Apr 14 2005
Glendale, AZ, US / Glendale Arena
with Kings of Leon
The band were in top gear for the first of two shows in Phoenix,  Arizona.

From the moment all four members did a complete circuit of the catwalk as the show opened, it was clear we were in for a treat.

And as the new stage set up becomes more familiar, and the band become more at home with their territoy tonight they were out on the catwalk  and inches from the fans more than any show to date.

'I think its going to be just fine,'said Bono introducing Elevation. 'We've been here before. All the angels, Sun Devils...'

With Larry putting in some amazing vocals  and Adam spending more time out with the bombshelter crowd - including most of New Years Day - we hardly noticed when Edge's guitar packed up. Dallas fixed it within seconds.

Someone smart knew how to catch Bono's attention for 'Sometimes....: they threw a picture of the late Bob Hewson on stage, for whom the song is written. Bono ran with the idea - no surprises there - and sang most of the song directly to the image of his late father

Miracle Drug was introduced with Bono honouring the late John Paul II, recalling a day in Rome in 1999 when the Pope borrowed his fly shades and tried them on for size. But there was a special poignancy to the introduction of Pride, with Bono reminding the audience that U2 came this way before, in 1987, and issued a statement criticizing the local Governor for revoking Martin Luther King Day. 

'Remember Arizona when there wasn't a Dr King day,' he asked. ' This is a better day. Dr Kings dream was big enough to fit the whole world.'

And as the mobile phones flickered into light all around the arena, for a 
moment the dream of global equality flashed into view...
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