Achtung Baby Timeline

'Time is a train….'

'There's a lot indeed to be cheered on Achtung Baby.' said Time Magazine. 'And celebrated. It's a monster.'

And as it marks its thirtieth birthday, we're experimenting on the site with a new way to dig into the story of one of the band's finest records - a clickable timeline of reviews and videos, special releases and special events.

Launching the timeline in the early '90's, with this special anniversary, we'll add new era's in the coming months and take on board your comments and ideas.

Maybe one day we'll have a timeline covering 45 years….Remember to leave your comments below... 


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Sellafield epic
Was at the Stop Sellafield show in 92. Totally epic. One of the best, if not best, gig of my life.
Achtung Timeline
Love it! That is all.
Everything you know is wrong
Love Achtung Baby and the Timeline! I have some great memories as 16 year old - listening to The Fly single on my Sony Discman overlooking the Marlin Marina in Cairns where I live in Far North Queensland, Australia. I loved the music (still do, maybe ever more so now?) and learnt to really enjoy being on my own, with U2 as the ever present soundtrack to my life.
Someone needs to copy-edit this
The cover shown for the "Even Better Than the Real Thing" single is actually "Mysterious Ways" and both the headline references to "Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses" mis-spell "Your" as "Tour"... Must be hard for a scrappy, young band to find good help these days? :D
Please celebrate this album like JTT PLease ............
Not to tour, they’d be a fool, U2, you’r
I looked it up: no anniversary tour for this amazing album would legally be considered a crime! We are waiting for an announcement under the Christmas tree like in 2016 with JTT 30, Bono now whispering Achtung Baby instead.
Props to anyone involved in doing all the programming and other work to present this. It's visually stunning before I could even begin. I haven't even started the experience. I need to go buy batteries for my 3D glasses. This looks really cool.
I have a vision..... television teleeeee
Zootv30 please Will be memorable ☺️
What a nice timeline and off course you will have a timeline after 45 years that U2 exists. It's already in 2 years. Can't wait for your next album and tour. Thanks for your music guys and for this beautiful timeline. Stay safe!!
30 years of Achtung Baby! One of the all time greats in music history & without a doubt my favorite U2 album. Hopefully, there will be more timelines in the future showcasing more of U2's brilliant work.
With Achtung was Love at first sight
Thanks again for The most important record of my life Still Need The 30th tour in southamerica
Yes please !
This is.... AMAZING ! Thank you SO MUCH! I'm never getting off this train for sure.
This is a cool way to find out about the album and the events that took Place, but as with it would be even better if you guys offered more music to download for fans, not just subscribers. Full length tour videos instead of 1 minute clips. Such a shame really. Make some sound board concerts available for purchase as well. You guys talk about reinventing the site, start with that!
Tickets Please!
Time is a train Makes the future the past Leaves you standing in the station Your face pressed up against the glass.
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