot of fun !!!!
U2 the best.
I hoped that I am picked for the private concert!! I entered and may not compete with the rich people but I hope that I have a chance!
How is it that with age Bono looks yummier and yummier???
Hey Bono, I've got a talk to you, Just wanted to say that Iranians love you guys. I just wanted to ask you if you mind accept (if you read this message), please, why don't you guys sing with The Cranberries. I think it would be a great song. Wish you the greatest. Thanks.
Mr. Jack Tower
"You guys brought me this far in life...let"s see what tomorrow brings!!!"
Darn, was going for the 750,000 entries
But all SOLD OUT. Some rich people out there. I did my part, small though it may be.
The best gift ever
i did my part now I have to be patient....and believe...good luck everyone....whoever the lucky winner will be -it will be an incredible moment in life.
wonderfull initiative- I can not believe
Guys please tweak me because i can not believe, what a nice initiative. Congratulations U2. Good luck everybody . I will get crazy if i don´t get crazy tonight if i win.
What a imagination…what a idea! Oh my gosh! When this happens, i die in the arms of Bono - literally! ;-) Good luck to all of us :-)
Just donated
Counting down!!! Excellent campaign gentlemen!
U2 - (RED)
I'm happy that my favorite band is the reason I donate to (RED) organization to help accomplish a huge goal: the first AIDS-Free generation. It feels good to be a small part of something so big and I might actually end up enjoying a private U2 show! It's gonna be a life-changing experience; that's for sure!
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….and this is 'Beautiful Day', to close night 38 at the Sphere.

25 Feb, 2024

A 'magnificent moustache' that is…  just like Adam's.

24 Feb, 2024

Another Friday night in Vegas.

21 Feb, 2024

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Acrobat from the Sphere.


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